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Operation Varsity Blues - Is San Diego worth $500k and Jail? – Ep 74

In today’s episode the guys are covering the largest college cheating scandal ever. 33 wealthy parents, 9 coaches and 2 exam administrators colluded to admit a group of wealthy parents' kids into some of the nations top colleges. These kids were low performers academically and otherwise wouldn't have had a chance getting into these colleges. Matt and Tony examine the ethics behind what these parents did and the potential jail time that the parties involved are facing. Highlights: The...


Are you Feeling the Bern - Examining The 2020 Frontrunner Bernie Sanders – Ep 73

In today’s episode the guys are examining Bernie Sanders' 2020 presidential bid. Bernie has long been a favorite for young progressives in this country and might have a solid chance at solidifying the democratic nomination for the 2020 election. Though a little bit outrageous and easy to make fun of, Bernie has championed a lot of good causes throughout his career in politics. In this episode the guys are diving into some of Bernie’s history, before politics and during his time as mayor and...


The Smollett Hoax - America's Long History of Hate Crimes and Fake Hate Crimes - Ep 72

The guys are back this week and they’re talking about the Jussie Smollett case. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard, Jussie, an actor on the popular show Empire, allegedly faked an assault/hate crime against him because he is unhappy with his Empire salary of $65,000 an episode. In this episode Matt and Tony give their opinion on the story and discuss some of the loopholes in Smollett’s testimony. Meanwhile, Empire has removed Jussie’s character from the last two remaining...


Can Beto O’Rourke Skateboard his way to the White House? - Ep 71

Aaron Karo joins the guys on the podcast today. Aaron is a long time friend of Matt and he’s here to give his opinions about potential presidential candidate Beto O’ Rourke. The guys discuss whether or not Beto would be a good candidate while also brining up some of the skeletons in his closet. They also jump into a segment about the history of presidential drinking in our country. Turns out alcoholism and presidency go hand in hand. Highlights: The Takeaway – As a public figure it’s best...


Jeff Bezos - Ep 70

Nobodies’ personal selfies are safe. Recently, the National Enquirer has threatened to leak nude photos of Jeff Bezos. Their tactic appears to have backfired as Bezos decided instead accuse the enquirer of trying to blackmail him. He paid for investigations to determine how his selfie fell into the hands of the tabloids. In this episode Matt and Tony cover the story and jump into a little bit of the history of blackmail and extortion. Highlights: The Takeaway – Extortion doesn’t have to be...


The Fyre Festival Fraud - Explaining False Advertising to Ja Rule - Ep 69

On the heels of the Fyre Festival documentaries, Matt and Tony dive into the history of scams and “false advertising”. They then transition into some interesting tidbits about current lawsuits directed toward the Fyre Festival and Billy McFarland. Stay tuned to find out the guys’ opinions on Ja Rule, the Fyre Festival production staff and Fuck Jerry. Highlights: The Takeaway – Influencers and advertisers must be held accountable for their false claims. Hollywood Improv Ticket...


Calexit - Ep 68

Today’s episode is about the Calexit movement. Calexit is the term used to describe breaking California up into different sections based on geography. While not a new movement, the idea of isolation has gotten stronger because of Trumps presidency. Some people supporting the movement want California to become it’s own country, while others want to split it in half or even thirds. While CA does have the 5th largest economy in the world and a liberal free spirited attitude, splitting off from...


Kirsten Gillibrand Announces Her 2020 Presidential Bid - Ep 67

On the heels of last weeks episode highlighting Kamala’s Harris’s presidential bid announcement, the guys decide to focus on another strong female candidate whose running in 2020, Kirsten Gillibrand. Kristen started her career in big law as a defense attorney for the cigarette giant Philip Morris. After her career in law she was eventually appointed as a Senator of New York. In this episode Matt and Tony break down her career moves, her ever changing political ideology and how she’s a strong...


Kamala Harris – Potential President – Examining the Very Minor Skeletons in Her Closet - Ep 66

Today’s episode begs the question: “Exactly what qualifications should a person have to run for President?” Matt and Tony examine this question while jumping into a rumored 2020 presidential run by Kamala Harris. In this episode you’ll hear how Kamala’s political career was built off an affair with former SF Mayor Willie Brown. Matt and Tony also reveal Kamala’s efforts while serving as Attorney General of CA and District Attorney of San Francisco. Highlights: The Takeaway – Kamala Harris...


Can The President Declare A National Emergency? – Ep 65

The government is shut down and Trump and his beloved wall are back in the news. Trump is eager to get the wall built, but a lot of his party and the majority of democrats are against it. He’s threatening to call the country into a state of emergency and get the wall built via emergency funds. Does he have the power to do that? Matt and Tony dive into the history of National Emergencies and discuss whether or not declaring a national emergency for the wall are within Trump’s...


New Laws For 2019 –Ep 64

2019 is upon us and Matt and Tony are discussing some new laws that have just taken effect for the New Year. Unsurprisingly some of the big ones were put in place by California and New York. In this episode Matt and Tony have some laughs and discuss who these new laws are going to help and who they’re going to hurt. Highlights: The Takeaway – We’re in for a hell of a year. Hollywood Improv Ticket...


I Drink Your Milkshake – Mineral Rights- Ep 63 – The Oil Companies Actually Can Drink Your Milkshake

Most homebuyers don’t know that big oil companies can capture the minerals in the soil, underneath their house. Unless it was stated in your contract that you own the mineral rights underneath your property, oil companies can drill into your soil. In this episode Matt and Tony run through the history of mineral rights and how property owners get taken advantage of in this process. Highlights: The Takeaway – Check the deed to your property and figure out who owns the rights to the...


Christmas/Holiday Law Trivia - Bonus Ep 62

The guys are back with a special Christmas bonus episode. On today’s show Tony will try and stump Matt with a series of questions about the authenticity of several lawsuits. Matt will have to guess which lawsuit is real and which one is fake. In other news, thank you for tuning in for all of 2018, we really appreciate your love and support. Look for some new things to come in 2019 including our own Patreon. Highlights: The Takeaway – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Hollywood Improv...


Did Fortnite Steal the Carlton? Copyrighting Dance moves - Ep 61

Throughout history people have been envious of each other’s dance moves. Some dances have designated steps such as the line dance or the electric slide. Others have bits and pieces of traditional moves blended with original flow. In today’s episode you’ll learn about copy write history as it pertains to dances and dance moves. The idea the show today is coming off the heels of the new that actor Alfonso Ribeiro is suing the Fortnite creators for allowing their video game characters to do...


Internship Laws - Episode 60

In your past you may have taken an internship to learn about a particular job or to gain skills in a trade. This internship may have been illegal. On the heels of recent news, Matt and Tony dive into the history of internships and the new criteria used to determine if the role you’re in is illegal. In this episode you’ll learn the criteria for legal and illegal internships and why internships were created for the elite. Highlights: The Takeaway – Know what you’re getting into when you take...


Genital Mutilation Laws - Episode 59

Genital mutilation has been a big issue historically, throughout the world. Recently a law was passed in Michigan that protecting girls from genital mutilation is unconstitutional. Surprisingly this practice is still commonplace in some religions and throughout different countries. Disgusted, Matt and Tony dive into this topic and divulge some of the history of genital mutilation. Highlights: The Takeaway – We need to quell any abhorrent religious practices. Hollywood Improv Ticket...


Avenatti’s Domestic Dispute- Episode 58

The boys are back after taking last week off for Thanksgiving. The topic of the day is Michael Avenatti’s alleged attack on his ex-girlfriend Mareli Miniutti. Miniutti is claiming that Avenatti hit her forcefully in the face with a pillow and then dragged her across the apartment floor. Matt and Tony dive into this story and make plenty of wise cracks aimed at Avenatti. Highlights: The Takeaway – Don’t date a 24 year old when you’re in your 40’s. Hollywood Improv Ticket Link: ...


“Acting” Attorney General - Episode 57

Trump is back in the news because of his appointment of Matthews Whitaker as Acting Attorney General. Is this a legal move? On the heels of this news, the guys jump into a discussion about what an “acting” attorney general means and how long Whitaker gets to stay in office. They guys also discuss Jeff Sessions resignation, and bring up some of Whitaker’s shady business deals. Highlights: The Takeaway – The bottom line is this appointment is a disaster, whether it’s legal or not. Hollywood...


Birthright Citizenship – Can Trump Rip Up The Constitution? - Episode 56

Legally Insane Birthright Citizenship – Can Trump Rip Up The Constitution? - Episode 56 Matt and Tony start off the podcast by recapping their recent show at The Hollywood Improv. It just so happened that Chance The Rapper came through the Improv that night. He ended up staying for the whole show and congratulated the guys on their night. In other news, being that today is Election Day, the guys jump into the topic of voting and then citizenship. In this episode you’ll learn why Trump...


“Lights Out”- Halloween Laws - Episode 55

Legally Insane “Lights Out”- Halloween Laws - Episode 55 Halloween is upon us and on this spooky show Matt and Tony discuss some Halloween specific laws. Bet you didn’t know that nobody no kid has ever died as result of tainted Halloween candy. Also the guys have a show at The Hollywood Improv tomorrow, November 1st at 7pm. Get your tickets today! Highlights: The Takeaway – If somebody has their lights off tonight and a “No Candy” sign, they’ve done some bad things. Hollywood Improv...