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Tribal Laws – The Meaning Of Oklahoma “Sooner” - Episode 36

Legally Insane Tribal Laws – The Meaning Of Oklahoma “Sooner” - Episode 36 Today Matt and Tony will break down the history of horrible laws that were passed to eradicate Native Americans. They dive deep into the dark history of how the US government made it impossible for the Natives to participate in commerce and slowly robbed them of their rights and culture. You’ll also learn about the Oklahoma Land Rush and the real meaning of the Oklahoma Sooners. Highlights: The Takeaway – Do...


Same Sex Marriage Just Bake The F*cking Cake - Episode 35

Legally Insane Same Sex Marriage Just Bake The F*cking Cake - Episode 35 The Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of Jack Phillips, the Colorado bakery owner who wouldn’t bake a cake to celebrate the recent marriage of a same sex couple. Matt and Tony discuss the atrocities of the case and how in recent times the freedom of religious beliefs is possibly being used to discriminate against people. Highlights: The Takeaway – The USA has come a long way on minority rights, it’s important...


Money Laundering - Episode 34

Legally Insane Money Laundering - Episode 34 Today you’re going to learn about Money Laundering and it’s origins. You’ll learn about the process of laundering money, how casinos are a safe haven for the rich and why Trump might be an expert at laundering money. Highlights: The Takeaway – The penalty for money laundering is often just a fee, which is significantly smaller then the amount of money laundered. The US seems to turn a blind eye to money laundering laws. Hollywood Improv...


Mental Health Law – Is Reagan To Blame? - Episode 33

Legally Insane Mental Health Law – Is Reagan To Blame? - Episode 33 The guys discuss mental health laws, a topic near and dear to both of them. In this episode you’ll learn about the origins of mental health hospitals in the US, as well as the history of treatments given to mental health patients. If you’re struggling with mental illness, please seek help. You’re not alone. Highlights: The Takeaway – We have a lot of work to do in this country in regards to treating and housing the...


Ambulance Chasers - Episode 32

Legally Insane Ambulance Chasers - Episode 32 In today’s episode, the guys discuss Lawyers who are “Ambulance Chasers”. An ambulance chaser is a derogatory slur that refers to a lawyer soliciting for clients at a disaster site. The term "ambulance chasing" comes from the stereotype of lawyers that follow ambulances to the emergency room to find clients. Highlights: Hollywood Improv Ticket...


Space Law - US Breaks Outer Space Treaty to Strip Mine the Universe - Episode 30

Legally Insane – Episode 31 Matt and Tony start off the show with a friendly argument regarding who knows more about the law. After all, these days a quick Google search can reveal quite a lot. In other news the guys have a live show coming up May 3rd at The Hollywood Improv. There will be a live podcast recording and a ton of great stand up comics. Stay tuned for this week’s episode on the legalities of laying claim to outer space. Highlights: Hollywood Improv Ticket...


Mann Act- Will Trump Pardon Jack Johnson - Episode 30

Mann Act- Will Trump Pardon Jack Johnson - Episode 30 Trumps in the news again. Matt pulls up a story about Tumps effort to pardon the boxer, Jack Johnson. Championship Boxer, Jack Johnson was prosecuted under the Mann Act in 1912. The Mann Act was created to further regulate interstate and foreign commerce by prohibiting the transportation therein for immoral purposes of women and girls. Will Trump Pardon, Johnson? Highlights: The Takeaway: The Mann Act is a stupid law, which has...


Attorney Client Privilege - Episode 29

Legally Insane – Episode 29 The guys kick off the show with a few Rolling Stones jokes and then jump right into the topic of attorney client privilege. Matt updates us on Trump and his Lawyer Michael Cohen. Highlights: The Takeaway: Check your taint, guys. Twitter: @mattritter1 @toekneesam Website:


The Best Crazy Defenses that Worked - Episode 28

Legally Insane – Episode 28 Matt and Tony begin the show by recapping the live taping they did April 5th at The Hollywood Improv. They then jump into some crazy legal defense that actually worked and got people off the hook. Highlights: Twitter: @mattritter1 @toekneesam Website:


Crazy Laws Of Each State - Episode 27

Legally Insane – Episode 27 The guys have a show April 5th at The Hollywood Improv. There are still some tickets available, so act fast. Matt and Tony’s last show sold out! For this weeks Pod the guys are switching it up. Tony is bringing in the topic for Matt to comment on. This week’s topic is “Crazy Laws Of Each State”. Highlights: The Takeaway: Don’t get fancy and try to reenact one of these laws Hollywood Improv Ticket...


Reserve Clause - Episode 25

The guys open the show joking about their previous careers and how their distaste for their old jobs led them to be comedians. Both of the guys are big sports fans and kick off the show discussing sports teams they have a mutual hatred for. This leads them to discussing Baseball laws and The Reserve Clause. Highlights: The Takeaway: The Supreme Court is capable of wrong doing. Twitter: @mattritter1 @toekneesam Website:


Safe for Work teaser

Today we bring you a bonus episode from a brand new podcast Matt is hosting called "Safe for Work". The workplace can get crazy and messy and the new podcast Safe For Work takes your calls about the workplace and helps you get through Mondayto Friday with a little less stress, more confidence and a little more fun. Subscribe today:


The RICO Act- Nixon, the Mob, Hells Angels, Bob Mueller and Trump - Episode 24

Legally Insane – Episode 24 Today’s agenda is RICO; The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. Enacted by President Nixon, the Rico Act has been responsible for bringing down and trying to bring down The Hells Angeles, The Catholic Church, The Key West PD, Donald Trump and many more. Highlights: The Takeaway: The RICO Act focuses specifically on racketeering, and it allows the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the crimes which they ordered others to do or assisted...


Child Marriage Laws - Episode 23

Legally Insane – Episode 23 The guys have a live show coming up tomorrow March 8th at The Hollywood Improv in Los Angeles. They’re going to be recording a live podcast. Guy Branum from True TV and Dana Gould from the Simpsons will also be performing. Show starts at 7:30pm; if you’re in LA come to the show. That being said this today’s pod will be about Child Marriage Laws, buckle up. Highlights: The Takeaway – Don’t be Tennessee. @mattritter1 @toekneesam Website:


Horrible Supreme Court Justices- The Four Horsemen vs FDR - Episode 22

Legally Insane – Episode 22 Most people don’t think about the origins of certain laws. At some point in history somebody had to be first. Somebody had to screw up! In this episode we’re going to take you back to The Great Depression and discuss Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “New Deal” and the worst Supreme Court Justice of all time. Highlights: @mattritter1 @toekneesam Website:


Cloning Laws - There's No Federal Law Against Making Another You! - Episode 21

Legally Insane – Episode 21 Shout out to super fan Josh Benjamin, an immigration attorney in New Jersey! Thanks for listening. We’re 21 episodes in and the podcast is picking up steam. The guys just love spending time together. Speaking of which, Matt enjoys spending so much time with Tony that sometimes he wishes there was 2 of him. Let’s clone Tony! Highlights: The Takeaway – The law unsettled and lots of developments are taking place in the cloning world. The first primate was just...


California Eugenics Law - Episode 20

Tony kicks off the show congratulating Matt on his recent marriage. The guys then start off discussing Eugenics laws. Eugenics is the study of genetics superiority. California was on the forefront of Americas Eugenics movement and supported many heinous acts. Highlights: Twitter: @mattritter1 @toekneesam Website:


OJ Revisited - "if" HE DID IT - Episode 19

Matt starts the show by talking about one of the biggest and most publicized court cases of all time, The OJ Simpson trial. They make a few jokes about the recent mini series that aired, his book, and then delve into some interesting facts about OJ, his lawyers and the jury. Highlights: Twitter: @mattritter1 @toekneesam Website:


DUI Laws - Breathalyzer and Other Even More Inaccurate Tests - Episode 18

Matt and Tony kick off the show reflecting on a recent night of drinking together. Tony tells the audience how that night he had a little too much to drink and got nabbed at a checkpoint while riding his Vespa home. The guys joke around it a little, while trying to not make light of the situation. They then Segway into DUI laws and the history surrounding them. Highlights: Twitter: @mattritter1 @toekneesam Website: