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Kavanaugh Bomb - Episode 49

Legally Insane Kavanaugh Bomb - Episode 49 In a recent turn of events, a former classmate of Brett Kavanuagh’s, Christine Blasey, has accused the Supreme Court nominee of Sexually Assaulting her over 3 decades ago. Matt and Tony jump into these allegations and discuss both sides of the story. Highlights: The Takeaway – Congress has no moral ground to stand on. Hollywood Improv Ticket Link: ...


MGM Suing Victims of Mass Shooting - Episode 48

Legally Insane MGM Suing Victims of Mass Shooting - Episode 48 The MGM Casino is suing the victims of the Las Vegas Mass Shooting that happening during the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival. This lawsuit is being filed under the provisions of “The Safety Act”. As of July 2018 the MGM has sued over 1900 victims/families of victims of the mass shooting. Essentially the MGM knows it’s going to be sued by these victims for their suffering, so they’re counter suing to get a judge to rule that...


Supreme Court Rejects - Episode 47

Legally Insane Supreme Court Rejects - Episode 47 With the Supreme Court Justice nomination currently in our news feeds. Matt and Tony share some insight on previous Supreme Court contenders who were rejected. In this episode you’ll hear learn about the history of Supreme Court Nominations and how Political Loyalty reigns supreme. Highlights: The Takeaway – Don’t get Borked. Hollywood Improv Ticket Link: ...


RIP John McCain - Hero Who Took a Bayonet to His Groin! - Episode 46

Legally Insane RIP John McCain - Hero Who Took a Bayonet to His Groin! - Episode 46 On the heels of John McCain’s death, the guys decide to record a podcast dedicated to the American Hero. They discuss his families’ origins, his career in the armed forces, his 5-year stint in the “Hanoi Hilton”, and his career in politics. There are a lot of good laughs in this episode, but one thing is clear. John McCain was an American Hero. Highlights: The Takeaway – John McCain always tried to right...


Dr. Kevorkian aka Dr. Death - Episode 45

Legally Insane Dr. Kevorkian aka Dr. Death - Episode 45 Today the guys jump into a bit of a heavy topic, but do a great job at keeping it light. They’re discussing Dr. Kevorkian and the idea of assisted suicide. Dr. Kevorkian is most known for championing the cause of physician-assisted suicide. Matt and Tony break down where the idea of assisted suicide came from and discuss the legalities and moral implications of voluntary death. Highlights: The Takeaway – If you or someone you know...


Military Tribunals – A Few Good Men - Episode 44

Legally Insane Military Tribunals – A Few Good Men - Episode 44 Ever wonder how enemy combatants who commit war crimes are prosecuted? They’re tried in Military Courts and these trials are known as Military Tribunals. Military Tribunals operate outside the scope of criminal and civil jurisdictions. The jury and judges are military officers. In today’s episode you’ll learn how and why these tribunals were started and how Presidents began trying some civilians under Military law. You’ll also...


3D Guns For Everyone? - Episode 43

Legally Insane 3D Guns For Everyone? - Episode 43 Today Matt and Tony jump into a hot topic that’s been circulating in the news recently; the printing of 3D guns. The 3D gun known as the “Liberator” was created by radical Cody Wilson. Cody Wilson is a self proclaimed “Crypto Anarchist” and the founder of Defense Distributed. In 2013 Cody posted the blueprints to make these digital weapons. Within days of posting, the US Department of State demanded they be removed from the Internet. Just...


Sexual Harassment Laws – Better Late Than Never (w/ Special Guest Ana Kasparian) - Episode 42

Legally Insane Sexual Harassment Laws – Better Late Than Never - Episode 42 In this episode Matt and Tony sit down with Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks. Ana is an accomplished Journalist, Speaker, Writer and Educator. The conversation today is about sexual harassment. The trio discusses how sexual harassment is becoming more and more common in the news and they get a dialogue going about how to raise more awareness to ultimately lead to change. Highlights: The Takeaway – While we’ve...


Trump's New Tariff Wars - Episode 41

This week Matt and Tony talk about Trump's new and potentially disastrous tariff wars. Matt takes us on a journey through the tariff history of our country. Specifically, 1929, a year of infamy, that started the Great Depression. Apparently, two Congressman named Smoot and Hawley had the idea to take a thriving economy with low unemployment and start applying tariff's. The problem is like Pringles, once you pop you can't stop. Every business wanted a piece of the action and in a matter of...


Robots and the Law - Should Skynet Be Tried or Their Creator - Episode 40

This week Matt and Tony are reveling in being the #1 Mover on all of Stitcher! We start with Matt talking about becoming an old man yelling at punk teens for picking up those Bird scooters. Then they get into the topic of the day: Robots and The Law. They discuss who would be to blame if Johnny Five from Short Circuit killed someone. Fisher Stevens, or the maker of the machine or Johnny himself. Serious discussion of the culpability of robots ensues as we soon will be living in a world...


The Black Sox Scandal - There Was a Ridiculous Trial Too - Episode 39

This week Matt and Tony get into one of the craziest baseball scandal's ever: The fixing of the 1919 World Series. The Black Sox Scandal. It turns out there was a big trial where many of the players careers were on the line. Craziness ensued: Player confessions were literally stolen from the courtroom. In the end, there wasn't enough to convict them, or maybe there was. Hard to say when you have a jury so biased that they "carried players on their shoulders in celebration" after the verdict...


Sanctuary Cities - What The Heck Are They? - Episode 38

Tony and Matt take a deep dive into a topic that's really got everyone charged up - Sanctuary cities. What's true what's media spun, what's urban legend? Where did these policies come from, you'd be shocked to know that the same people that are bashing them now may be responsible for their rise! Listen, learn, laugh on Legally Insane @mattritter1 @toekneesam @legallynsanepod


Is ICE Breaking Up Families, Sending them to "Foster Care or Whatever" - Episode 37

This week Matt and Tony try to get serious, well as much as they can. First Tony tells us about how he accidentally ate cat poop. Then we take a deep dive into what the hell is actually going at the Southern Border. According to Chief of Staff John Kelly the kids are going to "foster or whatever" And who the hell is ICE anyway? And where the heck does our immigration policy even come from? Well, funny you should ask, Matt and Tony take us all the way back to the beginning of our nations...


Tribal Laws – The Meaning Of Oklahoma “Sooner” - Episode 36

Legally Insane Tribal Laws – The Meaning Of Oklahoma “Sooner” - Episode 36 Today Matt and Tony will break down the history of horrible laws that were passed to eradicate Native Americans. They dive deep into the dark history of how the US government made it impossible for the Natives to participate in commerce and slowly robbed them of their rights and culture. You’ll also learn about the Oklahoma Land Rush and the real meaning of the Oklahoma Sooners. Highlights: The Takeaway – Do...


Same Sex Marriage Just Bake The F*cking Cake - Episode 35

Legally Insane Same Sex Marriage Just Bake The F*cking Cake - Episode 35 The Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of Jack Phillips, the Colorado bakery owner who wouldn’t bake a cake to celebrate the recent marriage of a same sex couple. Matt and Tony discuss the atrocities of the case and how in recent times the freedom of religious beliefs is possibly being used to discriminate against people. Highlights: The Takeaway – The USA has come a long way on minority rights, it’s important to...


Money Laundering - Episode 34

Legally Insane Money Laundering - Episode 34 Today you’re going to learn about Money Laundering and it’s origins. You’ll learn about the process of laundering money, how casinos are a safe haven for the rich and why Trump might be an expert at laundering money. Highlights: The Takeaway – The penalty for money laundering is often just a fee, which is significantly smaller then the amount of money laundered. The US seems to turn a blind eye to money laundering laws. Hollywood Improv...


Mental Health Law – Is Reagan To Blame? - Episode 33

Legally Insane Mental Health Law – Is Reagan To Blame? - Episode 33 The guys discuss mental health laws, a topic near and dear to both of them. In this episode you’ll learn about the origins of mental health hospitals in the US, as well as the history of treatments given to mental health patients. If you’re struggling with mental illness, please seek help. You’re not alone. Highlights: The Takeaway – We have a lot of work to do in this country in regards to treating and housing the...


Ambulance Chasers - Episode 32

Legally Insane Ambulance Chasers - Episode 32 In today’s episode, the guys discuss Lawyers who are “Ambulance Chasers”. An ambulance chaser is a derogatory slur that refers to a lawyer soliciting for clients at a disaster site. The term "ambulance chasing" comes from the stereotype of lawyers that follow ambulances to the emergency room to find clients. Highlights: Hollywood Improv Ticket...


Space Law - US Breaks Outer Space Treaty to Strip Mine the Universe - Episode 31

Legally Insane – Episode 31 Matt and Tony start off the show with a friendly argument regarding who knows more about the law. After all, these days a quick Google search can reveal quite a lot. In other news the guys have a live show coming up May 3rd at The Hollywood Improv. There will be a live podcast recording and a ton of great stand up comics. Stay tuned for this week’s episode on the legalities of laying claim to outer space. Highlights: Hollywood Improv Ticket...


Mann Act- Will Trump Pardon Jack Johnson - Episode 30

Mann Act- Will Trump Pardon Jack Johnson - Episode 30 Trumps in the news again. Matt pulls up a story about Tumps effort to pardon the boxer, Jack Johnson. Championship Boxer, Jack Johnson was prosecuted under the Mann Act in 1912. The Mann Act was created to further regulate interstate and foreign commerce by prohibiting the transportation therein for immoral purposes of women and girls. Will Trump Pardon, Johnson? Highlights: The Takeaway: The Mann Act is a stupid law, which has...