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Deck Tweaking: Shu Yun and Licia

Uuuuunnnnnghhhhhhh!!!!! Aaahhhhh….. Kyle and Andy have decks that aren’t going as planned. Is it time to just scrap these disappointments? No! It’s time get up and break some friends with edited decks. Andy and Kyle take a look at a couple of their decks and assess whether or not they can be competitive and how these decks can be tweaked to maximize their potential. Andy takes us through what went wrong with Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest deck and his spell-slinger build. Taking a cue from...

Duration: 01:04:29

Kyle's Angsty Bullsh!t Deck

Kyle tries to kill himself with his deck and then switch places with other players when he realizes he wants to stay in the game after all. Can his angsty bull shit produce a body count at the commander table? Kyle techs his new deck for Andy and walks through his hipster idea of a deck. Let’s be honest, this deck isn’t going to win any games, but it could be an entertaining way to break up your roster of more straightforward decks. Check out Kyle’s deck right here:...

Duration: 01:00:09

Meta Bosses: Mizzix of the Izmagnus

Andy brings our meta bosses series to a close… for the time being. When you’re a goblin riding a robot through the streets of Ravnica, you have to come up with unusual ways to assert your dominance. Mizzix of the Izmagnus and Andy locked eyes the moment Mizzix was spoiled as part of the Commander 2015 set. There was never a truer love. All Andy wants you to do when you square off against him and Mizzix is walk away. There will be safe passage into the wasteland, while he takes the oil,...

Duration: 01:36:29

Therapy Session: Aggro and Andy

Are you a spell slinger, dabbling in aggro, creature-centric strategies? Are you pissed off at aggro yet? Maybe you’re a Boros lover and you’re ready to bash your head against the wall. Why don’t you lay down on your couch and join us for a therapy session. Andy talks out his recent foray into aggro strategies using Shu Yun, the Last Airbe… uh… Silent Tempest, and his hopes to build around Sammut, Voice of Dissent. As a player whose style leans towards instants and sorceries, Andy explores...

Duration: 01:17:59

Meta Bosses: Brago, King Eternal

Do you have friends? Do you want to keep your friends? Yeah? Well, you probably better just wait for the next episode then, because this won't help you gain any friends. Unless you're a spy... maybe you need to deal with an insufferable king. Well, regardless of why you stay, whether you're not interested in keeping your friends or you and the Black Rose are plotting against Brago, Kyle and Andy will break down Kyle's Brago Stax deck. Kyle will tell you he didn't build Brago with stax...

Duration: 01:19:39

Two-Headed Giant for Commander

Are you looking to mix it up a little with your commander play group? Try out two-headed giant for commander. Andy and Kyle talk about the challenges that they've confronted in mixing it up with commander. Kingdoms can lose its novelty and two-headed giant isn't as straight forward with commander as you'd think. Kyle and Andy outline some basic rules for building team decks to play two-headed giant with commander decks. Using the duel commander ban list and a version of the unified...

Duration: 01:05:59

Meta Bosses: Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker

There are some spooky things happening around the graveyard. Things that just need to die, but keep coming back. You haven't seen this many small powered things come back for more since the ants at that picnic that one time. Anyhow,Brad joins Andy and Kyle to talk about another one of the decks that has performed well in their play group. Brad breaks down his Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker deck and all the small powered creatures that just don't seem to ever go away. Their refusal to stay in...

Duration: 01:32:34

Meta Bosses: Yisan, Wanderer Bard

Kyle and Andy continue their series talking about the commanders that have had tons of success in their play group. Andy goes musician and plays a deathly song with Yisan, the Wanderer Bard. They’re no Simon & Garfunkel, but this deck has a penchant for finding the brown note. 8 of 10 dentists say you’ll shit your pants. If you’re looking for a relatively budget deck that is highly competitive, look no further than Andy’s build for Yisan. Andy walks us through each verse that Yisan can...

Duration: 01:15:39

Admiral Beckett Brass: The High Seas of Vorthos

Do you just need to plunder with your very own pirate crew? Well get on board and join us as we talk about Cody's commander deck built around Admiral Beckett Brass. Cody breaks down the basics of the deck and how he's approaching thievery via Admiral Beckett Brass' ability. It's not a well supported tribe, but Ixalan is giving you the basics you need to get your pirate deck started. Kyle and Andy add some options for Cody to use to help out with his need to give his pirates evasion and...

Duration: 00:59:59

Ixalan Commander Review

Are you gearing up to build a new pirate, dinosaur, or merfolk deck? Maybe you're looking for a few extra cards for that new Edgar Markov deck you picked up. Andy and Kyle go through Ixalan and talk about all the new legendary creatures and if they fit into commander. They also dive into a bunch of cards from Ixalan and talk about what has a place in commander and explore ideas for where different cards might be wanted in commander. Shout at us on Twitter: @legend_creature and be sure to...

Duration: 02:35:29

Commander Staples

Kyle and Andy wax a bit philosophical as they try to define what a commander staple is and what is a card that's just too good to pass up. As they flesh out what they feel a staple is, they start to explore popular cards in each color. They discuss why those cards may or may not be staples and some deck types where they can be good to have. This episode may be helpful for players that are newer to the commander format. While Kyle and Andy don't necessarily give all the cards' stat lines,...

Duration: 02:36:39

Meta Bosses: Erebos, God of the Dead

Kyle and Andy start a new Legendary Creature Podcast series, where they talk about some of their battle tested decks. Their meta bosses take the spotlight as they not only tech the deck, but talk about why these decks have dominated their play group. In this episode they talk about Kyle’s Erebos, God of the Dead deck. Erebos may seem innocuous, but he’s got a long straw that drinks your milkshake, slowly robbing you of your sweet resources and life. Kyle talks about the black pressure...

Duration: 01:13:06

Licia and Mairsil: A Vampire and Wizard Walk Into a Bar...

So you've got yourself some new commanders from the Commander 2017 set, eh? Well what are you gonna do with your fancy new cards? Andy and Kyle were supposed to come to the table with two different approaches to building a Licia, Sanguine Tribune deck. Andy concedes his idea didn't pan out. Kyle then talks about how Licia demands a very particular set of life gain spells to ensure that her steep mana cost can be overcome. He also shares his approach to including a pressure suite, so that...

Duration: 01:28:32

Dear Garrett...

Hey Garrett, buddy! We're responding to your question. We decided to devote an episode to talking about the dude in your play group that's dedicated to winning with lame infinite combos or sniping games after being a non-threat until it was too late. In this episode, Kyle and Andy dive into their experiences with a variety of difficult to deal with players. From the guy that tries to snipe games with simple combos like Exquisite Blood and Sanguine Bond, to the dude that can't take a hint...

Duration: 01:02:29

Vampires, Dragons, Wizards, and Cats! Oh My!

It's that special time of year, when all the commander playing girls and boys anxiously wait in anticipation for the day that they can get their hands on all their new new toys and goodies. It's commander Christmas! Kyle and Andy dive into a comprehensive look at all the new legendary creatures from the Commander 2017 set. They assess whether or not each new legend will be competitive and take a look at a few basics that could go into the decks with several of the more enticing new...

Duration: 02:49:09

A Terminator and A Riddle

Kyle and Andy continue exploring decks ideas for legendary creatures from the recently released Hour of Devastation. Andy explains his long standing love for burn decks and his desire to have a commander deck that is built to burn. His wait is over now that a certain lazotep covered terminator has arrived. Neheb can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear! And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead! Andy gives a deck tech for...

Duration: 01:30:44

Some Plague Gods, But Not All the Plague Gods

Are you looking to get on the right side of the plague gods from Hour of Devastation? Kyle and Andy bring Cody in from their local play group to talk about The Scarab God. He breaks down his mill, wheel, and steal strategy and the key components he feels you need to enjoy this Nicol Bolas inspired zombie infestation, without using infinite combos. Andy then dives into his build for The Locust God. But wait.... shhh... don't tell Niv-Mizzet! Andy doesn't want the Firemind finding out about...

Duration: 01:42:59

Getting Gratuitously Violent with Saskia and Brad

Are you ready to play a violent deck that brutalizes your play group through combat? Check this episode out to hear about Brad's Saskia deck and her appetite for battle. Brad from Andy and Kyle's play group joins Kyle to break down his Saskia deck. They explore some of Brad's commander deck building philosophies and Brad gives some general tips on the types of cards you should be sure to leave space for in your deck. Brad then dives into his Saskia build and explains his strategy for...

Duration: 01:35:44

Hour of Devastation Commander Review, Part 2

Andy and Kyle continue their car conversation about the Hour of Devastation. They explore black, red, green, multi-color and artifact cards that they are interested in seeing in commander decks and that they expect to see get some play in decks. Guys! We recorded in a car because it was the best place we could control the sound this week. It was a hot summer night. Damn it was hot! Anyhow, let us know what you think of the cards from Hour of Devastation! Give us a shout on Twitter:...

Duration: 01:01:59

Hour of Devastation Commander Review, Part 1

Andy and Kyle explore all the legendary creatures from the new Hour of Devastation set. They talk about the new commanders they are excited about. They also take a look at the planes walkers. Nicky B is back! They start taking a look at cards in white and blue that could be interesting or have a place in variety of popular decks and decks in their play group. Be sure to check out Part 2 to get their full take on Hour of Devastation. The intro/outro beats you know you love are by the Artist...

Duration: 01:31:54

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