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EP 21 - Going on Shark Tank

Crack open a cold one and listen in with El Rubio, El Moreno and El Chuckarino as we recap, reflect and answer questions about our incredible run to Shark Tank on this podcast. You’ll hear about: - Thinking we were cooked at the Shark Tank Open Casting - Our pitch, and how the edit was different from real life - The drycleaner incident and our biggest fear - Lori Grenier’s recommendations and Daymond John’s sudden exit - Robert Herjavec’s “man bun” - Why we were ready for Kevin O’Leary’s...

Duration: 01:35:53

EP 20 - Longhairs Professional Series: Professor Marvin

There’s not many things in life that stay consistently the same, that never vary under any circumstances. Lifting weights is one of those things. No matter how you dice it, 200 lbs is always 200 lbs and you can count on that to never change. Just like how you have to earn your long hair, every tiny bit of progress in the gym is earned. No one can give it to you, you can’t fake it, you have to earn it day by day lift by lift because the weight never lies. This week we introduce you to Jesse...

Duration: 01:23:25

EP 19 - Longhairs Professional Series: Sergio Gutierrez

From his humble beginnings in New Mexico, Sergio Gutierrez had an unlikely journey to long hair. One that was probably much different than most of us, it all started with a bet between he and his mom. You’ll have to listen in to hear the full story but it’s safe to say he won, thank goodness! Not only is he a veteran curly hair master, he is also a professional musician, artist and fitness freak. He is living life by his terms and getting paid to do it.

Duration: 01:00:50

Ep 18 - Longhairs Professional Series: JP Sears

Long Hair, Spirituality and Being Hella Weird In a Podcast With JP Sears You know. The long haired ginger guy who does the videos, often with a flower in his headband, perfectly straight fire-red hair cascading from all sides. JP tells us all about this journey, which has led him to publishing his first book, “How to Be Ultra Spiritual, 12.5 Steps to Spiritual Superiority” earlier this year, which he ripped off in only 2.5 months. We dive into JP’s creative process, where he attributes his...

Duration: 01:08:35

EP 17 - Catching up with Hair Ties For Guys Lead Designer El Gustavo

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen old Gustavo around these parts. The last time we checked in he shared a few of his awkward stage hair tips with us. Now he’s deep in his long hair journey and we wanted an update. El Gustavo cruised up to the South Bay Longhairs HQ from Tijuana to sit down with EL Moreno over a couple beers and talked shop. What You’ll Hear: Gus’s new job and how he handled the interview What it means to be a longhair dad and living in the moment His take on some...

Duration: 01:08:08

EP 16 - Longhairs Professional Series: Joe Knowles

Joe Knowles is a burly Canadian outdoorsman with the right mix of long hair, beard and style. He also happens to be the 2-time best dressed man on reddit and let me tell you, this guy has swag! Professionally Joe is freelance content creator and photographer. He has built a solid client base for himself and is currently working on a couple top secret Longhairs projects that will be getting released over the next few weeks. More on that later. Most interestingly he is a expert thrifter,...

Duration: 01:01:33

EP 15 - Fight for the Right to Party, and Win

If you don’t recognize the name Lane Pittman, it’s time to familiarize yourself. He’s the longhaired ginger who’s made such national headlines as: Jacksonville Man Shreds National Anthem so Hard, Cops are Forced to Arrest Him, Guitar Hero: Charges Dropped Against Man Who Blasted ‘Star Spangled Banner’ on July 4, and, Meet the Shirtless Headbanger Who Rocked Out to Slayer During Hurricane Matthew You will likely recall his viral internet sensation (which about 100 people sent to us and we...

Duration: 01:02:31

EP 14 - US 395 With El Rubio

Talking Long Hair, Awkward Stage, Future Products and More In the early days of 2017, El Rubio completed a snow-filled, 17-day, 1,700 mile journey through California, circumnavigating the Sierra Nevada mountain range and distributing Longhairs referral cards throughout the Golden State. Join him for the final stretch on a ride down the US 395, answering questions from the blog, talking long hair, awkward stage, future products from The Longhairs and more.

Duration: 00:59:46

EP 12 - Longhairs Professional Series: Eric Raether

In Episode 12 we rap with Eric Raether, better known in longhair circles as “El Extrano,” a Senior Web Experience Manager for Illumina, which develops, manufactures and markets genetic sequencing systems for the analysis of genetic variation and biological function with the goal of transforming human health. His real job though, is West End Wieners, a hot dog cart he’s been operating in Pacific Beach for over a decade, and home of the world famous Pavlov Dog. Eric moves more wieners on a...

Duration: 01:27:51

EP 11 - Why Did Sam Do It?

Sam got a longhairs tattoo permanently emblazoned upon his body at the finest tattoo shop in San Diego. Fnd out why he did it.

Duration: 00:47:00

San Diego to Austin

At the time of this post, your boys El Moreno and El Rubio are en route to a classified, strategic, tactical drop zone strike mission to the Lone Star State, and it’s capital city of Austin. First, hats off to all you longhairs in Texas who have been tuning in, making it the #2 longhair state in the union in terms of website visitors and Hair Ties For Guys shipments. We see ya boys! During our 1301 mile drive from San Diego we took some time for this week’s post, where we bring you into...

Duration: 00:56:14

EP 10 - An Awkward Interview With An Awkward Guy In The Awkward Stage

As the lead designer of Hair Ties For Guys we had to learn more about how he has pushed through this far. Listen in as we rap about his journey through the awkward stage and what's to come in the near future for Hair Ties For Guys.

Duration: 00:53:57

EP 7 - The Longhairs Professional Series: Joey Muha

You’ve heard of Super Mario Brothers. You’ve heard of Gilligan’s Island. You probably haven’t heard their theme songs played with intense heavy metal drumming. Until now. That’s how professional drummer Joey Muha has carved out a brand for himself: playing every familiar theme song, tune and jingle imaginable with metal drumming. Heavy metal drumming.

Duration: 00:50:20

EP 6 - Longhairs Professional Series: Dave Littlechild

In this episode of The Longhairs Professional Series we rap with Dave Littlechild, a successful business professional from the United Kingdom who’s lived around the world building businesses, jumping out of planes and making shit happen.

Duration: 00:48:38



Duration: 00:44:41

EP 9 - Longhairs Professional Series: Mike Lynch

Listen in at The Longhairs global headquarters as we rap with Mike Lynch, co-owner of Creative Priority and the product development team that brought you Hair Ties For Guys.

Duration: 01:06:58

EP 8 - Hitting Reset With David Kennedy

It’s Not Saying Goodbye, It’s Just Starting Over.

Duration: 01:10:12

EP 3 - The Journey To Dreads

Danny Ramirez is a San Diego local who works right across the street from our headquarters. As you can tell from the picture he has extremely curly hair. 13 inches to be exact, and that hair goes in all directions except for down. For him the only solution to the madness is dreads. So as he embarks on his journey we will be there by his side every step of the way. The goal of this series will be to document the process through various forms of media and showcase what it really takes to get...

Duration: 00:31:26

EP 2 - Longhair Professional Series: Chris Morgan

For this installment we had a chat with Chris Morgan, longhaired co-owner of Hairy & Merry Pet Spa and Dog Wash, an independently-owned small business sharing a building with us in Little Italy. We talked shop over a few cold ones at The Longhairs Global Headquarters, everything from blow dryers and hair balls to long hair in the corporate environment. Sit back, let your hair down and listen in.

Duration: 00:31:40

EP 1 - Longhairs Professional Series: David James Kennedy

With limited vocational options, one of those is building your own business, where people can’t tell you how long your hair can be. We are super-stoked to interview David James Kennedy, owner of James Coffee Co., located in the downtown San Diego neighborhood of Little Italy. In a wide-open warehouse with more space than you’d think for a coffee shop, since April 2014 DK and his posse have been serving up hot and cold coffee to Longhairs and other Little Italians. We came to learn David is...

Duration: 00:22:39