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Ep 10 Remakes

Before it gets rebooted, re-imagined or rejuvenated the film podcast ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ tackles the tricky subject of remakes*. Join comedians Aidan Goatley, Iain Smith and Stephen Saul as they talk their best, worst and alternative choices of remade stuff. . . . *will be re-done next year.

Duration: 01:10:29

10 Films With … Joe Heenan

Welcome to ’10 Films With …’ Podcast Where Aidan Goatley talks to Comedians about films. They just have to choose 10 films that they either love, hate or just don’t understand. Recorded during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017 in this episode Aidan talks to Joe Heenan about VHS, Steven Segal Films, the best baddies and … Continue reading 10 Films With … Joe Heenan →

Duration: 00:57:45

Let’s Kill Hitler Ep 9 FLOPS

After the success of previous episodes Aidan Goatley, Iain FM Smith & Stephen Saul are back to talk about failures. This time round they choose their favourite, worst and odd movie flops. Welcome to Let’s Kill Hitler’ Episode 9!

Duration: 01:03:06

Episode 8 – Best Year

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition as the ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ boys return with a brand new episode. Join Aidan Goatley, Iain F M Smith & Stephen Saul as they nominate their ‘best year for films’ and pick their best, worst and oddball favourite movie. So sit back, relax and listen to the boys … Continue reading Episode 8 – Best Year →

Duration: 01:00:32

Episode 7 – War

Join comedians Aidan Goatley, Iain F M Smith, and Stephen Saul as they choose three war films. One they love, one they hate and one they’re not sure why but they do. Make sure you let us know what you think and give us a shout on twitter @killhitlerpod

Duration: 01:01:09

Episode 6 is here

This month the chaps discuss Bond.

Duration: 01:08:13

Episode 5 – Trailers & Taglines

It was a time of war! When everything you know is wrong! They wanted a podcast, and got a war! and also chocolate. Which was nice. Join comedians Stephen Saul, Iain Smith and Aidan Goatley as they talk movie trailers and tag lines in the latest episode of their podcast ‘Let’s Kill Hitler.’ There’s also … Continue reading Episode 5 – Trailers & Taglines →

Duration: 01:10:12

Let’s Kill Hitler – Episode 4

Welcome to episode 4 and our Villains special! In absolutely no way connected to the recent arrival of President Trump we’ve decided to trawl through our collective noggins and find our favourite, our worst and our secret favourite villains. Join Iain FM Smith, Steven Saul and Aidan Goatley as they waffle about Oliver Reed, Keyzer … Continue reading Let’s Kill Hitler – Episode 4 →

Duration: 01:04:32

Episode 3 – Christmas Special

Ding a ling a ding dong ding and deck the halls it’s the Let’s Kill Hitler Christmas special. In this episode we learn several important facts. 1/ Don’t eat a massive Sunday roast before recording 2/ It’s really hard to come up with a bad Christmas movie 3/ Some people put aftershave where they shouldn’t … Continue reading Episode 3 – Christmas Special →

Duration: 01:24:55

Let’s Kill Hitler Ep 1

Having been threatening to do a Podcast since their University days finally Aidan Goatley and Iain FM Smith have got their act together and this is it. Joined by the lovely Stephen Saul they discuss their best and worst films and enjoy an off topic ramble or two along the way..

Duration: 01:30:24

Let’s Kill Hitler – Ep 02

Here they go again. 3 men and their best and worst films

Duration: 01:20:29