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Episode 024 MENTAL HEALTH – Dan LaMorte: “Don’t let the curve ball strike you out”

The brilliantly prolific Comedy Cellar regular, Dan LaMorte, nails it in this episode on MENTAL HEALTH in stand-up. It felt real, it felt deep, and it's damn funny. He's got some awesome tips to share and a helluva tale to tell. Car crashes, brain injury, deaths, break-ups, and a mental institution! And we tear open jokes by Marc Maron and Patton Oswalt.

Duration: 01:23:35

Episode 023 GENDER – Carmen Lagala: “He’s a prisoner of the patriarchy himself”

The charmingly silly, head-a-shavin', nationally-tourin' stand-up comedian, Carmen Lagala, joined us for a timely chat about GENDER in stand-up comedy. We cover a lot of ground with some killer bits by Bill Burr, Liza Treyger, and Carmen herself.

Duration: 01:15:27

Episode 022 REINTERPRETATION – Brett Druck: “I just realized how hard it is to please a human””

Nationally touring comic & social media sensation, Brett Druck, explores "REINTERPRETATION" via bits by TJ Miller, Hannibal Buress, & Dane Cook. I was laughing out loud editing it, and I was the one running the recording session! (this is Jeff talking, obviously)

Duration: 01:13:48

Episode 021 LOVE IN COMEDY – Abby Feldman: “Tear-jerking is when I cry after I masturbate”

Love goddess of stand-up comedy, Abby Feldman, descends to share her "embrace and accept" approach to stand-up and life. Want some depth with your commute? We've got it for ya, with clips from Bill Hicks, Marc Maron, and Bo Burnham. This one is amazing!

Duration: 01:15:32

Episode 020 CROWD WORK – Dave Lester: “Laughter is for the willing”

Heady and hilarious comic Dave Lester covers CROWD WORK through his wealth of experience and material from Patrice O'Neal, Bo Burnham, and Big Jay Oakerson.

Duration: 01:12:31

Episode 019 TENSION & RELEASE – Camille Theobald: “What if cops just had cum in their guns?”

The dark and bubbly NYC comedian, Camille Theobald, spends her evening with us laughing at bits by Louis CK, Sarah Silverman, and Tom Segura. We playfully examine the role played by TENSION & RELEASE in stand-up performance and writing.

Duration: 01:15:54

Episode 018 THAT’S A BIT – Sam Evans: “It feels like you’re stumbling into it”

Comic Sam Evans explores "THAT'S A BIT," the often maddening process to go from fresh idea to working joke via bits by Gary Gulman, Tom Papa, and Eric Andre. There's great stuff here about not chickening out on an idea, when to give up on one, and the importance of collaboration. It's definitely a craft-heavy episode with some dynamite comedy bits.

Duration: 01:09:39

Episode 017 HONEST SADNESS – Jay Welch: “Control it, shape it, & channel it”

Genius joke writer and stand up comic, Jay Welch, plumbs the depths of the exquisite laughter born of HONEST SADNESS. We explore these ideas in a sometimes funny, sometimes somber, but always interesting episode with some amazingly, touchingly funny stand-up material that deals with envy, addiction, and death. Funny stuff, right? Actually, yes.

Duration: 01:03:13

Episode 016 CHALLENGING PREMISES – Jon Newman: “Fascinated by influencing people’s perspectives through backdoors”

Comedian Jon Newman snorkels through the choppy waters of "CHALLENGING PREMISES" via bits by Jerrod Carmichael, Bill Burr, and Chris Rock. What constitutes a challenging premise? Taboo? Complexity? And what devices do comics use to bring audiences into mental territory they ordinarily avoid or find too complex to be funny? Let's do this!

Duration: 01:20:19

Episode 015 ROASTS – Matt Maran: “Every technique in comedy can be used in a roast”

Commissioner and co-founder of NYC Comedy Fight Club, Matt Maran, dropped by to slice up comedy ROASTS, via sets by Greg Giraldo, Bill Burr, and Gilbert Gottfried.

Duration: 01:54:03

Episode 014 COMEDIC STORYTELLING (2 of 2) – Mike Guild: Stories of Sad Boy and Angry Man

Comedic storyteller Mike Guild hilariously breaks down two comedic stories by the hosts in a deeply personal "part 2" on comedic storytelling. It's funny, poignant, and informative. But listen to part 1 first.

Duration: 00:40:58

Episode 013 COMEDIC STORYTELLING (1 of 2) – Mike Guild: “There is a weird relationship with truth in stories”

Master comedic storyteller, Mike Guild, displays his zest for the craft by walking the hosts through a bit by Dave Chappelle and by telling a story live on the podcast! There was so much here that it needed two parts.

Duration: 01:11:26

Bonus Episode 005 – Sandip, Harrison, and Jeff from the archives

We’ve got more episodes on the way, but it’s summer. Weddings, relationships, shows, etc. In the meantime, have a listen to a comedian Sandip Sen, Harrison Tweed, and Jeff McBride just geek the fuck out about the sadly deceased comedy genius, Greg Giraldo. We listen to his closing bit, called “Happy Birfday” from his 2009 album "Midlife Vices." We’re so giddy over it that we don’t even have a decent analysis between three of us. Then we listen to one little joke from George Carlin that...

Duration: 00:09:52

Episode 012 RELATABILITY – CW Headley: “Tell me that I’m doing a good job”

CW Headley is a very funny person whose hilarious perspective is informed by a need for reassurance to which anyone can relate, a universal human need he renders funny by its specific CW intensity. In this episode, all three comedians lay bare their underlying primary insecurities as they explore how "relatability" functions in stand-up.

Duration: 01:32:52

Episode 011 DARK HUMOR – Peter Revello: “The Holocaust–not great, ok?”

Fantastic stand up comic and writer Peter Revello is the perfect guest to theorize about dark, black humor. And that's what this episode is all about--how and why we have a hearty laugh at bad things. Apropos to Peter's philosophy background, this episode lends itself to exploratory debate; so if you love nerding out about how humor works, you'll love this.

Duration: 01:05:39

Episode 010 VISUALIZATION – Fumi Abe: “An open mic happened around me and ruined our evening”

NYC comedian, Fumi Abe, chops it up with the hosts to take apart a heavy-duty tool of the craft of stand-up, "visualization." Using his trademark wit and insight, he helps us investigate how the greats make movies in our heads. This episode is on point with side-bruising bit selections from Nate Bargatze, Maria Bamford, Dave Chappelle, and Daniel Tosh.

Duration: 01:03:54

Bonus Episode 004 – 4th of July Vacation Outtake

We're on vacation for the 4th of July, so here's a short outtake where Jeff get's frustrated at dealing with two meandering ADHD minds at once and finally just gives in to Casey James Salengo and Harrison being 100% type B. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:02:00

Episode 009 INFLUENCES – Khalid Rahmaan: “I wanna see a white Tracy Morgan imitator”

Khalid Rahmaan is, in his own words, a terrible driver, a wonderful snuggler, and a Brooklyn-based standup comedian. His hysterically intelligent comedy weaves elements of politics, race, and family; it's talking about real things in a funny way that lights his comedic fire. Oh, and he HATES clapter. This episode is dedicated to exploring comedy influences.

Duration: 01:17:59

Episode 008 WORD CHOICE – Casey James Salengo: “Every day it’s like I never learned anything before”

Casey James Salengo is a New York stand up comic, writer, and actor. He's a lovably funny guy who likes things simple and hilariously acknowledges his refusal to learn from his life experience. He is the very essence is laissez-faire, and it really works for him. He's a master of carefully selecting the right words to compliment his theatrical comedy style, and some very good things have come his way recently. So this episode explores two themes: "word choice" in material and...

Duration: 01:20:32

Episode 007 POLITICS – Jason Chatfield: “In America, I’ll wrap my values in cheese”

Jason Chatfield is a standup comedian, voice-over actor, cartoonist, and illustrator based out of New York City. The scope of his talents are irritatingly impressive. He made his name in his native Australia as a political comedian, but since emigrating to the USA, he's "closeted" his politics temporarily for the good of his career. Since he's still a very political person, this episode is dedicated to political comedy, a theme the podcast is sure to revisit many times. That podcast...

Duration: 01:15:28

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