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Ep. 20 Mario Escobar: The Story of Stuff

More Mario Escobar is the Digital Media Producer for the Story of Stuff Project, a non-profit which utilizes the power of animated video and picture to raise awareness of the impact our take-make-waste economy has on the environment. As he manages the creation of short, educational videos - his position entails him to identify, create and share impactful stories that highlight problems and solutions relating to various environmental issues. Mario has spent more...


019 Kyle Calian: Regenerating the Planet through Print

More Kyle Calian is the founder the Regeneration Magazine, a biannual print and digital publication, that seeks to address the lack of informative and inspiring content on the environment by highlighting the people who have chosen to make addressing these problems their life’s work. By showcasing the personal stories of these creatives, artists, writers, and entrepreneurs, the hope is that by changing the conversation on climate change, their social enterprises...


Justin Hofman: Polar Bears, Q-Tips, and Expeditions

More You probably know Justin Hofman as the mastermind behind the viral photo of an innocent seahorse carrying a Q-tip through the ocean. This captivating photo alerted millions of viewers to the toxic impact we have on other creatures and environments. As a distinguished photographer, videographer and scientific illustrator, Justin is a member of the SeaLegacy Collective, a group of prominent photographers and videographers who use the power of media and art to...


Living the Eco Goddess Lifestyle through film, photo, recipes, and music

More Marina Qutab, better known as the Eco Goddess, is a zero waste vegan influencer. As an activist since the age of 10, she latched on to art and music in particular to spread her message. Apart from being an eco-musician herself, she founded Ecostrings, an organization which uses music to educate people worldwide about pressing social issues and encourages them to take action. Among her many talents, Marina is about to release her first ever E-book called...


Kirsi Jansa: Pioneering Sustainability with Documentary Film

More Kirsi Jansa is a documentary filmmaker and journalist, she uses the power of authentic human stories to educate the people, especially on issues relating to environment, health and sustainability. She is best known for her two short documentary series, Gas Rush Stories and Sustainability Pioneers. Kirsi is currently an organizer for Creatives 4 Climate, an organization that brings together artists, architects, climate communicators and scientists to inspire...


Peterson Toscano: How Gay Climate Change Can Be

More Through his one-person comedies and lively lectures, Peterson Toscano has delighted audiences throughout North America, Europe, and Africa as he takes on social justice concerns. His plays and talks humorously explore the serious topics of LGBTQ issues, sexism, racism, privilege, gender, and climate change. Concerned about climate change as a human rights and LGBTQ issue, Peterson shares his gifts on his YouTube videos and on stage. A Quaker and obsessive...


Julia Levine: Theatre Artist Investigates Food, Climate, and Justice

More and Julia Levine is a playwright, creative collaborator and vegetarian. Planted in the New York City downtown theatre realm, she is on the Marketing team at HERE, the Producing team for the International Human Rights Art Festival, the organizing team for Climate Change Theatre Action, and writes for the blog series Artists & Climate Change. Julia creates new performance pieces as part of The Food Plays, an initiative she founded to...


Funk Grass Musician and Festival Producer goes Green

More Rae Irelan graduated from The Boston Conservatory with BFA in contemporary dance performance and has since worn many hats from event producer, dancer, teacher and yogini, to alternative healer. Her San Diego award winning band The Moves Collective is a driving force in the US music scene, supporting ideologies, companies and nonprofits that propel sustainability, inspire audiences to positively impact their local communities, and build positive change...


Eco Textiles: Upcycling Denim for People and The Planet

More Joanna Engelberg is Sustainability Director at The New Denim Project, a third-generation family business that creates high-end eco-textiles made purposefully and ethically. After five years in Israel with her sister Arianne -- Creative Director of The New Denim Project -- she came home to Guatemala passionate about environmental & social impact. They created a fully-closed loop system with 100% sustainable, conscious and patient textiles at its core. Their...


Kira Corser: Posts for Peace and Seas of Change

More Kira Carrillo Corser is a photojournalist, artist, and community leader with over 15 years of experience, publishing and exhibiting in 19 states across the US in venues such as the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego and the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. She taught "Arts and Community” for 8 years in Service Learning and taught as a Visual Art Consultant in Human Communications at CSU - Monterey Bay. From art galleries, museums, universities, and...


Bethany Kolody: Squidtoons Cartoonist Will Doodle for Science

More Bethany Kolody was introduced to biology during her time at NYU’s “world honors college,” in the Middle East, where she had the opportunity to study in Sri Lanka, Ghana, and China. There, she worked in Fabio Piano’s lab studying mRNA localization in C. elegans. It soon became apparent that she was more interested in the nematodes themselves than their mRNA, and for her capstone thesis she orchestrated the first molecular phylogenetic survey of marine...


Cherie Sampson: An Ag Artist Recounts her Creative Journey

More Cherie Sampson is an artist working in environmental installation, performance and video art, creating projects in wilderness and rural settings in the U.S. and abroad, including woodland, mire and boreal landscapes. Historical, cultural and elemental layers of the site are integral to the working concepts and materials, where she often integrates her body in the landscape in performances for the camera and live audiences. She has exhibited in live...


008 Jen Gardner: Upcycling Furniture Artist Makes Lumber Live Longer

More A Wildlife Ranger turned ecological surveyor turned zero waste furniture artist, Jen Gardner started Forget Me Knot as a way to explore her creativity while producing low impact, long-lasting items for others. Destined to end up in landfill, be burnt or, at the very best, turned to wood pulp, Jen repaints and re-purposes wood into one-of-a-kind pieces, prolonging the life of lumber and sending custom pieces home with happy campers. Above and beyond her...


007 Alicia Previn: Earthworms, Tortoises, and Bees in Song and Story

More Violinist and songwriter Alicia Previn has enjoyed many successful years recording, performing and touring with a variety of artists such as The Cages, The Young Dubliners, and Folding Mr. Lincoln on platforms from MTV to Jay Leno's Tonight Show. Today she illustrates the importance of sometimes-forgotten animals through songs and children’s books featuring her personal illustrations. A fan of bio-dynamic farming, her Earthworm Book includes instructions on...


006 Diane Burko: Polar Expeditions in Photo and Paint

More Diane Burko’s visual documentation through paint and photographs provide an outlet for her to respond and share her personal observations of climate change. Working along the intersection of art and science, she showcases expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic Circle with thousands of photographs from the air, sea and ground. Sharing the Earth’s astounding beauty, she also reveals the consequences of record breaking rapid ice melt at either end of our...


005 Chantal Bilodeau: Eco Theater Takes Action

More Chantal Bilodeau is a playwright and translator whose work focuses on the intersection of science, policy, culture, and climate change. She is the Artistic Director of The Arctic Cycle - an organization created to support the writing, development and production of eight plays that look at the social and environmental changes taking place in the eight countries of the Arctic - and the founder of the blog and international network Artists & Climate...


004 Rob Greenfield: Food Waste Fiasco, Trash Me, and Creative Eco Adventures

More When documentaries turned this “normal” dude into a renowned professional adventurer, Rob Greenfield the creative activist was born. From biking across America with a minimal environmental footprint to staging public Food Waste Fiasco mandalas to tackling consumerism and accompanying garbage, Rob’s creative drive to protect this planet has taken him across the world. Keep track of his minimalist journeys and activism on Links...


003 Filming a way to Ocean Health - Cynthia Matzke

More Oceanographer-journalist Cynthia Matzke divulges the making of her documentary film exploring ocean ecosystem connectivity. Spiral Pacific explores nine Northern Pacific Rim locations to document the intertwined ecosystems around this vast ocean basin and common human-caused stressors that contribute to the downward spiral: overfishing, ocean acidification, and the plastic pollution problem that chokes the sea with synthetic...


002 Marissa Quinn, An Artist Living in Connection with Marine Cycles

More From drawing friends’ pets as a seven-year-old to “Re-Wilding” herself along the West coast of the U.S., Marissa Quinn’s journey in pen and ink tells many of nature’s stories. Documenting endangered species, colony collapse, and surfing with dolphins and pelicans, Marissa shares her perspective on endearing humans beyond typical apex predators and drawing a deeper connection to land and sea. Links mentioned Marisa Quinn Art -...


001 Andrea Polli, Professor of Art and Ecology

More Professor Andrea Polli recounts how revolutions in weather computing and statements made by NASA scientists ignited her urgency to create eco-themed art. From lighting a Pittsburgh bridge with elegant wind turbines, to artistic display of air particulate matter, to transforming weather station information, Andrea is a bold model for eco artists everywhere. Links mentioned Eco Art ProjectMona Bismark CenterArtCOP2190 Degrees South Project, Sonic...