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Welcome to the Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast where we explore how to build freedom through the entrepreneurial process. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and mindset needed to create your lifestyle of independence and flexibility.

Welcome to the Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast where we explore how to build freedom through the entrepreneurial process. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and mindset needed to create your lifestyle of independence and flexibility.
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Welcome to the Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast where we explore how to build freedom through the entrepreneurial process. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and mindset needed to create your lifestyle of independence and flexibility.




EP77: How Blockchain Enables Peer-2-Peer Lending in Mexico

Big banks (aka the Banking Cartel) has been able to push us around for too long. With their close ties to the mafia, I mean the government, and their access to monopolized fiat money rails (SWIFT, etc)...we have had nearly no choice to build, store and transact our wealth in terms of money. Sure, we could use cash, but that’s really inconvenient and not congruent with our 21st century, digital world. Let’s face it, we’ve been pushed in to a corner for decades. Since interest rates are so...


LE76: Tax Tips for Digital Nomads with Bobby Casey

Today’s guest is Bobby Casey from www. He’s one of those guys who has figured out the tax system for digital nomads; including us Americans. Growing up in a household full of accountants, Bobby has been around taxes, using corporate structures and the offshore financial world his entire life. Are you confused and maybe frustrated with trying to figure out how to best structure your various business and incomes to best protect the money you’ve voluntarily...


LE75 - VC vs. ICO - The Pros and Cons w/ CEO Joshua Scigala

This was the “Year of Bitcoin” but also the year which the term “ICO” became well-known and grabbed the headlines of the legacy media across the world. Seemingly out of nowhere, crypto teams could raise MILLIONS by issuing their own tokens and fund their development for years. The amount of money raised in 2017 by ICOs, so far, is ~$4,000,000,000 ($4 Billion). With this new ICO opportunity, a decision has to be made when planning your raise. Use the more traditional VC model or use the new...


LE74: Why stopped using Bitcoin for Global Remittance and now uses Bitshares

In the “legacy banking industry”, moving money around the world sucks. It’s slow, expensive and overly encumbered with regulations and difficulties gaining access to global currencies. As a foreigner, how are you going to get access to the Thai baht or Iraqi dinari? You aren’t. This presents a huge problem. Either you can’t send money home to your family in the local currency they need or you have to pay ridiculous conversion and FOREX fees along the way. ***If you only have ~5min, start at...


LE73: Building the World’s First Free Market Country w/ Roger Ver

Today’s guest is Roger Ver, Co-Founder of and Owner of Recently, at the Nexus Conference in Aspen, Colorado, Roger announced a new project called “Free Society”. Basically he and other founders and investors plan to purchase land from a sovereign state-owned country with the idea of building a “free society” based on libertarian principles. I knew that I had to get Roger back on Liberty Entrepreneurs to discuss this revolutionary idea. In the past, free...


LE72 - Protect Yourself from Identity Theft with Blockchain Keys using SelfKey

How confident are you in knowing that your digital identity is safe? Equifax was recently hacked and driver’s licenses, social security numbers, addresses and more were stolen. Yahoo just came out and said that every customer account (>3 BILLION) was compromised in 2013. Think about that… Today’s guest is Edmund John Lowell, Founder of, a blockchain based Digital Identity management platform built on Ethereum. Your information is precious and it’s about time that we utilize...


LE71 - Understanding the Crypto Wallet and Blockchain Interface

Huge interview for you today! Charlie Shrem and Anthony Di Iorio join Ashe to discuss how crypto currency “wallets” are turning into “blockchain interfaces” and the role that is playing to push this idea forward into reality. We start with a discussion comparing a standard web browser to current crypto wallets. Now that the internet of value is now upon us, “browsers” need to evolve...but how? Rather than only displaying information (which browsers do currently) how will they need...


LE67 - The Early Days of the FINCON Financial Conference w/ PT Money

What you are going to LEARN in this episode: The Problem: Our digital communities and lives are too decentralized. Philip Taylor’s Solution: Create, build and organize My guest today to Philip Taylor (aka PT Money). PT has a CPA background and grew up with a CPA father, so from an early age he was interested in money and finance. Back in the early 2000’s, PT started blogging about his own personal finance which was very uncommon. To protect his identity online, which was the norm back...


LE64 - Airbitz Edge Security and Vault7 with Paul Puey

The Problem: The CIA is hacking the world with Vault7. Paul Puey and Airbitz Solution I recently met Paul Puey at the Anarchapulco conference in Acapulco, Mexico and I left quite impressed with how Paul communicates the value of Airbitz and how they were founded on both security and customer service. This was one of my favorite episodes and is packed with value stemming from Paul’s experience in software engineering and small business. He saw Bitcoin as a solution for the cash-based...


S01E02 - Creating a Win-Win by Hiring a Virtual Assistant

What you are going to LEARN in this episode: Learning on the VA job vs “formal” College education Typical working hours and salary for a call center technician How the freedom from working at home benefits both VAs and Clients Call Center job vs being a Virtual Assistant Welcome back to Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast! Today’s guest is Dexter “Dex” Carreon, Team Liberty’s very first Virtual Assistant! Dex joined Team Liberty in Summer 2016 as the “Virtual Podcast Manager”. He’s role includes...


LE63: Digital Entrepreneurship During the 90’s Tech Bubble w/ Jeff Berwick

My guest today is Jeff Berwick, Founder of, Founder of The Dollar Vigilante, Host of Anarchast Podcast and creator of the largest Anarchist conference Anarchapulco. What you are going to LEARN in this episode: What is was like to be a Digital Entrepreneur during the 90’s tech bubble Why Jeff started The Dollar Vigilante and what it’s purpose is Why working “crappy” jobs is better than going to high school How Bitcoin and blockchains are changing the way that digital...


LE62: Can Bitcoin Change Social Media Forever? w/ Ryan X Charles of

Today’s guest is Ryan X. Charles, CEO and co-founder of, a Bitcoin-powered social media platform which rewards content creators with cryptocurrency payments. What you are going to LEARN in this episode: Why the current model for monetizing social media is broken and Bitcoin may be the answer What are “micropayments” and why they might just be the next “big thang” How is different than Facebook, Reddit and How AI bots will integrate into and improve our...


LE61: When a Bitcoin Entrepreneur Goes to Prison w/ Charlie Shrem

What you are going to LEARN in this episode: Why Bitcoin is the Austrian School of Economics in ACTION! How Entrepreneurship helps others create, retain and utilize their freedoms How money is formed in prison Why community coins, like Steem, are so significant My guest today is Charlie Shrem, Bitcoin pioneer, founder of BitInstant, Founder of the Bitcoin Foundation and serial entrepreneur. Ever since I met Charlie at the 1st Latin American Bitcoin Conference (in 2013), I was super...


LE60: How Crowdfunding Can Solve Your Cash Flow Pinch w/ Sean De Clercq

What you are going to LEARN in this episode: Why traditional inventory finance is so inefficient How crowdfunding can solve delays throughout your supply-chain What’s the difference between Kickstarter and Kickfurther The Problem: Retailers currently offer difficult terms and expensive financing costs when funding inventory for smaller businesses. Payments are made 30-60 days after inventory is delivered which slows down the entire supply chain and makes small businesses less efficient and...


LE58: How Keyword Research Can Quickly Validate Your Business Idea

What you are going to LEARN in this episode: Why keyword research should be done BEFORE building an online business Should you try and “cheat” the Google algorithm to get a faster start? How to leverage Amazon using their affiliate platform Moving from Solopreneur to managing and delegating to staff Today’s guest is Ewen Finser, owner of He has built and now manages a portfolio of ~25 websites and several of them cashflow >$5000/month. Not I met Ewen at a...


LE57: How Arcade City & Blockchains are Disrupting Uber

What you are going to LEARN in this episode: How blockchains are breaking the old model of centralized, big-business. How the Free Market and the sharing economy build around government’s heavy taxation. Why the blockchain allows us to trust each other without needing to know each other. How digital token sales are much easier and cheaper to raise funds for your startup Today’s guest is Christopher David, Founder of the decentralized ride-sharing app Arcade City. While living in New...


LE56: How to Get Free PR for your Startup w Josh Elledge

What you are going to learn in this episode: Learn the #1 mistake that startups make when trying to market and generate publicity. How to get FREE or very low-cost PR Buzz for your startup or small business How Josh bootstrapped a 7-figure a year business and how he cut his grocery bill by 50% to help reduce the need for startup funding while building Why pitching your Expertise and Leadership is much more important than pitching your product Making Extreme Couponing...


LE54: How the Free Market Feeds the Hungry -

In 2015 there were 42.2 million Americans living in food insecure households...that’s a nice way of saying that they didn’t know where their next meal would come from. That’s 13% of all households* At the same time a new study from the USDA: (Released in February 2014) reported that “in the United States, 31 percent—or 133 billion pounds—of the 430 billion pounds of the available food supply at the retail and consumer levels in 2010 went uneaten** Houston, we have a problem. Wouldn’t it...


LE53: Building a 6-figure Online Job Board -

Welcome back! This week’s episode is #53: Building a 6-figure Online Job Board w/ Mac Prichard, Founder of After periods of unemployment, Mac final figured out how to “look for work”, something that he says are not taught in highschool or college. By learning this skill, he was able to build a business around helping other people look for work as well as helping business owners hire top talent. **If you only have 5-minutes, skip the the 24’50’’ mark to hear Mac’s advice on...


LE52: What I Learned at the FINCON 2016 Conference

I’m back after an incredible trip to San Diego to attend and speak at the FINCON 2016 financial conference. This episode is a recap of my experiences as well as tips on how to speak to and connect with “mainstream” financial people (bloggers, podcasters, authors, etc) on why they should care about Bitcoin. I came away impressed with the number of people who had heard of Bitcoin, but unfortunately most people either didn’t know what it was or still thought that you just buy drugs with it....


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