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LL-72: Table boners and crocodile tears...

Raping a dude is like playing pool with a rope... except that a rope doesn't turn into a pool cue the second you touch it. This week we went down the dark hole all of you assholes dug for us. We talked about how Facebook is terrible, and your activism sucks... Enjoy!


LL-71: Big Black C#@k Studio

You can't have a war machine and be "small government". This week we named our studio... but named it after a huge media organization on accident. We went hard in the paint after the GOP who claims to be small government, we discussed our week, and we chatted about the gay ass Winter Olympics and North Korean cheerleaders... ENJOY Liberty Under Attack Episode ft. Chef Sanders:


LL-70: Stories from IHop

I stared into the abyss... and it was the State Of The Union... Not really, actually it was the old stories from late nights at IHop and appearences on other podcasts. Enjoy our take and hear who we picked to win the superbowl before it happened on this weeks episode of Liberty Lampoon.


LL-69: Sixty nine... (sex ed pt. 2)

Space docking... Don't look it up, cause we'll just tell you what that is... and it's gross. This week we did sex ed part 2 because it's episode number sixty nine... what'd you think we would do? We discussed stories from our past, we covered our night out on the town drinking, and we talked about some new definitions we found of sex acts on urban dictionary. Enjoy you guys!!!


LL-68: Shut down my nuts... (ft. Jon)

Sore throat's are cured by sucking on big... long... straws in a sprite bottle... What'd you think I was going to say? Jon is back on the show! We talked about the "government shutdown"... That's in quotations because it's barely anything and no one cares... We also talked about "illegal immigration"... That's in quotes because fuck you, that's why. Enjoy the episode! Email us your gay stories: Like our facebook page: Comment on our...


LL-67: This show is like not pulling out... (Ft. Mark)

It's razor rocks that shoot out of your cock! And that's only half of it! We were joined by our good friend Mark. Obviously we talked about the cops, but who knows what else we talked about! One thing you can be sure about, lots of good stories, lots of good topics, and always a heaping spoon of comedy. Enjoy


LL-66: Jeff Sessions can eat my balls...

What has big retarded ears and desperately wants to stop you from having a great time? Did you say Liberty Hangouts? We meant Jeff Sessions, but okay. This is literally the last time we'll mention LH again, but it is tied to Jeff Sessions. Also we talk about what happened after we recorded the New Years episode... that involves piss and liquor. Also the return of the news segment with Aaron! Enjoy!


Liberty Lampoon and NerdSh!t New Years Pt. 2 (2018 LL-65)

New Episode! Just in time for the New Year! With NerdSh!t co-host, Adrian! Give it a listen! And happy New Year!!!


Jackass: Liberty Hangouts

Justin Moldow, founder of Liberty Hangouts, gets a gig on Jackass and it... goes places... songs are sang, gayness is uncovered, and then Aaron talks some shit. An official Liberty Lampoon podbeef if there ever was one. If you know about Liberty Hangouts, you might enjoy this (the impression isn't good but it doesn't have to be when you're just reading actual tweets). If you don't know about Liberty Hangouts, well maybe there's something there you might care about. We aren't encouraging...


LL-64: Liberty Lampoon Under Attack (Shane Radliff)

On November 11th, Aaron sat down with Shane Radliff of Liberty Under Attack and The Vonu Podcast to discuss being anti-war, how fucking stupid bordertarians are, and a bunch of other things in a free form kind of anarchist circle jerk. They dutch ruddered each other basically, but with words. Please check out Liberty Under Attack and The Vonu Podcast by clicking any of the words that are highlighted... DO IT! I RECOMMEND IT! GO FUCK YOURSELF!


LL-63: 2nd Annual Holiday Special

Aaron's wife and Michael's girlfriend sat in for this one... and man was it the worst one to sit in on. Happy holiday's everyone! This week was the second annual holiday special and man was it sketchy! Dive deep into Santa's psyche and live the horror!!!


LL-62: Allegedly inappropriate

Want to hear a punk rock song, poorly put together? We got that for you. Also Roy Moore shows up and "allegedly" did everything he's accused of... Maybe worse. NSFW. Love you. Bye.


LL-61: Whiskey dicked penis extensions...

Big black penis extensions... You ever seen one? Well you'll hear all about it today. Aaron wears out the podbeef. Michael thinks he can solve the worlds problems. And as always, one of the guys sticks their foot in their mouth....


LL-60: Hard boiled sh#t...

I'm not going to watch your f#$king kid... Just a heads up. This week Aaron and Michael recount several interesting stories from the holiday. Also, Aaron puts on the tinfoil to rant about the illegal wars. Our good friend Adrian pops in at the last minute to blow the show wide open with a pretty bad Trump impression. Enjoy!!!


LL-59: Sex ed

You shouldn't listen to this episode. Michael and Aaron try to give you the talk, and it's fucking awful. But hey, other than overly explicit definitions, it's pretty good. Also they bash on some cops (as per usual) and Aaron cops to a crime... ENJOY!!!


LL-58: The sing along...

Aaron can sing along to a TV show theme song... Michael can have zero respect for him for doing so. It's armistice day... I don't think we talked much about that. Oh, well. Enjoy the episode.


LL-57: HaLLoween didn't happen...

You know that moment when... Nevermind. The show was essentially Michael and Aaron reuniting after Michael's week out of town... Which is why we didn't do the second annual Liberty Lampoon Halloween Special... Euhhhh. Enjoy the ep!!!


LL-56: Political word vomit...

Michael and Aaron have only lightly touched politics in the last few episodes... All of that changes today! The dudes got set off by the release of a killer cop and devolve into a discussion on left vs. right since they've been anarchists, as well as the merits of all American foreign policy. It got really heated, but not in an Aaron vs. Michael way. More of an Aaron and Michael vs. the state. Enjoy!


LL-55: Too soon is two weeks...

You know, usually I (Aaron) am the one who writes all the notes and descriptions. This episode was me busy being sick and Michael sort of prodding me on to do the episode. We did it. But I barely remember anything. I do know that I told some jokes that were "too soon"... I also know that I talked about my health and some other things related to that. Your guess is as good as mine and with my blistering headache I don't feel like going back and listening right now. So here's your episode....


LL-54: Poop, Puke, Piss (ft. Jon)

What happens when two white dudes and a Latino man elbow their way into a party to make it cooler? The party is gentrified! Much like how our home city's main street is being gentrified by strong arm local government tactics. Aaron and Michael were joined by the fabulous Jon this week to discuss legalization of drugs and reminisce over the weekend we all had.


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