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LL-52: How dare you say that about my mother

What happens when Michael's joke is better than Aaron's 10 minute set? We all laugh. A bunch of jokes this week and a little history lesson out of Tulsa (The Tulsa Race Riots). Also a CNN anchor is pissed of by the word BOOBS... even though she has some. Thanks for listening!

Duration: 01:23:08

LL-50: Drunk dialing the podcast

What happens when Michael purposely tries to not laugh at Aaron's jokes? Aaron storms out in the middle of the show. But don't worry, the show was salvaged by a discussion surrounding our dicks... Great... Also we close out the show out on the town drinking with three clips from our night of debauchery, each clip gets drunker and drunker. With guests ranging from the people around us to the people we were hanging out with. Frankly I don't even know whats on those clips... So it could be...

Duration: 01:18:57

LL-49: Shooting hot jokes on your face

You know what's worse than a white nationalist??? A cop. Man, do we hate cops. Also we talked about a trip to the vet, Aaron told some ridiculous jokes, and Michael brought back the philosophy red light district. Jeremy from Seeds of Liberty gave us our meaning for "Fags"... so that's great. I'm certain he's stoked we mentioned it. If you want a book on Afghanistan that was mentioned in the show go here: Thanks for listening ya douches, and see you next week!!!

Duration: 01:24:19

LL-48: You shut up over there!

"Just give me the swimming pool size margarita"... That was Aaron this weekend. Michael runs a race, Aaron finds a schwastika at a kids park, Some rednecks visit a local gas station, and the news of the week didn't hit so well with Michael. Enjoy the episode guys!!!

Duration: 01:30:51

LL-47: Endless white ropes (first anniversary show)

Amanda doesn't even know! You probably don't get the reference but you will. This is our first anniversary show and let me say this... The debauchery is strong. Aaron and two latino men do another podcast about politics, our lives, and of course... dirty, dirty, filthy, jokes...

Duration: 01:52:46

LL-46: Racism is for f#$ktards

Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Yeah, the larping in Virginia is fucking retarded. We joked about that as well as some other stuff. Aaron did his first segment of news of the week. It's basically just jokes. Michael couldn't handle it. Then somehow we devolved into Christianity again. Whoopdy-fucking-doo. Enjoy the show, and let us know if you like the video (if there is one).

Duration: 01:37:37

LL-45: This podcast is aids (Ft. Jon)

I didn't think Liberty Lampoon could get any more offensive... I was wrong. Introducing a good friend to the show (or basically just Michael, and Aaron) Jon. Jon is from Colorado and we literally spent no time talking about living in a state with less prohibition on Mary Jane. We did however talk a bunch of shit to each other about the past, present, and future. If you like this episode with Jon, let us know so we can get him on more episodes... J/k... we're already going to have him on...

Duration: 01:42:57

LL-44: A better sh#t

It's amazing that the Democratic definition of a "better deal" is taking your money. What am I saying, no it isn't amazing. It's called preserving the status quo. We talked about that this week, and then promptly jumped into personal stories. Mundane? Maybe. Still Liberty Lampoon though. Thanks and enjoy!

Duration: 01:46:06

LL-43: John goes to hell

Are we in hot water this week? I'm not sure, but John McCain will be very soon. Boiling even. Jeff Sessions is back on the LL... Don't worry, his character is dead in our universe so he did not make an appearance. Maxine Waters is literally retarded. Also, we go balls deep into theology and probably made fools of ourselves. EUUUHHHHHH... Also Adrian showed up at the last minute to ruin the walk over to NerdShit.

Duration: 01:24:45

LL-42: The NRA blows the blue...

We managed to catch the NRA president on his knees in front of a cop. Don't worry, it was consensual. Betty Jo Shelby and Mike Denton (disgraced Oklahoma cops) meet up in a club and discuss their love of oppression. Aaron tells some dirty jokes he's been working on. We also called out the alt-reich again. Screw those guys.

Duration: 01:05:39

LL-41: Always back, always bad (ft. Adrian of NerdSh!t)

Who knew that the show back would be so offensive? I did. You know why? Because that's exactly how we roll. We shared some stories of the past month, including scientology, the first pitch at a local minor league game, a new house (and new studio), and then filled in the blanks with the type of debauchery you've come to expect from Liberty Lampoon and NerdSh!t. Enjoy, you filthy animals!

Duration: 01:43:39

LL-40: Terrific stories

Grab your effigial heads and meet us in cyberspace​ for stories of campfire stories and terrific journeys. We tell you all about why we missed a show, what's going on in Liberty Lampoon world, and we smear the news for exacerbating stupid nonsense into intense "journalistic forte"....

Duration: 00:59:25

LL-39: Police and you...

How many dead citizens does it take to pay a police officer? I don't know either. We opened the show with an edgy song we don't believe in, and we then talked about officer Betty Shelby's acquittal, Tishomingo Police Department, Mike Denton getting his job back, and how everyone should film all interactions with the police as well as avoid them at all costs. All of the music in this episode is played in the spirit of police accountability and nothing more. Any information seemingly gleaned...

Duration: 00:58:00

LL-38: The great outdoors episode

Ahhhhh... You smell that? That's the smell of the great outdoors. This weeks episode was recorded in front of a live outdoor audience of dogs, birds, planes, and lawn mowers on a beautiful 80 degree Oklahoma Saturday. Too bad the State of Oklahoma is plagued with raging bootlicking statists. We talked about everything from education to our personal marketing strategies in this long form episode of Liberty Lampoon. For more information go to

Duration: 00:58:22

LL-37: Statist Pope and hoards of bootlickers

Do you want the pope telling you what to do? We don't. The pope said libertarianism is bad juju. This week we talked about Pope Frank and a mob of angry knuckle dragging bootlickers attacking Jeremy Hengellar of The Seeds Of Liberty Podcast. We also talked a little bit about education after the live show which you only get if you download the podcast! Enjoy! Visit for more

Duration: 00:57:49

LL-36: Bike locked forehead

Laugh with us. We were all over the place this week. From telling heroes to eat us, to why Bill Weld is still terrible. We also talked about the CIA again and how going after free speech is more of a crime than releasing "Top Secret" documents. This show was done live and we are still working out the kinks on all of that. Thanks for understanding and enjoy our creamy audio. Visit for more...

Duration: 00:52:33

LL-35: Aaron goes solo

Aaron goes solo on this one! Talk about not comedy. Aaron talked about taking his son to see mythical creatures, Mike Pompeo's attack on free speech, Wikileaks, more military posturing, and tax day begging from statists... Listen to Liberty Lampoon Radio here! Become a patron! You'll get bonus and uncut episodes for just $1 a month. If you pledge for $2 a month, you get bonus episodes, plus access to our secret Facebook group, as well as access to the Discord server we use in...

Duration: 00:45:03

LL-34: Being anti-war on Syria (Ft. Andrew Wacker)

We're all tired of war. In that spirit, we invited on another anti-war friend to talk about Syria and all things against the military industrial complex. Andrew is the host of Strangers and Friends. Follow him on twitter: @wackowski Intro audio: Scott Horton of, and founder of the Libertarian Institute being interviewed by Tom Woods.(

Duration: 00:59:42

LL-33: Shoot to kill

Welcome to Liberty Lampoon!!! This week we talked about a convo Aaron had with a single payer advocate, the young man who defended his house from three home invaders, Redneck revolt commies, Anarchists who hate anyone with different ideas, and how Scott Pruitt continued the drug war in Oklahoma but the courts struck down his plan... sort of. Become a patron! You'll get bonus and uncut episodes for just $1 a month. If you pledge for $2 a month, you get bonus episodes, plus access to our...

Duration: 00:57:02

LL-32: Police brutality

Welcome to Liberty Lampoon! This week we talked about a police officer beating up a kid at his house (full video below), and about how the police are militarized against the lower and middle class mainly because they can't afford legal protection. We also covered a Huffington Post article alleging that Trump's allegation that Obama wire tapped him is a form of racism that permeates the country. Intro video: Become a patron! You'll get bonus and uncut episodes...

Duration: 00:57:02

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