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Life Is Now Podcast 057 | Stop The Resistance Stop The Resistance! Dedicated to Direct Cellars Wine Club What are you resisting in life and did you know it’s keeping you from your promiseland? You are a Queen, you are a King, the time has come to start owning up to your beauty, your worth and the life you deserve. You matter and you are enough, fear doesn’t rule you, there is nothing scare about you. It’s time to stop the resistance! All that you hope for is yours, this is your time. Let’s...

Duration: 00:26:08

056 | Guest Jacqueline Nieves-De La Paz (Financial Literacy)

Life Is Now Podcast 056 | Jacqueline Nieves-De La Paz Dedicated to W.E.F.L.Y aka Wealth Enrichment Fiscal Literacy Initiative Money, money, money, money...MONEY!!! We all know the song, but have you had the pleasure of meeting the master coach of budgeting? Jacqueline has over 25 years of experience with budgets and she’s got the powerful financial coaching to support your wealth to grow. After all we all deserve to work towards a bright future full of financial freedom! Listen to how...

Duration: 00:23:43

055 | Guest Budjetting (T.V. Show)

Life Is Now Podcast 055 | Budjetting Creators of Budjetting Dedicated to Budjetting Who are the gentlemen of Budjetting? None other than humbled men living like rockstars. What's your dream destination? It's possible these men have already been there done that and on a budget. This is a must listen episode with Thomas Reid, Thomas Guity and Angelo Nuñez, the creators of Budjetting a company making it's way on the map, like literally by teaching people how to travel on a budget. Learn how...

Duration: 00:23:01

054 | Guest Possibilitarian "Vallori Thomas "

Life Is Now Podcast 054 | Vallori Thomas Dedicated to Possibilitology 101 Workshop Vallori Thomas is an inspiration. A coach, a speaker, author of “It’s A Good Day To Be Amazing”, a mentor and overall a Possibilitarian which is her brand. Vallori is a woman who supports people around the world to transform their goals into infinite possibilities. Listen to how she stands in her vision as a human being not a human doing and enrolls us into how together we will impact the world with good...

Duration: 00:19:48


Life Is Now Podcast 053 - Are You Comfortable? Dedicated - Podcast Host Chris Burns Being too comfortable in life can be dangerous. We believe people should live life to the fullest and if you are comfortable, it can mean that you are complacent. Settling in life or living stagnant can have you miss out on life and all the possibilities it has to offer. So we want you to ask yourself, do you have a job or your dream job? Is the love in your life the love of your life or a convenience? Life...

Duration: 00:28:21


Life Is Now Podcast Series : 052 | FEAR IS NOT REAL Dedicated - The Other Side Coaching with Michael Crespo Fear is a figment of our imagination. It is definitely normal and healthy to experience a little fear sometimes, after all we are human. To be completely fearless in life, well that's not realistic at all. So ask yourself, what are you afraid of...the dark, snakes, asking for a raise at work or simply living, especially now a days. Well if you are being ruled by fear, we want to...

Duration: 00:27:59

051 | Guest Yuko Kudo

Life Is Now - Yuko Kudo is Love Live Laugh Dedicated to Love Live Laugh Yuko Kudo does it all, Reiki Healer for celebrities, photographer, dancer, singer, woman of faith and so much more. Get to know Yuko as she breaks through to how she became the powerful healer that she is and her upcoming shows. She demonstrates to us all that size truly doesn't matter, but your spirit does. Inspired & Created by Mike & Kristina. Contact/Booking Mike & Kristina for events at

Duration: 00:35:17

050 | Mike & Kristina 50th Celebration Episode !

Life Is Now Podcast Series : 050 | "Mike & Kristina 50th Celebration Episode !" Dedicated to Transcending Peace & The Other Side Coaching. Tune in and listen to what Mike & Kristina share about their authenticity stories because Life Is Now ! This is where they interview each other and celebrate their 50th Podcast Episode !! Get ready for this bumpy Joyful ride . . . Inspired & Created by Mike & Kristina. Contact/Booking Mike & Kristina for events at

Duration: 00:34:52

049 | Guest K7 (TKA) 60 Min Exclusive interview

Life Is Now Podcast Series : 049 | "K7 (TKA)" Dedicated to The Swing Kids K-7 and The Swing Kids also remembered as TKA the ground breaking FreeStyle group. We got a chance to learn so much about legendary American musician artist K-7, known for his songs "Come Baby Come", club favorite "Zunga Zeng" or even "Hi De Ho" featured in Jim Carrey's epic film soundtrack, "The Mask" where the music video even featured the great Cab Calloway himself. We experienced a beautiful side to who K was has...

Duration: 01:03:51

048 | Guest " Raul Soto " No Such Thing as I Can't "

Life Is Now Podcast Series : 048 | "Raul Soto" Raul Soto is 30 Fingers Music Records Raul Soto a top of the charts DJ and producer of hundreds of tracks with our own Life Is Now Podcast co-host Mike Crespo, was on the show, showing some love. The man means business when it coms to music and his soul. Hear his keys to being successful in life and hear how Raul speaks from his heart, mind and soul. We also honor Raul for his service, as a veteran, we get a chance to connect to his love for...

Duration: 00:33:02

047 | Special guest "Christine Osoria" CEO of my Curves

Life Is Now Podcast Series : 047 | "Christine Osoria" Christine Osoria is CEO of My Curves Dedicated - CEO of My Curves CEO of My Curves was created for every women in the world. A brand and community of women who unite and free themselves from the self critic of having a perfect body and embracing the body you have with love. Christine Osoria, women empowerment coach, marathon runner, Zumba Instructor, wife, mom, bottom line....powerhouse and founder of CEO of My Curves. We had the...

Duration: 00:40:55


Life Is Now Podcast Series : 046 | "LOOSING CONTROL" Dedicated to Stylistic DJs CEO & Founder Robert Martinez At times we think we are in control and sometimes it's easier to have Jesus take the wheel. Who is in charge? From experience, we can tell you we all have a choice no matter what, God gives us the free will to make a decision. What truly matters in life is getting to that point in your life when you are confident in who you are. Gaining, not losing control of your life will have...

Duration: 00:21:54

045 | Killing The Old Me

Life Is Now Podcast Series : " Killing The Old Me " Dedicated to Healing Holistic Hands Tammy Otis-Rivera There are habits that serve us and then there habits that need to be shot dead. Look at it like the Phoenix, it burns in flames to be born again and from its ashes, there is a revival. Everyone deserves a reset and the best way to do so is to be aware of what's working in your life and celebrate it and the behavior that's keeping you stuck, confused and in doubt, be aware, accept, make...

Duration: 00:25:40


Life Is Now Podcast Series : " HOT TOPICS " 044 | THE VICTORY IS YOURS Life Is Now - The Victory Is Yours Dedicated - Raul Soto 30 Finger Music Records Ever feel as if you have been defeated? Well what do you do when it seems like you can't win and everything you know and love is not going your way. You pray, but it sure seems like God isn't listening. Hold on, hold the faith because God is going to work wonders in your life. Life is not about suffering, but more about living, but you will...

Duration: 00:24:22


Life Is Now Podcast Series : " HOT TOPICS " 043 | TAKER BITCH - Dedicated to # 45 The President. Dedicated - # 45 The President Some of us are givers and some of are takers and some of us have the ability to live balanced lives. Anyone who is draining your energy and it seems like sucking the life out of you, is a taker bitch. This person in your life is someone who enrolls you in the fact that they are a "victim" but we all know when you live in victimville, no one is perfect, but in life...

Duration: 00:22:54

042 | HOT TOPICS (Dedicated to Puerto Rico)

Life Is Now Podcast Series : " HOT TOPICS " 042 | Dedicated to Puerto Rico, la isla del encanto. Yo Soy Boriqua !!! Puerto Rico we are with you and God is intentional and is listening to our prayers and requests. Together we are stronger and our faith will move mountains. Tune in and listen to what Mike & Kristina share about their authenticity stories because Life Is Now ! Inspired & Created by Mike & Kristina. Contact/Booking Mike & Kristina at

Duration: 00:18:07

041 | Guest Super Model " Melissa Marson "

Life Is Now Podcast Series : " LIFE IS NOW " 041 | Special guest Super Model " Melissa Marson ". Listen to her story and she will take you on a healing journey. She is a true definition of NEVER GIVE UP ! She's sweet, humble, joyful, strong, kind and her story will empower many woman on this planet. Tune in and listen to what Mike & Kristina share about their authenticity stories because Life Is Now ! Inspired & Created by Mike & Kristina. Contact/Booking Mike & Kristina at...

Duration: 00:37:24


Life Is Now Podcast Series : " LIFE IS NOW " 040 | DREAM VACATION Dream Vacation - Dedicated to Edwin de la Paz founder of Ed's Fun Travel. Link: Vacation is a must! A dream vacation is essential to living a joyous life, at least that what we believe!!! This life we are given is a gift from God. Living life to your highest potential is how we believe people should live their life. We want you to dream, just because life kicks in, doesn't mean it has...

Duration: 00:19:44


Podcast Series " LIFE IS NOW " 039 | Life Is A Game of Enrollment - Dedicated to Valori Thomas from WoW Coaching & Consulting. Website: Master enrollment and master life! We all sell something whether we admit it or not. We spend our lives building trust, building relationships and if we aren't do that, then what are we doing on this planet? Life is about the people you meet and the connections you make. We believe some people enroll others into what's working for...

Duration: 00:24:59

038 | Guest and Creative Guru "STEPHEN CUCCI "

Podcast Series " LIFE IS NOW " 038 | Guest & Creative Guru "STEPHEN CUCCI " Creative Guru, Stylist, Fit Professor, Designer. Download and listen to how Stephen Cucci broke into the Fashion Industry and is now starting his own men's clothing line. His courageousness and authenticity is what will keep you wanting more of his charm. Tune in and listen to what Mike & Kristina share about their authenticity stories because Life Is Now ! Inspired & Created by Mike & Kristina. Contact/Booking...

Duration: 00:40:25

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