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072 | Steven Kuhn - Budapest, Hungary

Life Is Now Podcast 071 | Steven Kuhn Life Is Now Interviews Steven Kuhn Dedicated to H.I.T. Training Steven Kuhn stands for many things, such as honesty, integrity and transparency, which is also the meaning of his amazing H.I.T. Training. As an American veteran, Steven has created an essential program for every leader and really human being with a goal. Learn how he is America’s 2nd most influential consultant in the military industry. This podcast will teach you how to take life by the...


071 | Bryan Falchuk - "Best Selling Author" TEDx Speaker

Life Is Now Podcast 071 | Bryan Falchuk Life Is Now Interviews Bryan Falchuk Dedicated to Do A Day: How To Live A Better Life Everyday Bryan Falchuk is a 1# Best Selling Amazon author, his writing has been featured in LA Times, INC Magazine, interviewed by countless radio shows and podcasts and connected with so many more brilliant minds. Bryan teaches his followers how to unlock your true motivation to overcome your challenges in life, but Bryan isn't your average coach. His success...


070 | Actor / Dancer/ Musician/ Creator - Kiet Cao

Life Is Now Podcast 070 | KIET CAO Life Is Now Interviews Kiet Cao Dedicated to Closer To Kindness Sponsored by Incite Transformation "Activate Your Life Retreat" 3/17/18 Kiet does it all he is a rising Musician/Singer/Actor/Songwriter/Poet/Hip-Hop dancer and Creator. He takes art to whole new spiritual level. Kiet’s newly found lifestyle brand Closer To Kindness which is growing to change the outlook of how powerful art and healing is dope. For how our world looks like now, this young...


069 | Goddess On The Go, Bad Ass Leora Edut

Life Is Now Podcast 069 | LEORA EDUT Life Is Now Interviews Goddess On The Go, Bad Ass Leora Edut. Dedicated to everyone who is a Goddess and a hero . Sponsored by Dr. Jackie Nieves delaPaz. Goddess On The Go created by Leora Edut is “A company and movement that brings women together for one-of-a-kind experiences to rediscover that they are the lost treasure the world has been waiting for.” True definition of pussy Power has been embodied in the work Leora has created. 2018 is clearly a...


068 | Guest Karla Crespo (The Grateful Heart Co) Blog

Life Is Now Podcast 068 | Karla Crespo Interview The Grateful Heart Co, Karla Crespo Dedicated to the Veterans The Grateful Heart Co created by Karla Crespo is one of the upcoming heartfelt brands of our time. It is a raw lifestyle blog about the heartfelt story of a beautiful, powerful and spiritual warrior. Karla inspires through teaching people how far a grateful heart can go. Gratitude is key to keep you going when the going gets tough. Could your faith use a pick me up? Well, listen...


067 | Bullying Is For The Weak

Life Is Now Podcast 067 | Bullying Is For The Weak Dedicated to the Teachers of the World Bullying has been a serious issue in schools for too many years now and yet it seems that there are still too many children, adults and homes affected by bullying. This podcast is for those being bullied, we want to acknowledge you and offer you solutions to what is possible when you or someone you know knows they are enough, they matter and are worthy enough to not ever withstand abuse. Life is now...


066 | SIMPLY SHAKIRAH (DynamicNLyfe, LLC)

Life Is Now Podcast 066 | SIMPLY SHAKIRAH Life Is Now Interviews Simply Shakirah Dedicated to Shakirah is a rising star who has a growing Strategic Company called DynamicNLyfe, LLC. At such a young age she has collaborated with Amadeus of Platinum Boy Music, The Source Magazine, The Newark Bears MLB Team, Sony and many more top names in the industry. This humbled business woman believes in creating a Win-Win, it’s not about “Getting something for nothing” simply about...


065 | Craig and Jenny D / Executive Power Couple

Life Is Now Podcast 065 | Craig and Jenny D. Life Is Now Podcast interviews Craig and Jenny D. Dedicated to the Up Level Your Norm Radioshow Craig and Jenny are executive life coaches, authors, radio talk show hosts, a power couple, parents of 4 and the list goes on and on and on! Ever met a power couple that inspires you to be your healthiest and live life to your highest potential? Well after this episode, you will have! Craig and Jenny value health and know its one of the key things in...


064 | Adrienne Smith (Blitz Champz)

Life Is Now Podcast 064 | Adrienne Smith Life Is Now Podcast interviews Adrienne Smith Dedicated to Blitz Champz In case you haven't heard of Adrienne Smith, well you have been missing out! Adrienne is none other than a powerful game changer who happens to be a football player (wide receiver) and national champion. Her empire, Gridiron Queendom gives way to embracing her talents of being a serial entrepreneur, educator and scholar. One of her latest creations is a card game for kids called...



Life Is Now Podcast 063 | SOAVE MARTINEZ Life Is Now Podcast interviews Soave Dedicated to Soave Sunday’s Soave is a famous freestyle professional singer who dominated the dance charts back in the day and still performs at sold out shows in Radio City and numerous venues! If you’re not a freestyle fan, travel back in time to check out his talented work such as “Crying Over You” or “If You Want Me” just to get a glimpse of this star. What’s amazing about Soave is that he is still in his...



Life Is Now Podcast 062 | HEALTH IS WEALTH Health Is Wealth Dedicated to the Dr. Oz Show It’s 2018 and everyone is ready to be a better more improved version of themselves! Those goals have everything to do with how you want to feel, how you look and most importantly who you want to be! Well if you believe that you can, then the battle is halfway done and the victory is yours! It’s not so much about going to the gym, but what it means to you when you do. Here is the million dollar question...


061 | Guest Shilamida - #1 Best Selling Author on Amazon

Life Is Now Podcast 061 | Guest Shilamida Life Is Now interviews Shilamida Dedicated to 31 Days of Gratitude Shilamida is a #1 Best Selling Author on Amazon for her new book 31 Days of Gratitude where she shares her journey of hard earned knowledge and how positive affirmations and guidelines supported her through her journey. She is also a Licensed Acupuncturist, Spiritual Guide and Healthy Living Mentor. She has studied as a massage therapist and Reiki II practitioner and is well versed...


Life Is Now Podcast 060 | Guest Maria Karpasitis

Life Is Now Podcast 060 | Maria Karpasitis Life Is Now interviews Maria Karpasitis Dedicated to UpGrade with Maria K. Maria K. also known as Maria Karpasitis is an International Life, Business & Executive Coach, Mentor, UpGrade Expert and Motivational Speaker with the gift of empowering people to have optimal results. She coaches individuals and groups all around the world both in person and online. She is a true expert in guiding people to reach success in their chosen area without...



Life Is Now Podcast 059 | SPIRITUAL SUICIDE Spiritual Suicide - Dedicated to Graham Cooke Ever feel numb to an aspect in your life? So done being done or you are over being over it? Well when you don’t deal with what kills your spirit, it tends to eat away at you until the pain is great enough. Listen to how we have dealt with the moments in our lives when our spirit was broken and how we learned to heal. Life was meant to be lived enjoying the perfect moments, not living pretending not to...



Life Is Now Podcast 058 | SETTING THE CAPTIVE FREE Setting The Captive Free Dedicated to the Holidays Free yourself and BE free! Freedom is a lifestyle and a choice. We believe we are all free, it’s our birth right. Although freedom is our will, life can always creep up on us and create distractions. Distractions only try to pull us away from our destiny, but the truth is the road may be long and rocky, but it doesn’t matter how long or how challenging it may be you are worthy of being...



Life Is Now Podcast 057 | Stop The Resistance Stop The Resistance! Dedicated to Direct Cellars Wine Club What are you resisting in life and did you know it’s keeping you from your promiseland? You are a Queen, you are a King, the time has come to start owning up to your beauty, your worth and the life you deserve. You matter and you are enough, fear doesn’t rule you, there is nothing scare about you. It’s time to stop the resistance! All that you hope for is yours, this is your time. Let’s...


056 | Guest Jacqueline Nieves-De La Paz (Financial Literacy)

Life Is Now Podcast 056 | Jacqueline Nieves-De La Paz Dedicated to W.E.F.L.Y aka Wealth Enrichment Fiscal Literacy Initiative Money, money, money, money...MONEY!!! We all know the song, but have you had the pleasure of meeting the master coach of budgeting? Jacqueline has over 25 years of experience with budgets and she’s got the powerful financial coaching to support your wealth to grow. After all we all deserve to work towards a bright future full of financial freedom! Listen to how...


055 | Guest Budjetting (T.V. Show)

Life Is Now Podcast 055 | Budjetting Creators of Budjetting Dedicated to Budjetting Who are the gentlemen of Budjetting? None other than humbled men living like rockstars. What's your dream destination? It's possible these men have already been there done that and on a budget. This is a must listen episode with Thomas Reid, Thomas Guity and Angelo Nuñez, the creators of Budjetting a company making it's way on the map, like literally by teaching people how to travel on a budget. Learn how...


054 | Guest Possibilitarian "Vallori Thomas "

Life Is Now Podcast 054 | Vallori Thomas Dedicated to Possibilitology 101 Workshop Vallori Thomas is an inspiration. A coach, a speaker, author of “It’s A Good Day To Be Amazing”, a mentor and overall a Possibilitarian which is her brand. Vallori is a woman who supports people around the world to transform their goals into infinite possibilities. Listen to how she stands in her vision as a human being not a human doing and enrolls us into how together we will impact the world with good...



Life Is Now Podcast 053 - Are You Comfortable? Dedicated - Podcast Host Chris Burns Being too comfortable in life can be dangerous. We believe people should live life to the fullest and if you are comfortable, it can mean that you are complacent. Settling in life or living stagnant can have you miss out on life and all the possibilities it has to offer. So we want you to ask yourself, do you have a job or your dream job? Is the love in your life the love of your life or a convenience? Life...


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