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Ep 22 - Hugo Short Stories

In this episode, we talk Hugo Short Story Nominees, including abrasive narrators, petty-betty omnipotent beings, transhumanism, Matt being wrong and strong about Rogue One, and Emily has bomb GoldenEye tactics.

Duration: 01:55:41

Ep 21 - Cyberpunk

In this episode we talk about cyber punk, including: invisibility with socks, the difference between work naked time and personal naked time, what it means to be human, don't quote Nietzsche at me, robot daddy issues, and Emily definitely knows what Blade is and what Blade Runner is and that they are not the same thing.

Duration: 01:22:13

Ep 20B - Dystopia! Part 2

In this episode we continue our discussion of Dystopian media, including moon colonies, Emily watches no movies - BUT WAS RIGHT ABOUT BLADERUNNER, star whales, we can't wait for the utopia of Star Trek to come around, and Emily and Lauren apparently share a morphic field.

Duration: 01:04:48

Ep 20A - Dystopia! Part 1

In this episode we talk Dystopian media, Lauren has gum brain, Trevor Noah's mother is a dystopian heroine, how the Hunger Games destroyed Emily's sense of self, how many unhappy people does it take to make a dystopian novel, and it's all fun and game until someone gets murdered by a smart house.

Duration: 01:16:31

Life Narrated - Ep 18 - Magical Systems in Fantasy

In this episode we talk about magical systems in fantasy narratives, how to avoid being murdered for magical purposes, necro pants, crow romance, magic as social control, and narrowly avoiding matriarchy with a steaming pile of patriarchy.

Duration: 01:30:39

Life Narrated - 15 - Sports Narratives by the Indoor Kids

In this episode, we attempt to talk about famous sports stories, but end up rehashing psychological scars from childhood sports teams, talking tribal warfare, finding out how much Lauren really dislikes Nascar, and Matt's drank too much pool water. In other words: Sports stories as told by the Indoor Kids.

Duration: 01:34:30

LifeNarrated Ep 16 - The Best of Villainy

In this episode we talk about our favorite villains, how to ruin a villain as good as Darth Vader, mind control, the sexiness factor, and bad guys that refuse to be redeemed.

Duration: 01:23:48

Life Narrated - Ep 14 - Arthurian Legends

In this episode we discuss Arthurian legends, getting busy with the Duchess of Cornwall, Merlin the Slytherin and his buckets of polyjuice potion, nunneries and their mind wizardry, the villainous nature of bastards, the slap that ended Camelot, and Lancelot will do anything for love - but he won't do that.

Duration: 01:28:10