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Transformational Love & Spoken Word with Matthew Tyler Daniels

Matthew Tyler Daniels is finishing up his bachelors in Ministry Leadership from Northwest University. He has completed leadership internships at the City Church in Seattle and Elevation Church in Charlotte, and has fallen in love with the city of Raleigh since moving here in 2016. After living a homeless, drug and alcohol addicted life, the Lord got ahold of his heart in 2009 and birthed a deep passion in him to help those in similar circumstances. The Lord has done a deep work of healing...

Duration: 00:53:43

Real Estate Success In 5 minutes A Day with Karen Briscoe

Karen Briscoe is the author of Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day: Secrets of a Top Agent Revealed. INMAN featured as “must read for your best year in real estate” in 2017. Amazon ranks the book in the top 1% in its category. The book has been endorsed by both industry leaders Michael J. Maher and Hal Elrod. She is a contributing author to both INMAN and Real Trends. Karen has completed the John Maxwell Team Certification Program for Coaching, Speaking and Training, and regularly speaks...

Duration: 00:53:36

Sales Strategy with Sam Alvarez

Sam Alvarez is a sales coach, serial entrepreneur, digital nomad, sales systems strategist, nurse practitioner, university faculty, polyglot and mindful human being who wants to help people achieve stable income and become their best ever selves. In 2013, after burning out as a Nurse Practitioner, Sam took time off to travel and learn languages, simultaneously sating two of her deepest desires. She has since visited 26 countries and lived in 11 of them on 5 continents. Sam has held 63...

Duration: 01:04:47

Work/Life Balance with Joanne Victoria

Joanne Victoria, is a Transformational Life Coach and partners with Internet Technology Professionals whose work/life balance plan has imploded and who want more success, more confidence, more fun and more inner peace. Joanne Victoria has been a business practitioner for 30+ years as a Real Estate Broker/Owner, CFO of an investment company, CFO and Sales & Marketing Director of a home-building company and CEO of her former business, New Directions. Joanne provides insights into “big...

Duration: 01:07:09

Like A Mind Reader with Jonathan Pritchard

Jonathan Pritchard is an entertainer turned speaker, coach, & author. Colleges, businesses, and entrepreneurs book him to talk about his insights into human behavior, success psychology, motivation, & communication. For the past decade he’s been on TV & toured the world as a mentalist which has given him unique insight into whypeople do what they do, and how to leverage that process to create a custom-fit life. His passion for connecting with audiences means people are drawn to his dynamic...

Duration: 01:08:52

The Art Of Conflict Mastery with Karen Valencic

Karen Valencic develops leaders and teams to engage through the phases of cutting edge innovation. Karen’s own challenges as one of the very first women engineers at Delco Remy Division of G.M. spurred her on to find better ways to engage that bring out the best in all stakeholders. Now, with 20+ years focused on developing leaders and teams, Karen brings a unique balance of both logic and soft skills to promote engagement and innovation. In 1992 she founded Spiral Impact, which imparts a...

Duration: 01:15:51

Real Estate Investing with Edna Keep

Edna Keep is a Real Estate Investment Coach. She is a Real Estate millionaire, coach and author of Multiple Ways to Wealth. Her passion is helping real estate investors around the world, make millions while investing in real estate. In a little more than six years, Edna and her husband Warren have grown their real estate portfolio to over 388 doors with an estimated value of $40 million. All except the first two properties were bought with the help of OPM (other people’s money)! They own...

Duration: 01:05:42

Strategies For Military-Focused Entrepreneurs with Jenny Hale

Jenny Hale started her first company at the age of 19. A portrait photographer by trade and a marketer by heart, she built a following of thousands and worked with hundreds of clients. By 20, Jenny was consulting for local and national organizations on marketing strategies, social media tactics, and content creation. By 22, she had graduated from a top private university with a master’s degree, specializing in marketing and public relations for the military. By 23, Jenny was the Director...

Duration: 00:57:52

Building Successful Businesses with Marc Mawhinney

Marc Mawhinney is a lifelong entrepreneur who’s on a mission to help coaches build successful businesses! He achieves this with his coaching programs; his podcast, Natural Born Coaches; his Facebook group The Coaching Jungle, and his exclusive print newsletter –Secret Coach Club ( He frequently makes media appearances and is a contributor for You can learn more about Marc at:! Twitter: @MarcMawhinney...

Duration: 00:55:58

Unleash The Leader Within with Wallace Bailey

He runs a successful Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Academy in Florida where he infuses personal development into martial arts training for his students. He trains with 8-time world champion and IBJJF Hall of Fame Inductee, Robson Moura. Wallace has metaled at the Florida State Championships and has trained multiple MMA and Muay Thai Kickboxing Fighters. After working for 25 years as a heavy equipment operator, Foreman and Project manager. Wallace realized there was more to life than playing it...

Duration: 00:57:43

Kick The Shit Out Of Fear with Debbie Pace

Debbie Pace is an author, life coach with an MBA, a triathlete, and a badass firewalker four times and counting. She is a former U.S. Navy Journalist with 30 years of award-winning broadcast experience…from radio and TV news anchoring and reporting, to online news editing, writing and producing, and even some country music DJing. Debbie is the chief empowerment officer of Blazing Voice LLC, and co-host of the Badassery Podcast. She is a global mindset and visibility mentor who coaches...

Duration: 01:04:43

Strengthening America's Warriors with USO-NC President John Falkenbury

Mr. John Falkenbury was appointed as President and CEO for USO of NC in March 2009. He is responsible for planning, organizing and directing the operations of the state headquarters, six USO fixed centers, three satellite centers, and a mobile center in the areas in and surrounding Jacksonville, Charlotte, Fayetteville, and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. These base and airport centers provide a full range of services including critical resiliency, transition assistance, financial literacy...

Duration: 00:51:55

Sword Swallowing with Dan Meyer

Ever want to face your fears, become a superhero and do the impossible? As humans, we're hard-wired to fear what scare us – to freeze, flee or fight in the face of danger. But can we conquer our fears and even use them to help us do the impossible? Dan Meyer believes no matter how extreme our fears or how wild our dreams, we can each overcome our fears and use them to become superheroes, do the impossible, and even change the world. In his TED Talks and shows around the world, Dan Meyer...

Duration: 00:57:29

Impact The World with Lechon Kirb

Lechon Kirb is a Digital Media Strategist, and Speaker. He gained early popularity from documenting singer/songwriter Usher, which was quickly placed in famed, ORIGIN Magazine. The momentum launched him down the path of helping many other brands, publications, media outlets, and magazines enhance their brands. His current focus is helping entrepreneurs reach their ideal audience and monetize their attention through digital products. Most notably - Forbes, Red Bull, Universal, NBC, BET,...

Duration: 00:59:19

Design Your Dream Life with Drema Dial

Dr. Drema Dial is a Psychologist and Life Designer. She helps people figure out who they are, uncover their voice, discover their passions and desires, and start taking action on the life they want. She’s invested in helping people design their dream lives one step at a time. She hosts the popular podcast, Design Your Dream Life! and currently is living her dream life in the south of France. Instagram/dremadial Facebook/dremadialphd

Duration: 00:48:31

The Passion Mentor with Karen Putz

Karen Putz is known as The Passion Mentor. She specializes in helping people unwrap their passions at ANY age. She is the author of multiple books, including "Unwrapping Your Passion" and "Chicken Soup for the Soul Finding Your Happiness." Karen travels internationally as a transformational speaker and for fun, she walks on water as a barefoot water skier. Her new book will be available next week, 7/18/2017.

Duration: 00:46:12

Your Best Manager with Jamie Newman

Jamie Newman is a leadership trainer, consultant, and coach. He's the founder of, an online resource designed to help first-time managers learn how to lead fully engaged and highly successful teams. Jamie is also the host of the Your Best Manager podcast, featuring expert interviews that center around this question, "Who was your best manager, and why?" Prior to Your Best Manager, Jamie spent over 8 years working with a major global recruiting and human capital...

Duration: 01:11:51

Empowering Men with Anushka Lalwani

Anushka is a Life & Emotions Coach for Men and Founder of FB Group #empowerMen. She is Indian born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. Now living and working in London, Anushka struggled for 16 years with her weight and moods. She used the Law of Attraction and Mindset Success Principles to lose weight live a happier life. Today she teaches men how to reach their full potential in life. She helps clear their blocks to success in their relationships, career, health and personal growth. Anushka...

Duration: 00:44:09

Life In Purple with Laura Spragg

Laura Spragg is an Entrepreneur, Coach, Life In Purple Podcast Host, Speaker, Wife, and Mother. Her journey started very young with deep love and appreciation for music. Following her passion, she pursued a music degree, and started her own business mentoring & teaching others how to write music along with voice and piano. Starting with the first student at her home, it quickly grew into a full-time career with 40+ students. Although Laura finally achieved success, her past haunted and...

Duration: 00:46:39

Power Your Life with Kristy Jo Hunt

Kristy Jo Hunt is an Expert Mindset Coach, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Personal Trainer. She specializes in helping people like YOU bridge the gap between what you want to achieve and making it happen through her introspection and mindset connection work. She hosts the popular Body Buddies Podcast and has been featured on 2NewsUtah, the Matt Townsend Show,, and many other blogs and podcasts. Kristy Jo will help you get clear on what you want, what's holding you back,...

Duration: 01:01:46

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