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Life is a Sandwich is a comedy podcast with three long time friends who discuss anything and everything. Nothing is off limits.

Life is a Sandwich is a comedy podcast with three long time friends who discuss anything and everything. Nothing is off limits.
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Life is a Sandwich is a comedy podcast with three long time friends who discuss anything and everything. Nothing is off limits.




Episode 45: Natural, Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan Forgiveness

Riz is upset he lives in the suburbs, Calvin is back from Portland, and Chris quits the show.

Duration: 01:07:03

Episode 44: Beastly Pleasures Bundle

Calvin took off this week to make his holy trip to Portland but never fear, the CHRIZCAST is here! Join in this week as Chris and Riz go over interesting state facts, endure a huge technical issue, and debuts a SEXY new segment.

Duration: 00:55:09

Episode 43: Total System Restore

Join in as Riz lives through a trial so harrowing its a wonder he came through the other end of it alive, Calvin has nice things to say about Chris, and an arctic blast is barreling down on the American southeast. All this and more on this week's episode of Life is a sandwich.

Duration: 01:21:58

Episode 42: The LIAS Family Christmas

Joy to the world, LIAS has come (KNAMEAN?) It is the Life is a Sandwich family Christmas? Join in as Chris and Riz learns something revelatory about Calvin! Chris is forced to defend his favorite film of the year. The fellas countdown their top five albums of 2017 and much more! Spoilers for our top five albums coming up below. Calvin 5. Created in the Image of Suffering- King Woman 4. Deep Calleth Upon Deep- Satyricon 3. Add Violence- Nine Inch Nails 2. Okovi- Zola Jesus 1. Era of...

Duration: 01:36:12

Episode 41: Everything I Wanted It To Be, And More!

The fellas run down their top 5 movies of 2017 and Riz is proven to be an over enthusiastic film lover.

Duration: 02:01:01

Episode 40: Cultural Appropriation

Join in as Calvin and Riz countdown their top 5 music videos and talk about which animals mating ritual are most entertaining. Let's get it started in here, let's get Narutarded in here!

Duration: 01:24:29

Episode 39: Full Circle Jerk

The boys are back in town. Join in for a discussion on the film Boyhood, Calvin is angry because someone waved at him, and Riz gets his comeuppance.

Duration: 01:21:08

Episode 38: Smoke On This

And we are back, mostly. Calvin had an unexpected computer issue, but never fear, ChRiz is here. Join Chris and Riz as they go down this week's top news stories!

Duration: 00:58:44

Episode 37 In A Row

Join in as the fellas talk new Halloween traditions, name their top 5 long songs, Riz plays coastal elitist, Chris plays right wing extremist, and Calvin plays nihilist... He cares for NOHZING Lebowski. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe.

Duration: 01:58:36

Episode 36: Bidog

BOO It's the LIAS Halloween Spooktacular! Join us boys and GHOULS for a terrifying trip through a haunted forest on the way to visiting an EVIL gypsy (I think).

Duration: 01:21:10

Episode 35: Zombies, Goblins, and Big Toes

The fellas are back with apologies for last week, plus, be sure to stick around until the end for a special sneak peek to next week's Halloween Spooktacular!

Duration: 01:48:10

LIAS Classic: Final Destination 5

No new episode this week, but we have some special news! The fellas recently unearthed the VERY FIRST recording they ever did as a trio. Take a trip back to a simpler time, 2012, the fellas were brand new to the country and didn't speak a word of English, but managed to start a podcast anyway! Anyway, enjoy, witness the genesis of what would become your favorite podcast, please excuse the audio (we were limited by both technology and knowledge) but we loved meeting in Calvin's garage and...

Duration: 01:43:19

Episode 34: MC Krys- I Love Bad Rizzes (I Blow Them Kizzes) FT DJ Trenchcoat

Welcome back, join the Fellas as Calvin tests his mic, Riz pontificates about Blade Runner 2049, and the gang counts down their top 5 guest rappers/favorite rap songs or something like that.

Duration: 01:02:42

Episode 33: Rizfuse, Rizsist

The fellas are back with an all new episode and a new top 5! Top 5 guitar riffs/basslines. Listen as Calvin gives us 80 percent black metal riffs. Chris names the top 5 most popular songs of all time. Riz loosely interprets the idea and gives us a top 5 "Guitar driven songs". And so much more!

Duration: 02:06:34

Episode 32: Baby Got Backstory (My Andaconda Don't Want None Unless You Got Plot, Hun)

Finally, the boys are back in town, and this time they brought with them an 80 minute discussion on one of the biggest movies of all time IT! MAJOR SPOILERS LIE AHEAD! Do not listen if you have yet to see the new Stephen King adaptation. If you have seen the film (or you don't care to) than join us as we discuss the film top to bottom. Is Riz blinded by some kind of fleeting nostalgia for the horror of yesteryear? Is Chris a contrarian by nature or does he bring good points to the...

Duration: 01:21:07

Episode 31: Live From Chattanooga!

The fellas are back with tales of metal, guitars, woes from federal express, Norwegian comedy television, and tales from the studio with Chris.

Duration: 01:21:04

Episode 30: Culturally Insignificant

The boys are back in town, and they're coming hard with all talks culture. Join as the fellas review The Interview (1998), Calvin regales us a tale of jury duty, there is plenty of talk about the money fight, and what exactly makes an event a cultural milestone?

Duration: 01:11:15

Episode 29: We Digress

In this episode, the fellas go down their top 5 guilty pleasures. also, a poem. Was Life is a Sandwich With a new top five who had us all laughing with their rhetoric and jive. Calvin is on the right reading his Breitbart the listeners felt betrayed an arrow through their hearts. Riz is outside pissing in a bush he says it makes him one with nature its not him talking, but the kush. Chris is watching springer wrestling and Dr. Phil a white trash heaven where he is king of...

Duration: 01:42:48

Episode 28: 99 Percent Better

Riz is on vacation this week in Virginia, so it's just Chris and Calvin which means 99% less mispronunciation, 99% less stammering, and 99% of the stories told have a payoff!

Duration: 01:13:34

Episode 27: Into The Zone

All movie talk all the time. The fellas wax about Valerian, A Ghost Story, Stalker and much more.

Duration: 01:28:07

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