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SS 306: Live at Desire, A Restatement of Values – #ssdesire

Ginger Bentham, Cooper S. Beckett, and Dylan Thomas return to Desire Resort & Spa for Swingset’s second full resort takeover and for their sixth annual pilgrimage to the sexiest place on earth. While the tequila flows, they take time to examine why pleasure, gratitude, compassion, and love are supremely important, and they take time to defiantly and emphatically restate the values of the Swingset. Join us at the sexiest place on earth at Desire Resorts in the Riviera Maya, Cancun,...

Duration: 03:23:34

SS 305: Designing Your Perfect Relationship, with Dr. NerdLove

We’ve all spent a big chunks of our your lives trying to transform relationships from “kind of okay” into “good”. Most of us wait to have big conversations about what our relationships will look like until, well, long after they’re already a problem, but what if we could, instead, do that work early instead of just assuming that everyone is playing by the same guidelines? Dr. NerdLove joins the Swingset panel of Dr. Liz, Dirty Lola, and Mike Joseph to discuss designing your perfect...

Duration: 03:19:27

SS 304: Pants Feelings - Things That Make You Go Mmmmmm

Attraction. Chemistry, Urges. Biting our lower lip. Pants Feelings. *grunt* Join Dirty Lola, Mike Joseph, Mister Pent, and Dylan Thomas as they welcome back Bex from The Dildorks as they all talk about what turns them on! You can support us while you buy great sex toys and products from our favorite online retailer SheVibe at Help support Life on the Swingset continue to make podcasts, and put on live panels and shows into the future! Throw us a dollar...

Duration: 01:21:11

SS 303: Low Value Dick and Accessible Messaging

We've answered the same question a lot lately: How do single men navigate the lifestyle? We've rightfully mentioned the mountain most single men must climb to be successful, In discussing how to raise everyone's game we focused on the fact that many single cis straight men ruin it for everyone as they're everywhere and generally not well behaved. In describing them we used a phrase coined by Madeleine Holden to describe it: "Dick is Abundant & Low Value". Alana Massey expanded on that...

Duration: 01:42:24

SS 302: Making Room in Life for the Things That Matter

Sometimes we lose sight of some of the people and some of the things that matter in ourlives. Dr. Liz Powell, Mike Joseph, and Dylan Thomas get together and figure out how to recognize it, how it happens, and how to pull everything back together. Dr. Liz also takes some time to relay some con business while Dylan mentions his newly unlocked "double flogging" achievement. Dr. Liz mentions the Sinha Intensive/Expansive Framework, developed by Leela Sinha, M. Div. You can find Your Not...

Duration: 01:24:47

SS 301: Gang Bang the Mailbag 34 - Inquiring Swingers Want to Know

Tonight, Madam Fierce joins the Mike Joseph, Dirty Lola, and Dylan to re-open the mailbag once again to give it the gang bang it deserves. The crew answers questions on the difference between swinging and polyamory, breaking up with another swing couple, swinging with too much enthusiasm, single male swingers, and first time swinging hiccups. Question 1: Hi guys, this is to all of you, though maybe first to Dylan, who seems to particularly enjoy contemplating these things. I have been...

Duration: 03:12:42

SS 300.1: Post 300th Episode Orgasm Nap

Hello Swingset Fans! We're taking a short break, episode 300 took an immense amount of effort to prepare: From recording -actually live- with an almost hundred person audience to publishing it via an audio and video podcast, to normal scheduling shenanigans... we think it's well deserved. Cooper's going to take a short break from the Swingset, he deserves it, so we've manned the Swingset Battle Bridge, separated the saucer section, and made plans for the rest of the crew to carry on in...

Duration: 00:01:20

SS 300: Live, atop Mt. Swingset at the Ski Chalet!

Life on the Swingset gets back together at the ski chalet, high atop Mt. Swingset, except it's August and the air conditioning is on. The chair lifts aren't active so Ginger, Mike Joseph, Dirty Lola, Chris Pent, Cooper S. Beckett, Dylan Thomas, Dr. Liz Powell, and Katie Mack had to make their way up the old fashioned way, hand over hand. It's a special day, Life on the Swingset celebrates its 300th episode and does so with a live studio internet audience! Make sure you use #ss300 along...

Duration: 02:12:21

SS 299: Foreplay and Changing Ideas of Sex

When people think of sex, they generally assume there's penile penetration, probably into a vagina, and that everything leading up to that penetration is foreplay. It's a very narrow view, but it's a view that stubbornly persists into non-monogamy. Tonight, on our #roadto300, we consider this episode on foreplay as foreplay. Dirty Lola, Dr. Liz Powell, Dylan Thomas, and Cooper S. Beckett get together to discuss foreplay and redefinition of what constitutes sex. You can support us while...

Duration: 01:33:40

SS 298: Putting Ourselves Out There In Sex & Relationships

It is always risky, telling people what you're into, what you want, that you like them, but as we've found out it's often essential in getting anywhere in non-monogamy and in life. Tonight Dirty Lola, Cooper S. Beckett, Dr. Liz Powell, and Dylan Thomas discuss how to put yourself out there and how to take it when others do the same. You can support us while you buy great sex toys and products from our favorite online retailer SheVibe at Help support...

Duration: 01:37:54

SS 297: Pursuing Threesomes

Dirty Lola, Cooper S. Beckett, and Dr. Liz Powell get together to discuss threesomes, the bests, the worsts, and the firsts Check out Swinger Safari, the mobile app that has privacy, filter, and geolocation features unlike anything the Swingset has used before! Download the app for free and use the promo code LOTSS to get your free 60 days! You can support us while you buy great sex toys and products from our favorite online retailer SheVibe at Help...

Duration: 03:32:50

SS 296: Dick Pics and Dating Profiles w/Cunning Minx

When setting up your dating profile, be it monogamous, poly, or swinger, if you're considering putting a big close up of your dick front and center, you MAY want to reconsider. Tonight the Cunning Minx, host of Polyamory Weekly and co-author of the new book: No Dick Pics: Your Guide to Creating an Irresistible Online Dating Profile joins Dylan Thomas, Cooper S. Beckett, Mike Joseph, and Dr. Liz Powell to discuss Dick Pics and Dating Profiles! We discuss introductory messages and the...

Duration: 03:25:21

SS 295: Mortality

Most of us, especially when young, hope that death will never come, or at least not for a really really long time, and that can mean being unprepared when it does. Difficulties with visitation, inheritance, and others are issues ignored at our own peril. Dr. Liz Powell talks personally and painfully about Elliot, a partner recently and unexpectedly deceased, and along with Dylan Thomas, Mike Joseph, Dirty Lola, and Cooper S. Beckett, discusses issues surrounding death, picking up the...

Duration: 01:36:14

SS 294: Game Changers: When Awesome People Upset our Carefully Planned Lives

Non-monogamy definitely ups the ante on BUSY, which causes many of us to try to organize and plan our lives as carefully as possible. We say things like "I'm not going to date anyone new right now, or like some fool said last week, I'm not going to have long distance relationships anymore." So, Dr. Liz Powell, Dirty Lola, Cooper S. Beckett, and Dylan Thomas discuss what happens when someone pops up and changes the game. Life on the Swingset's 300th episode is right around the corner!...

Duration: 01:45:25

SS 293: Long Distance Relationships & Keeping it Sexy

We have a habit here of finding people fascinating on social media and at conferences, and so often they seem to live so very far away... like many members of the Swingset. Mike Joseph, Cooper S. Beckett, Dr. Liz Powell, and Dylan Thomas get together to discuss the distance between all us and how we work around it. Also, Daddy Dylan takes a little time to story tell about legacy recording medium. Dr Liz discusses how to handle touch being a primary love language when partners are far...

Duration: 01:47:12

SS 292: Building Our Sexy Community in the Most Pleasurable Place on Earth

Over the last five years, the Swingset has seen first hand the glorious moments and difficulties of building our own community on our trips to the most pleasurable place on earth at Desire Resort in Cancun. This year represents our second takeover, and our sixth trip, and tonight we're joined by all the hosts of this year's trip (JV Altharas, Shara Bono, Tristan Taormino, Ginger Bentham, Dylan Thomas, Cooper S. Beckett) to talk about the unique challenges of creating safe spaces alongside...

Duration: 01:45:59

SS 291: Planning an Orgy - The Dynamics of Group Sex

In traditional one on one sex, you pretty much know who you'll be engaging with, but when that complexity deepens to three, four, five or more (which is where we switch to the term orgy) there are a lot more, ahem, moving parts, to contend with. Group sex has a special set of dynamics, so Dr. Liz Powell, Mike Joseph, Dylan Thomas, and Cooper S. Beckett break them down! The co-hosts touch on the fact that orgies don't require play parties, they can happen anywhere, sports viewing parties,...

Duration: 01:40:33

SS 290: Gang Bang the Mailbag 33 - My Wife and I, the Sequel

We're Gang Banging the Mailbag once again, it is in fact our 33rd time! Today, Dirty Lola, Cooper S. Beckett, Dr. Liz Powell, and Dylan Thomas answer your listener questions! Also, Dylan wants to throw a shoutout to Bex Caputo, aka: @BexTalksSex on Twitter, for their article: Changing What You Love: On Considering Hormones While You're Non-Binary Question 1: I was hoping you could give my wife and I some advice. My wife and I had talked about swinging for about a year before we...

Duration: 01:47:17

SS 289: Gang Bang the Mailbag 32 - "My Wife and I"

Eighteen episodes is the longest we've ever gone without a listener mailbag episode, so tonight we've dug in deep with a new collection of listener questions including a highly coveted voicemail (573-55-SWING folks)! Dr. Liz Powell, Mike Joseph, Dirty Lola, Cooper S. Beckett, and Dylan Thomas field your questions and dig deep. In addition to fielding a voicemail question about dating and learning about how to put out what you're up for, we responded to: Question 2: My wife and I each...

Duration: 03:08:25

SS 288: Masturbation - Our Touching Origins!

For many of us, masturbation is one of the first things to go when we're depressed. Tonight we're going to explore the flipside of our full throttled self love. The hows the whys the whens, on this episode we're rubbing one or two or three or more out. Mike Joseph, Dirty Lola, Cooper S. Beckett, and Dr. Liz Powell discuss keeping the motors running, even if they're driving solo. Check out Swinger Safari, the mobile app that has privacy, filter, and geolocation features unlike anything...

Duration: 03:12:35

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