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I already have a show on here called lighting the void radio network but I switched my rss feed to a different provider.

I already have a show on here called lighting the void radio network but I switched my rss feed to a different provider.
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Little Rock, AR


I already have a show on here called lighting the void radio network but I switched my rss feed to a different provider.






The Dark Night Of The Soul With Amelía Aeon Karris

Amelía is a Seer, multi-dimensional guide, sustainable lifestyle designer, author, and spiritual catalyst. Tonight Amelía prepares us down our journey of awakening to prepare us for the dark night of the soul. It is almost a certainty when you are on your journey of enlightenment and self empowerment the battle for your sovereignty will get really hard and things will come against you and you will fill more alone then you have ever been. Karris gives us some solid advice in this situation to...

Duration: 02:00:04

Profiling The Paranormal With Martha Hazzard Decker Special Guest Jeffrey Boyd Jr.

Martha Decker has been involved in investigating the paranormal actively since 1999. She’s the founder of East Texas Paranormal. Her experience includes investigating private homes, commercial businesses, historical sites and public locations. Decker has professional experience as an investigator, writer and photographer, retiring in 2007 from law enforcement as the assistant chief of police and detective. She worked for the State of Texas as a child death investigator for seven years after...

Duration: 02:00:13

The Afterlife Revolution With Whitley Strieber

Whitley Strieber is one of the worlds most know experiencers and authors. We will be discussing his experiences and his new book The Afterlife Revolution, which he co-wrote with his late wife, Anne Strieber, confirming afterlife communication with her. Whitley is an American writer best known for his horror novels The Wolfen and The Hunger and for Communion, a non-fiction account of his alleged experiences with non-human entities. His new book Afterlife Revolutions is moving much back into...

Duration: 02:00:55

Experiencer And Host Lorien Fenton

Lorien became actively involved in the San Francisco Bay Area UFO Community after almost dying from a mysterious form of Pneumonia during the H1N1 scare of summer 2009. It was that near death experience which propelled her into doing the work she loves in a community that she has been passionate about her entire life. Lorien is the MUFON Marin and Sonoma counties Section Director, holding meetings in Petaluma, CA on the first Saturday of the month. Visit Her...

Duration: 02:00:00

F-18 Video With John Lear and 2017 w/ Dave Cruz

John Lear is a retired airline captain and former CIA pilot, as well as the son of the famous inventor of the Lear Jet. He is a former Lockheed L-1011 Captain and is highly regarded in aviation circles. He has flown over 150 aircraft and has earned every certificate granted by the Federal Aviation Administration. John also held 18 world speed records and has worked for 28 different Aircraft Corporations. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, John began coming forward with some startling...

Duration: 01:53:14

Tales Of Horror and Sleep Paralysis With L.M. Labat

As 24-year-old native New Orleans published author and illustrator, horror always proved to be a staple in her work. Whether in writing or in art exhibitions, her work emits different forms of macabre. As a kid drawing her mother’s walls and watching Silence of the Lambs, she loved horror and it grew up with her. Labat’s mother dissuaded her from marking up her walls, but she encouraged that L.M. continue her art. Through words and sketches, the angst and pain she endured from her...

Duration: 01:51:08

Responsible Anarchy With Amelía Aeon Karris

Amelía is a Seer, multi-dimensional guide, sustainable lifestyle designer, author, and spiritual catalyst. She created Know the Self Mystery School for Truth Seekers to achieve Self-Mastery. Her healing abilities and clear vision were forged during a series of shamanic initiations over a nine-year period that honed her multi-sensory awareness and crystallized her gifts. Amelía’s extensive past-life recall was noted in India, first placing her on national TV and later addressing live...

Duration: 01:59:47

Spaced Out Radio Host Dave Scott

Dave Scott is the creator and host of Spaced Out Radio, Monday through Friday nights. A former radio journalist, Dave graduated with a diploma in Broadcast Communications from one of Canada’s top Broadcasting Schools in 1998. Dave then spent 10 years in radio, mostly working in sports, before leaving the field to pursue other interests. Dave started Spaced Out Radio with the support and urging of friend, Jonny Enoch in November 2014. The creation of Spaced Out Radio was a culmination of...

Duration: 02:00:31

Kathleen Marden UFO's Fact Or Fiction

Kathleen Marden is a leading UFO researcher, author and lecturer. Her educational background in the social sciences has shaped her interest in scientific ufology. She has lectured nationally and internationally and is a frequent guest on radio shows. Her expert testimony has been heard on the History, H2, Discovery, National Geographic and Destination America channels, as well as several news segments and documentaries. She is associated with the Mutual UFO Network, as Director of...

Duration: 02:00:21

Unveiling The Mystery With Jordan Maxwell

Jordan Maxwell continues as a preeminent researcher and independent scholar in the field of occult / religious philosophy. His interest in these subjects began as far back as 1959. He served for three-and-a-half years as the Religion Editor of Truth Seeker Magazine, America’s oldest Freethought Journal (since 1873). His work exploring the hidden foundations of Western religions and secret societies creates enthusiastic responses from audiences around the world. He has conducted dozens of...

Duration: 01:46:28

Investigating The Paranormal With Eric Cooper

Tonight we welcome Eric Cooper from Forest Moon Paranormal. Forest Moon Paranormal is a paranormal emergency response team that handles cases globally. Locally they are located in Concrete, WA State which is in Eastern Skagit County in North-West WA. The group handles all situations involving the paranormal from Hauntings and Spirits, UFO’s, Alien Abduction and Interaction to Bigfoot and other cryptids and anything in between that is unknown and terrifying. Forest Moon Paranormal has been...

Duration: 02:00:34

Wednesday Night Fringe Wolf Pack

Tonight we are sitting around the fire with a few of our favorite hosts from the network The Fringe FM. Join us as we discuss life changing paranormal events as well as take a few calls from our listeners and hear their stories as well. A fun night with the some of the coolest radio hosts and listeners on the planet. music by Chronox Kevin Mcleod and Spaceboy at

Duration: 01:59:56

Conscious Ink With Lisa Barretta

Lisa Barretta is a practicing astrologer, intuitive counselor, certified Reiki practitioner, and researcher in the fields of consciousness and psychic sensing. Her ability in astrological delineation coupled with uncanny intuitive insight has secured a loyal following in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. During the past 35 years she has developed her client base strictly by word of mouth. Are there hidden powers and wisdom in tattoos? Did you ever think of...

Duration: 01:58:40

Strange Happenings At Board Camp Crystal Mine

Orville Murphy owns the Board Camp Crystal Mine near Mena, Arkansas, with his wife, Cheryl. The mine – discovered in 2008 and opened in 2012 — is described on their website as a day camp with an “actual native, virtually untapped crystal mine and public dig site” that is completely above ground and tree-covered so “rock-hounds can dig in the shade!” That’s pretty much what they and visitors found until February 2017 when strange things began to happen. After setting up a game cam and...

Duration: 01:59:48

Ancient Aliens In The Bible W/ Xaviant Haze

Xavient Haze is a researcher, teacher, and archivist of ancient manuscripts with a keen interest in lost civilizations, ancient aliens, and the myths of the prediluvian world. The Book analyzes the historical and archaeological evidence, and using the work of former Vatican translator Mauro Biglino as his guide, Xaviant Haze provides ample proof that what our ancestors described in ancient biblical texts were real-life events and not visions. The UFO encounters in the Bible are described...

Duration: 01:59:48

De-Coding The Mysteries With Marty Leeds

INFO COMMENTS News, #esoteric, #gematria, #numberology, #occult, #plato Marty Leeds is the author of several books including the Pi & The English Alphabet series and is currently at work on a massive anthology. He is the host of his own podcast, the Marty Leeds' Mathemagical Radio Hour, available on iTunes, and has an ongoing lecture and video series available on He has been a guest on many popular podcasts and has lectured throughout the states and Canada. Marty...

Duration: 01:50:00

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