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I already have a show on here called lighting the void radio network but I switched my rss feed to a different provider.

I already have a show on here called lighting the void radio network but I switched my rss feed to a different provider.
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Little Rock, AR


I already have a show on here called lighting the void radio network but I switched my rss feed to a different provider.






The Strangeness Continues At Board Camp Crystal Mine

Orville Murphy owns the Board Camp Crystal Mine near Mena, Arkansas, with his wife, Cheryl. The mine – discovered in 2008 and opened in 2012 — is described on their website as a day camp with an “actual native, virtually untapped crystal mine and public dig site” that is completely above ground and tree-covered so “rock-hounds can dig in the shade!” That’s pretty much what they and visitors found until February 2017 when strange things began to happen. After setting up a game cam and...


The Nixon Letter And Modern Tech With Farooq Ali

Farooq Ali joins us to discuss connecting the dots across a wide range of topics from Nixon to Modern technology and the research of Grant Cameron. He will discuss some interesting and compelling things about the our history especially as it pertains to the U.S. and our technology. Farooq Ali resident of New Jersey, has a background in cyber security for the financial sector and independent researcher into archeolinguistics and connected subjects.


Solomonic Magick With Frater Ashen Chassan

Ceremonial magician Frater Ashen Chassan joins LTV for the first time to discuss Solomonic Magick and what it really is and how ritual magicians use this knowledge to increase there consciousness and better there life. Chassan’s forte(s) include Evocation,traditional grimoire work and replication, talismans and making magical articles, (Solomonic Magic, angels and demons, spirit interaction). He has also recently presented material in the companion series at Frater Ashen...


The Big Pharma Rebel Ronnie McMullen And Open Lines With Everett Themer

Author and lecturer Ronnie McMullen has been an on-air personality for over eleven years. He has always picked subjects that are not necessarily covered by mainstream media. Ronnie brings a magnetic energy and a devoted passion to his listeners each week as he takes you through the theater of life. He focuses on how we can navigate through this negative-themed world that is obsessed with things rather than ideals. Ronnie brings a diverse group of guests to the table that bring forth truths...


The Alchemical Tech Revolution With Wayne McRoy Jr.

The Alchemical Tech Revolution explores the hidden occult agenda behind the “transhumanist” movement. It also identifies seven key “alchemical” technologies that will be used to usher man into a new age of technological marvels. But, will this new age be an age of enlightenment? Or will it be an age of un-imagineable tyranny? Wayne is an incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable individual who really cares about helping humanity. This is his second radio interview or third maybe but finally...


Nick Redfern And The Slenderman Mysteries

Sleep paralysis happens to some more than others but, what do you do when you feel wide awake and unable to move and you see hunched over you in the shadows an 8 to 10 foot tall entity with spider thin limbs, dressed in an old black suit? The entity has a pale face and missing eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. You try and scream out. When you finally do get to yell out the thing evaporates. You just had an encounter with what some call the slenderman. What is the slenderman? What began on the...


The Elements Of Spellcrafting With Jason Miller

Jason Miller has devoted 25 years to studying practical Magick as well as The Sorcerer’s Secret, Sex Sorcery and Spirit, and Financial Sorcery. He also runs the Strategic Sorcery Training Course, Take Back Your Mind Program, and The Sorcery of Hekate Training. He lives with his wife and children in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Tonight we discuss real magick. The magic of spellcasting. With all the spells out there in books and on the web today it’s hard to know if any of them actually...


Magical Egypt With Chance Gardner

Chance Gardner is an award-winning graphic designer, 3d animator, cinematographer and editor. After a 20 year career producing motion graphics and on-air promo for major TV networks including 20th Century Fox, Paramount Studios and NBC/Universal, he retired from television in 2001 to make documentaries. His first documentary “Magical Egypt” became a cult classic and is still in wide circulation around the world. After 15 years, Gardner has returned to the Magical Egypt project to produce...


Our History Untold From East To West With Farooq Ali

Farooq Ali joins us to discuss connecting the dots across a wide range of topics from East to West. He will discuss some interesting and compelling things about the history of the world, particularly what hasn’t been discussed much about the eastern and western stories of the past. Farooq Ali resident of New Jersey has a background in cybersecurity for the financial sector and independent researcher into archaeolinguistics and connected subjects. Music was by Chronox, Kevin Mcleod, and...


Orbducted With Chad And Alta Dillard

Chad & Alta met and married in the early 1990’s in the city of Little Rock Arkansas. The marriage was one of destiny and as Alta would say, arranged. What they didn’t know is that from that moment on the couple would partake in a journey into the world of unknown and High Strangeness including aliens, ghosts, a shape shifter, and meeting people who have been seen, and some unseen. In 1995 Chad & Alta experienced their first UFO, a massive sight in Hammond, Louisiana. This experience opened...


Reporting The Paranormal With Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is a writer, podcaster, and researcher whose interests cover a variety of subjects. His areas of focus include history, science, philosophy, current events, cultural studies, technology, unexplained phenomena, and ways the future of humankind may be influenced by science and innovation in the coming decades. Podcasting became a hobby for Micah in early 2011 after a six-year stint working in radio as a producer and on-air talent. Since then, he has continued to pursue his...


Strange Travels With Michael Huntington

Michael Huntington is a paranormal travel writer and UFO Researcher living in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Each year, Michael travels – with his wife and two young boys – to dozens of strange and interesting locations throughout America: haunted abodes, cryptid sighting spots, and famous UFO encounter sites. The Huntingtons document their STRANGE TRAVELS on all social media, on the Strange Travels Blog, and in the soon-to-be-released “Strange Travels” book series. Michael has researched the...


Metaphysics VS Science With R.Keith Andrews and Eric Marcum

R. Keith Andrews Keith is a life long experiencer in the paranormal from ghosts and spirits, to UFOs and ET Contact. Considered by his peers to be a paranormal adept Keith is also an astrologer and researcher. Keith Has appeared on spaced out radio, Endo Of Days radio and s-4. This is Keith’s first time on Lighting The Void so we are bringing him on to discuss metaphysics and their relation to accepted science. Eric Marcum studied biology,chemistry and medical technology at Austin Peay...


The Occult Priestess Korinne Wilson

Korinne Wilson is educated and experienced in the psychic arts, Reiki, alternative healing, Tarot, psychology, symbolic interpretation, Buddhism, twelve step / recovery counseling, cleansing and purification, states of consciousness, shamanic soul counseling, ascension + kundalini, rituals, spellcraft, soul craft, starseeds, spiritual warfare, psychic self-defense, world mythology, hidden history and many ancient traditions. Korinne is a vessel for the God energy of Hermes, who is her...


The Dark Night Of The Soul With Amelía Aeon Karris

Amelía is a Seer, multi-dimensional guide, sustainable lifestyle designer, author, and spiritual catalyst. Tonight Amelía prepares us down our journey of awakening to prepare us for the dark night of the soul. It is almost a certainty when you are on your journey of enlightenment and self empowerment the battle for your sovereignty will get really hard and things will come against you and you will fill more alone then you have ever been. Karris gives us some solid advice in this situation...


Profiling The Paranormal With Martha Hazzard Decker Special Guest Jeffrey Boyd Jr.

Martha Decker has been involved in investigating the paranormal actively since 1999. She’s the founder of East Texas Paranormal. Her experience includes investigating private homes, commercial businesses, historical sites and public locations. Decker has professional experience as an investigator, writer and photographer, retiring in 2007 from law enforcement as the assistant chief of police and detective. She worked for the State of Texas as a child death investigator for seven years...


The Afterlife Revolution With Whitley Strieber

Whitley Strieber is one of the worlds most know experiencers and authors. We will be discussing his experiences and his new book The Afterlife Revolution, which he co-wrote with his late wife, Anne Strieber, confirming afterlife communication with her. Whitley is an American writer best known for his horror novels The Wolfen and The Hunger and for Communion, a non-fiction account of his alleged experiences with non-human entities. His new book Afterlife Revolutions is moving much back into...


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