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Comedian Tom Ballard sits down with interesting and passionate people to find out what they do and what they believe in. It's kind of like Kitchen Cabinet except Tom can't cook.

Comedian Tom Ballard sits down with interesting and passionate people to find out what they do and what they believe in. It's kind of like Kitchen Cabinet except Tom can't cook.
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Comedian Tom Ballard sits down with interesting and passionate people to find out what they do and what they believe in. It's kind of like Kitchen Cabinet except Tom can't cook.




121 - Apologies & An Announcement

Hello everyone! I am sorry I have not posted an episode in a while. I have a reasonably good excuse: I am going to host a TV show. I'm still interviewing Stan Grant live onstage at the Yack Festival in Sydney on Saturday November 11th though @tonightly AND if you're in Sydney you can come watch the show being taped live! Register your interest here please

Duration: 00:05:41

120 - Geoffrey Winters

Geoffrey Winters is a native title lawyer who ran against Tanya Plibersek as the Liberal Party candidate for the seat of Sydney in the 2016 election. He's a Gamillaroi man who's openly gay and who regularly appears on ABC's The Drum. This is a frank discussion, featuring me trying to get my head around where Geoffrey is coming from as an Indigenous queer man who's also a conservative. From the marriage equality survey to being in a party alongside people he disagrees with with to being...

Duration: 00:48:04

119 - Alex Greenwich MP

Alex Greenwich is an independent MP in the NSW parliament and the National Convenor of Australian Marriage Equality. He's been campaigning for equal marriage for 10 years now and kindly gave me some of his time to reflect on how the postal survey is going, from the incidence of violence to the notion of "respectful" debate to what will happen if the No side is successful (an annoyingly real possibility). **COME SEE LIASYO LIVE @ YACK FESTIVAL WITH STAN GRANT, NOVEMBER 11th** Find a "Yes"...

Duration: 00:49:29

118 - Owen Jones

Owen Jones is an activist (first) and celebrated writer (second). He's the author of bestselling books Chavs: The Demonisation of the Working Class and The Establishment And How They Get Away With It, is a regular Guardian columnist and has a cracking YouTube channel. He's a major Leftist voice in UK politics and quite frankly, I was pretty stoked when he agreed to give me some of his time. Here we talk about democratic socialism, what Corbyn's political rise means for that cause, the...

Duration: 01:09:41

117 - Ahir Shah

Acclaimed comedian and all-round nice guy Ahir Shah was just nominated for the big award at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for his passionate, insightful and hilarious show Control. It's a brilliant treatise on the fallout of Brexit and Trump and humankind's inability to learn from its past mistakes. Here Ahir tells me about how the racist debate surrounding Brexit affected him personally, why he couldn't vote for Jeremy Corbyn in this year's election, the "economic anxiety" argument used...

Duration: 00:53:38

116 - Geoff Norcott

Geoff Norcott is a rare thing indeed: an (openly) right-wing comedian. His recent stand up shows have explored his working class background and his conservative politics and they've been mighty funny. This was a fascinating discussion about Goeff's thoughts on capitalism, right-wing politics in comedy, Brexit, immigration, outrage, Corbyn, Brixton and personal responsibility. Problematic is on at the Edinburgh Fringe 2017 now! 8:30pm at the Pleasance Courtyard Problematic is coming to...

Duration: 01:04:44

115 - Sally Rugg

What better week to talk about Australia and marriage equality lolololol Sally Rugg is an out and proud campaign director at GetUp! calling for queer rights. She's been leading the marriage equality campaign for a while now (it regularly makes her "wake up tearing her hair out") and this week the movement has seen another ridiculous setback. This chat was recorded a few weeks ago but I think it's a really important insight into where we're at in Australia with the marriage equality...

Duration: 00:59:59

114 - Mark Di Stefano

Mark Di Stefano is the outgoing political editor at BuzzFeed Australia. This is a frank chat where we both air our grievances about the shitty state of Australian politics, media and debate at the moment. From the cosy relationship between the press and the political class, the plethora of pundits who never get their comeuppance for being wrong to the good ol' fashioned outrage industry. Also Mark explains what the Milkshake Duck is. I am old and uncool. Problematic is on at the...

Duration: 01:02:48

113 - Caroline Marcus (Live)

Caroline Marcus is the "Political Reporter for the People" for Sky News and an opinion columnist for The Daily Telegraph. Caroline joined me live onstage at the Giant Dwarf theatre in Redfern in front of a lively crowd on Wednesday July 12th. We touch on the media landscape, bias, identity politics and her experience reporting on the Australian detention centres on Nauru for A Current Affair. Our disagreement occasionally got heated, but I really appreciated the chance to explore this...

Duration: 01:21:46

112 - Tanya Plibersek (Live)

Tanya Plibersek has been the Member for Sydney since 1998. She's the Deputy Leader of the ALP and Shadow Minister for Education and for Women. Tanya joined me live onstage at the Giant Dwarf theatre in Redfern in front of a lively crowd on Wednesday July 12th. We touched on the ideological rift bubbling up in the Coalition at the moment, gender equality, Mark Latham, education funding and Labor's refugee policies. A huge thank you to Tanya for making the time (particularly as she was...

Duration: 00:49:57

111 - Jeff Sparrow

Jeff Sparrow is a writer, broadcaster and activist. He's a former member of the International Socialist Organisation and was one of the founding members of the Socialist Alternative. I've been wanting to talk to Jeff for a long time and really appreciate this chance to ask him about radical politics, Marxism, class, oppression, the widespread rejection of centrism and the matter of taking one's politics "seriously". Come see Like I'm A Six-Year-Old LIVE in Sydney with Tanya Plibersek and...

Duration: 01:01:38

110 - Human Rights & Populism: An Amnesty Panel

This week I'm bringing some highlights from a panel I chaired last week for Amnesty International Australia entitled Defending Human Rights In A Time Of Heightened Populism. The panel included refugee rights advocates Andre Dao and Aran Mylvaganam, Indigenous lawyer Meena Singh and businesswoman and social activist Hana Assafiri. Claire Mallinson, the National Director of Amnesty Australia, was also on the panel, but unfortunately due to audio issues I haven't been able to include her...

Duration: 00:53:01

109 - Samantha Ratnam

Samantha Ratnam is a social worker and Greens politician who's currently serving as the Deputy Mayor of Moreland City Council. She's previously served as Mayor in Moreland and in 2016 ran as the Greens candidate for the federal seat of Wills, losing out to Labor MP Peter Khalil. This is a great insight into local politics and why Sam's passionate about it, particularly its ability to inspire change by example. We also cover the situation in Sri Lanka and how that's informed Sam's attitude...

Duration: 01:02:36

108 - Julian Burnside AO QC

Julian Burnside AO QC is a barrister and refugee advocate who has acted in some of the highest profile legal cases in Australian history, from the cash for comment inquiry to the waterfront dispute to the Tampa affair. For the past 16 years Julian has tirelessly spoken out about Australia's cruel immigration policies and has acted pro bono for refugees and people seeking asylum. He received the 2014 Sydney Peace Prize for "his brave and principled advocacy for human rights and for those...

Duration: 01:10:44

107 - Shireen Morris

Shireen Morris is the Constitutional Reform Advisor at Noel Pearson's Cape York Institute. In the wake of the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Referendum and the Uluru Statement From The Heart, Shireen runs me through the history of constitutional recognition, what it means and how it might work moving forward. We cover symbolism, the political reaction to the Statement, what an Aboriginal Voice might look like, treaty and the tension between Indigenous land rights and environmental...

Duration: 01:10:04

106 - Jack Latimore

Jack Latimore is a Goori man of the Birpai nation. He's a journalist and researcher who covers indigenous affairs, media, culture and politics and his work has appeared in The Guardian, Indigenous X, Koori Mail, The Citizen, medium, SBS and Overland. In the past week we've marked Sorry Day and the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Referendum and witnessed 300 Indigenous leaders gather in Uluru for a summit on what constitutional recognition for Australia's First Peoples might look like. Here I...

Duration: 01:04:17

105 - John Safran

John Safran is one of the most interesting writers/comedians/filmmakers/broadcasters/provocateurs/social commentators Australia has ever produced. He’s fascinated by issues surrounding religion and race and the Illuminati and he’s very funny when exploring them. John’s latest book, Depends What You Mean By Extremist, sees him hanging out with far right extremists like the United Patriots Front and Reclaim Australia, Islamic fundamentalists and far left anarchists. It’s brilliant,...

Duration: 01:04:05

104 - Wil Anderson

One of the biggest and best comedians in Australia, Wil Anderson is super funny, super smart and super nice. Wil is a world-renowned stand up, the host of the ABC hit Gruen, former host of weekly satire show The Glass House and serial podcaster. He's been thinking and telling jokes about the news for a long time and he's pretty bloody good at it. This chat covers a lot of ground, from Wil's thoughts on the size of government to the state of journalism and the ABC to his approach to...

Duration: 01:17:13

103 - Sara Saleh

Sara Saleh is a self-identifying "radical" poet and human rights activist. She works in refugee resettlement, is a GetUp! board member, co-founded the Dubai Poetry Slam and has worked with organisations like Amnesty International and WestWORDS. At a time of heightened Islamophobic debate raging in the public sphere in Australia, Sara and I talk about what it's like to have your faith and community constantly being scrutinised and demonised by politicians and commentators. From the plight...

Duration: 01:09:41

102 - Chris Berg

Chris Berg is a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs and a Postdoctoral Fellow at RMIT. He's passionate about civil liberties, defending freedom, shrinking the size of government and general libertarian good times. Here Chris and I cover a lot: "ideology" not being a dirty word, the pitfalls of politics, the role of the State, prosecuting radical ideas, human flourishing, adapting to (rather than taxing) climate change, the Nanny State, partying in Amsterdam, why the...

Duration: 01:10:47

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