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Queso With A Straw Please: A Tale of Chuy's Social Data!

You know by now we are huge fans of queso, and Chuy's serves up some seriously delicious chips & queso. Are we the only one's with fond feelings for CHUY, or does the rest of their audience agree? Let's take a look at the social data and find out!

Duration: 00:16:35

Is John Deere About To Rev Up Profits?

Fiat Chrysler (ticker: FCAU) doesn't have the best stock & options liquidity, but is there a play worthy enough to ignore that? John Deere is an American classic. How does the purchase intent look in this strong American economy? The 10th anniversary of the iPhone is around the corner. What does Apple have in store? Is there a data based trade yet? All this and more in today's podcast!

Duration: 00:30:07

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency w/ Special Guest William Mougayar

Leading Blockchain expert, William Mougayar, joins us to discuss the potential of Blockchain and how companies are already using it.

Duration: 00:35:41

Amazon Acquires Whole Foods: The Future of Grocery Shopping Starts Today!

Amazon is no longer nibbling on the idea of disrupting the grocery business. They have officially made their first major move to do so.

Duration: 00:21:17

Portfolio's Are Getting Fat On Weight Watcher's!

Weight Watchers has fattened up investor's portfolio's after a 100% run in two months. Can this up trend continue?

Duration: 00:15:33

LikeFolio Behind The Scenes w/ Megan Brantley

LikeFolio's Brand Mapping Manager, Megan Brantley, gives us a behind the scenes description of the day to day in LikeFolio's office, aka WinZone!

Duration: 00:20:46

Can Social Sharing of Booked Travel With Expedia Help Us Book Profits?

It's summer time! The sun is shining and people are traveling. Let's see if Expedia's social data can point us towards a profitable flight path!

Duration: 00:21:53

Summer Internship: Harrison's First Day

Likefolio welcomes Harrison Sweeny, our first ever summer intern! Harrison just finished his Sophomore year at Depauw University and is working towards a major in Economics. We're going to track his progress on occasion via the podcast, so get ready to hear serious progress! We also follow up on CMG, BWLD, and CCL trades.

Duration: 00:25:33

LikeFolio Chat: Technical Analysis Utilization

Nick Fenton shares how his utilization of technical analysis has evolved over his past two decades of trading.

Duration: 00:21:38

Carnival Is Cruising Higher!

The Likefolio app alerted subscribers yesterday that Citron Research had put out a bearish note on $EXAS. Within minute, the stock dropped from 34 to 31. How could you have profited from this? $CCL is cruising higher into the summer season. Does social data suggest the run can continue?

Duration: 00:21:06

LikeFolio Product Announcement: The App That Gives You EDGE!

We are excited to announce our brand new app! In today's podcast we share all of the exciting features and market engagement tools that are at your fingertips!

Duration: 00:13:05

What Is Social Data Saying About Chipotle?

Likefolio turns bearish on Chipotle!

Duration: 00:11:15

United Airlines Fight Club: Doctor Deadweight vs The Clumsy CEO

Boy oh boy, what is United Airlines thinking?! The story of a passenger being forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight to make room for employees had legs, then died down, then got a whole new set of bionic legs! This PR nightmare continues to trend on social media due to some clumsy remarks by United's CEO coupled with more detailed video of the "re-accommodation" incident. We talked United Airlines in a podcast a couple weeks ago and put on a Bull Call Spread as a result of the...

Duration: 00:23:37

Spot The Disrupts, Make The Big Bucks

What company zigs while others zag? Who totally redefines industries? How can you profit off true disruptions and trends in consumer brands? Likefolio can help!

Duration: 00:30:38

Dolla Dolla Bills Y'all!

Dollar General may not be the first spot you think of when you need supplies. It may not even be on your radar! Should it be? Let's dig in the LikeFolio data see what consumers around the US think about the brand!

Duration: 00:23:20

Don't Get Caught Slippin'!

Options trading can be difficult. Avoid "slippage" is a great way to make your life a little easier when trading Options. In this episode, we discuss slippage minimization practices and recap a few recent trades.

Duration: 00:33:38

Are United Airlines Customers Over The Moon Or Under The Weather?

Us WinZone folk avoid flying United Airlines like the plague. A sample set of three is far from worthy though. Let's take a look LikeFolio's social data and see what the ultimate sample set tells us about this consumer brand!

Duration: 00:17:19

1 in 423,535,978,540?!

It's tourney time! March Madness pumps up everyone in the WinZone. We have odds, we have party games, we have trade ideas. We have it all, folks!

Duration: 00:29:00

Likefolio Letter: Profits Still Frothing at Starbucks?

How did social media respond to Starbucks pledge to hire 10,000 refugees? Will their stock benefit from the pledge? How many hours did Andy's 2.5 hour direct flight from FL to Boston take? Let's talk about that!

Duration: 00:30:53

Can The Golden Arches Keep Producing Golden Profits?

McDonald's is an American icon that has gone global in a big way over the years. They hit some rough patches a few years ago, but have worked hard to drop the stigma. Their efforts have clearly paid off with the stock near all time highs. Does Likefolio social data suggest they can keep this upward momentum going? We also follow up on a few companies we have discussed recently from a social data & trade perspective. ADDYY, SIG, and URBN.

Duration: 00:24:38

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