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Our latest podcasts from FFRadio.

Our latest podcasts from FFRadio.
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Our latest podcasts from FFRadio.




Limit Break - Episode 7 - Final Fantasy XV - Live!

We're back! And this time, we finally take on the big one: Final Fantasy XV! As we discuss the 15th enumerated title in this JRPG line, we cover gameplay, story, characters, as well as music and overall attitude. We all came to about the same conclusion, but you'll have to watch to find out! A big thank you to Rinidas and 6UCCI for taking a Sunday to spend with me!

Duration: 01:02:07

Limit Break - Episode 6 - World Of Final Fantasy (Uncut!)

In this episode, we stream live and discuss the World of Final Fantasy, how we felt about it, and whether we think you should buy it!

Duration: 00:44:20

Helk's Rant - Episode #4 - Nostalrius

In our 4th episode, we explore the sudden reversal of Nostalrius' decision to move forward with releasing their code for Vanilla World of Warcraft, and what should be expected from the fan base.

Duration: 00:07:30

Helk's Rant #3 - Nintendo Switch

In our 3rd episode, I quickly display my opinion for the Nintendo Switch WAAAAAAAY before it's released to the public. Honestly, why the hell should we even care? Oooooo, I get to play a beautiful Zelda game! Or Mario Kart 8 (DELUXE!!!!!!)! Or I Am Setsuna! Minecraft! Skyrim! Wait....I've already played 4 of those 5 games. Nintendo needs to check themselves, this is getting old, and they need to be called on the carpet for it. This feels like the Wii U all over again.

Duration: 00:06:02

Helk's Rant Episode #2 - Adoption

In the second episode of these mini-podcasts, we go off the video game/final fantasy path, and I open up about my personal life; our lives as pre-adoptive parents. Sorry if you were expecting something very light, but this is one I've been wanting to talk about. It include frustrations and different feelings of being in this life, and what to expect. For those interested in fostering and adoption, here is an incredibly informative site: For those of you who...

Duration: 00:06:28

Limit Break: Episode 5 - Interview with Mega Ran

In our fifth episode, Helkaweth interviews chip-hop/nerdcore artist Mega Ran AKA Random, on where he has been, what motivates him, and what's next!

Duration: 00:31:10

Limit Break: Episode 3 - The Top 5 RPGs of All Time

On to Episode 3! We were so excited to have the Admins of the Breath of Fire Fan Facebook page, NinaWindia and RememberTheAges, as we discussed what 5 RPGs we would want planet Earth to be remembered for. This is a long one (giggity) but we have some excellent picks! Per usual, thank you to all involved: NinaWindia, RememberTheAGES, Rinidas, and 6UCCI! You can find Nina and Ages on Facebook at: You can also find them on their community site:...

Duration: 02:27:45

Limit Break - Episode 1 - Final Fantasy Through The Generations

In our first episode, we introduce ourselves and discuss various topics throughout the ages of Final Fantasy.

Duration: 01:56:56