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Linux Action News 32

Mozilla violates users' trust, Amazon has a new Linux, OpenSSH is coming to Windows, and Intel blocks disabling of the Management Engine. Plus an update on the Conservancy's fight with the Software Freedom Law Center and more.

Duration: 00:27:22

Linux Action News 31

The Ghost of Yahoo and Mozilla go to battle, the right way to abandon a project, the coming UK Bitcoin crackdown, and Android GO is released to OEMs. Plus the Intel ME situation that's much worse than previously known.

Duration: 00:24:55

Linux Action News 30

Bitcoin breaks $10k and we ponder its true value, big companies join the compliance-first approach to GPLv2, we spot some red flags in the latest Raspbian x86 release, and Mozilla has a new open source project. Plus Jolla gets in on the blockchain hype, and we clarify the Linux LTS situation.

Duration: 00:35:07

Linux Action News 29

Android tracking more invasive than previously known, Ubuntu wants your ideas for Mir, and Linus gets heated about Kernel security while we focus on the technical issue at the heart of the matter. Plus a new magazine from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, several vulnerabilities in Intel's Management Engine, and more!

Duration: 00:23:57

Linux Action News 28

Fedora goes modular, Firefox makes a quantum leap, and a Linux classic makes a come back. Plus a big moment for the Kernel, Red Hat goes ARM, and OpenPlus has a backdoor with a twist.

Duration: 00:27:14

Linux Action News 27

New details show Linux on Galaxy phones further along than expected, Bitcoin's bad week explained, and CrossOver enables Windows apps, on ChromeOS. Plus Canonical puts out a call for help, Munich votes to return to Windows, and Steam on Linux turns 5.

Duration: 00:30:05

Linux Action News 26

It's a week of red flags and success. The Plasma Mobile project sets humble goals, Firefox learns new tricks, a TOR flaw for Linux users, and Canonical joins the Gnome Advisory Board. Plus a new report claims every Bitcoin transaction uses as much energy as your house in a week, and two legal matters that may have long-term impacts on the Linux community.

Duration: 00:23:35

Linux Action News 25

Big changes coming to Linux Mint, hope for ZFS upstream in Linux, and Mozilla helps out TOR. Plus how Russia may help legitimize cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and Solus makes a call for help.

Duration: 00:26:29

Linux Action News 24

The Linux desktop on Samsung phones, Intel ME disabled on Purism laptops, big Kernel news, and Ubuntu 17.10 is out. Plus our brief thoughts on the new Ubuntu release, its various flavors, an important milestone, and the larger Open Source story.

Duration: 00:33:38

Linux Action News 23

Fixing Steam on Linux for good, new toys for Fedora and Plasma users, OnePlus gets busted, and Librem 5 gets funded. Plus some key project updates, and more!

Duration: 00:24:40

Linux Action News 22

Google's new hardware fails to impress, Sailfish X becomes a reality, and the most disappointing thing about Munich's slide back to proprietary software. Plus why Bitcoin Gold is the people's coin, Oracle advises the White House against FOSS, and ChromeOS gets a grownup Linux feature.

Duration: 00:32:35

Linux Action News 21

Atari's has a Linux powered console, some brief Ubuntu updates, and the biggest Kernel news in years. Then we consider the recent smattering of opinion pieces on Microsoft's commitment to Open Source.

Duration: 00:24:32

Linux Action News 20

GNOME endorses the Librem 5, Replicant and UBports support more devices, Pipewire is major news for video on Linux, EFF walks away from W3C over DRM, Facebook reacts to community pressure, and Red Hat expands their Patent promise. Special Guest: Wes Payne.

Duration: 00:24:54

Linux Action News 19

Gnome users have something to celebrate, Purism and KDE are working together, and Manjaro has some hardware. Plus why we're not too worried about BlueBourne, the fight for public money to fund public code, and a new power tool for Firefox users.

Duration: 00:26:39

Linux Action News 18

Why AsteroidOS on your wrist is worth watching, what Project Treble means for future custom ROMs, Debian's Docker dominance, and why China might shut down Bitcoin exchanges. Plus how NGINX plans to make big money, Mozilla wants to reinvent online comments, and more.

Duration: 00:25:39

Linux Action News 17

An Ubuntu developer event is happening soon, 17.10 Beta 1 has dropped for most of the flavours, Reddit closes its source while Phoenix OS opens theirs, Google getting serious about kernel updates in Android, Essential need to up their game, Blockchain is serious business and Linux desktop marketshare hits a new high.

Duration: 00:25:57

Linux Action News 16

New Linux hardware, Purism's Librem 5, and Jolla's €50 Sailfish ROM. Plus Chris' quick take on Android Oreo, Google goes for Microsoft's heart, while Microsoft gets cozier with Red Hat and SUSE pretends not to be upset about it.

Duration: 00:26:52

Episode 15: Linux Action News 15

A big batch of Debian updates, Gnome turns 20, Joe's report from OggCamp, the Solus trifecta, encrypted ZFS comes to Linux finally, and Bitcoin is forking, again. Plus some thoughts on tiny Linux computers, the Linage survey and more.

Duration: 00:24:16

Episode 13: Linux Action News 13

Surpassing details in how Ubuntu's Gnome desktop is getting implemented, Krita hits some troubles but the community comes to the rescue, Bitcoin splits, Firefox sends, and Red Hat gives up on Btrfs. Plus Amazon accuses BLU of spying on Android users, and more!

Duration: 00:29:15

Episode 12: Linux Action News 12

A good week for desktop Linux with news from Ubuntu, Fedora & openSUSE. Plus our take on the pending death of Flash, some great work by the Debian project & Mozilla updates us on Project Common Voice.

Duration: 00:31:33

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