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Join host Marc Clair as he interviews Tom Woods, Peter Schiff, Lew Rockwell, Ben Swann, and many others in the liberty movement in an effort to advance the ideas of liberty.




313. The Next Rand Paul? Interview with Maine State Sen. Eric Brakey

In today’s episode, Marc is joined by Maine State Senator and a man who has been called “The Next Rand Paul” since he announced the launch of his run for U.S. Senate in 2016, Eric Brakey! Eric is the only Senate candidate currently endorsed by both Ron Paul and Rand Paul. Listen today as Eric explains how he became interested in the ideas of liberty, how he won his State Senate seat on a small government platform, and how he plans to become the youngest Senator in history by defeating Angus...

Duration: 00:45:13

FF 089 - First Time Drug Charge Lands Mother in Prison for Life

On today’s episode recent clemency recipient Ramona Brant joined the show to share her powerful story. In 1995, Ramona was sentenced to life in prison for a cocaine offense related to her then-boyfriend’s drug dealing. At her sentencing the judge said he was “shocked at the severity of the sentence,” BUT he had no legal discretion to sentence her to less time. Ramona spent 20 years in prison, before finally receiving a commutation from President Obama in 2015, and was released to a...

Duration: 00:47:55

Lions of Liberty Pride Free Preview!

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Duration: 00:10:42

ELL 37: Who’s More Guilty of Masturbation, Cruz or Clinton?

In this week’s Electric Libertyland, host Brian McWilliams touches briefly on 9/11 #NeverForget and its echoing effects on the American psyche, which government takes advantage of to justify endless wars and domestic spying. Brian then looks at Rand Paul standing up for a referendum on AUMF, then cracks wise on the Ted Cruz porn “scandal” while also side-eying Hillary Clinton’s new cry-ography “What Happened” and asks, “which of them is actually guiltier of masturbation”? Brian also...

Duration: 00:50:03

312. Scott Horton on the “Fool’s Errand” of the War in Afghanistan

On today’s show, Marc is joined by Scott Horton on the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks to discuss his new book on the Afghnanistan War, “Fool’s Errand: It’s Time to End the War in Afghanistan.” The 9/11 attacks were used as justifcation for the Afghan War, but after raging for nearly 16 years, does that justification hold any water? Why is the United States still involved years after the death of Osama bin Laden? Can Trump’s new/old “go after the bad guys” strategy change anything? We...

Duration: 00:44:49

Felony Friday 088: Shot 5 Times, Sentenced to 30 Years and Now Freedom through Clemency - Part 2

On today’s episode of Felony Friday former felon and clemency recipient Jamael Nettles. This is Part 2 of the interview, please go back and listen to Part 1 is you haven’t yet. In part 1 Jamael shared how his environment growing up steered him towards drug dealing. He discussed how he grew up in a drug culture. When he found success and started making money selling drugs, he became respected by his family and friends. Jamael grew addicted to the high of drug dealing. In today’s episode,...

Duration: 00:55:28

ELL 36: Fallacy of Unions & No, Google and Facebook Should Not Be Nationalized

In today’s Electric Libertyland host Brian McWilliams goes it alone with a Labor Day episode focused on the misconceptions about the benefits of unions. He then looks at some recent opinions on the need to nationalize Google, Amazon and Facebook, L’Oreal firing a transgender model for being racist, and James Comey drafting a statement exonerating Hillary Clinton before he even finished investigating her. Show notes at Lions of Liberty @BrianMcWilliams @LionsofLiberty

Duration: 00:33:40

311. Hurricane Harvey Recovery: Phil Magness on Zoning, Regulation and “Price Gouging”

In today’s episode, Marc is joined by professor at Berry College - and Houston native - Phil Magness to discuss many of the economic fallacies that pop up during disasters, just as they are now with Hurricane Harvey. Phil disputes the narrative that lack of zoning and regulations in Houston have made the disaster any worse, and how they will actually help the city recover faster. Marc and Phil also discuss the concept of “price gouging”, and how it helps to ration resources during times of...

Duration: 00:49:14

FF 087: Shot 5 Times, Sentenced to 30 Years and Now Freedom through Clemency - Part 1

You can find the show notes page >here Check out the Felony Friday archive for all previous articles and podcasts. Also, for more Lions of Liberty content check out the

Duration: 00:40:20

Electric Libertyland 35: What’s So Hard About Peace, Love & Price Gouging?

On this week’s Electric Libertyland, Brian battles the remainder of his 3.7 day hangover after visiting Vegas with legal counsel, “Rico,” to dive into topics including the Houston hurricane and price gouging, politicians’ lies about free speech rallies and recent Antifa attacks in San Francisco, North Korea’s latest missile test, and an unbelievable bout of idiocy in Illinois, where they want to pass laws to combat “gender cost.” Show notes at Lions of...

Duration: 00:33:53

How You Can Help Hurricane Harvey Victims Using the DonorSee App

I just spoke with Gret Glyer, the founder of the DonorSee app, to let him explain how Lions of Liberty listeners can help with the rescue effort in Houston by using the DonorSee App. We are currently raising money to pay for gas for the Cajun Navy, a group of volunteers currently in Houston rescuing people from who are stranded in their homes.

Duration: 00:07:19

310. Austin Meyer on “The Patent Scam”

Austin Meyer created a revolutionary flight simulator software known as ”X-Plane”, which should have hid him on top of the world. Instead, it saw him on the receiving end of a patent infringement lawsuit. Not for his software, but for using the Google Play store to distribute it. In response, Meyer spent two years travelling the country in his custom built airplane to interview other small business owners who became targets of similar patent infringement scams, and the result is the...

Duration: 00:46:13

FF 086: Johann Hari Strikes the Root to Expose Drug War Fallacies

On today’s episode, Johann Hari joins the show to share why he believes the War on Drugs is a horrible way to deal with drug abuse. Hari says that not only does the drug war fail to solve the drug problem, but it actually makes the situation much, much worse! Johann Hari is a British journalist who has written for many of the world’s leading newspapers and magazines, including the New York Times, the Guardian, the Los Angeles Times, the New Republic, the Nation, Slate, and the Sydney...

Duration: 00:43:27

ELL 34: When Free Speech Equals Hate Speech, w/ Remso W. Martinez

On this week’s Electric Libertyland, Brian McWilliams welcomes in Remso W. Martinez from the Remso Republic podcast. Brian and Remso dive into the recent spate of marches and protests, including Boston, and the insane reactions from progressives like NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is trying to legislate away the right to assemble. Has the left successfully labeled free speech as hate speech? Remso and Brian then discuss the media’s bias, and Remso’s upcoming documentary series,...

Duration: 01:06:58

309. Libertarians in Living Rooms Drinking Liquor with Julie Borowski!

In today’s episode, the boys of “Libertarians in Living Rooms Drinking Liquor” are joined by libertarian YouTube sensation, Julie Borowski! Fueled by booze and H2O, they break down the recent Twitter war between Libertarian Party Chairman Nicholas Sarwark and Tom Woods. What is Nick’s intention in targetting Woods? Plus, we look at the events surrounidng Charlottesville, and how identity politics is crushing any semblance of rational political dialogue, and break down some tough “free...

Duration: 00:51:02

FF 085 - Is it a Crime? North Korea Edition

You can find the show notes page >here Check out the Felony Friday archive for all previous articles and podcasts. Also, for more Lions of Liberty content check out the

Duration: 00:55:39

Electric Libertyland Ep 33: With Journalist Ford Fischer - Firsthand Experiences In Charlottesville

In this week’s Electric Libertyland host Brian McWilliams welcomes in journalist and founder of News 2 Share , Ford Fischer. Ford describes the scene as it unfolded in front of him, on the ground in Charlottesville, VA during the #UniteTheRight march and protests. Ford and Brian discuss the clashes, breakdown of attendees, and the tragic and fatal vehicular murder/manslaughter that occurred during the rally. Brian then takes on virtue signaling over Trump & Nazis as well as the virtue...

Duration: 01:05:33

308. Let’s Talk About Guns, with Erich Pratt of Gun Owners of America

In today’s episode, Marc is joined by the Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, Erich Pratt. They discuss some common objections to widespread gun ownership and gun rights, how Gun Owners of American sets itself apart from the NRA when it comes to standing up for gun rights, and Erich answers some questions from members of the Lions of Liberty Pride! For show notes, head to

Duration: 00:41:45

Felony Friday 084 - Cops Serve Wrong Warrant And Kills Guy Who Answers Door

You can find the show notes page >here Check out the Felony Friday archive for all previous articles and podcasts. Also, for more Lions of Liberty content check out the

Duration: 00:38:31

Electric Libertyland 32: Google’s Opinion Echo Chamber & Trump or Dump

On this week’s Electric Libertyland, Brian McWilliams welcomes in old friend and Lion of Liberty Howard Snowdon to review the progressive outrage over a quickly infamous Google engineer’s “anti-diversity” internal memo that resulted in his firing. Following that is a riveting round of the game sweeping the nation: Trump or Dump, looking at the latest Trump actions on North Korea, Jeff Sessions, Trump TV and the immigration point system. Brian and Howie then round the show off with a very,...

Duration: 00:55:59

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