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LIP SERVICE: Podcast 11 I "Silly White Nerd, Sci-fi is for Everyone"

In this episode Rowdy discusses the uproar over women of color being chosen as the Captain and 1st officer in the Star Trek Series, her love for all things sci-fi, how we as a people seem to be incapable of accepting that someone who doesn't look like us could possibly share the same the interests and the whitewashing that's occurred from the bible to the screen to the belief in other species.

Duration: 00:21:42

LIP SERVICE: Podcast 10 I "Severed Heads, Stalled Jokes and Sensitive Bullies"

In this episode Rowdy discusses the controversy surrounding Kathy Griffin's attempt to use her comedic platform to express her feelings about "The Donald," the double standard we hold ourselves to and how far is too far.

Duration: 00:17:33

LIP SERVICE: Podcast 9 | "Donald Trump, Ditzy Leaders & Dissed Commencements"

In this episode of Lip Service Rowdy digs into the first few months of Trump's presidency, his administration, the scandals and how media exploits it all.

Duration: 00:49:59

LIP SERVICE: Podcast 8| "Making Movies , Learning Lessons & Building Brands"

In this episode of Lip Service Rowdy dishes on the ups and downs of being an Indie Filmmaker, shares some secrets of the trade and gives her view on controversial topics like the Women in Hollywood movement and Beyonce's Lemonade lawsuit.

Duration: 00:41:44

Lip Service: Podcast 7 | "Two Bills, A Woman's Prerogative & Hot Chocolate"

The gloves are off in this most recent episode of Lip Service as Rowdy goes all in on the Bill O'Reilly sexual harassment scandal, the difference in the way society treated him versus Bill Cosby in lieu of the accusations against them and why many women don't come forward when they face harassment in the workplace and why it is their right not to do so.

Duration: 00:30:14

Lip Service: Podcast 6 | "Pagan Practices, Easter Eggs & Fictional Figures"

Rowdy goes all in as she discusses the Easter holiday, where it got it's origins and what society has turned it into.

Duration: 00:32:21

Lip Service: Podcast 5|The Power of Pepsi?

In this episode of Lip Service Rowdy discusses the controversial Pepsi ad that has social media in an uproar and even manages to offer up some unexpected empathy for Kendall Jenner.

Duration: 00:25:47

Lip Service : Podcast 4|"Working Women, Ridiculous Racist & Misbehaved Men"

In this very candid conversation Rowdy talks about the outrage sparked by Bill O'Rielly's disrespectful comments regarding Congresswoman Maxine Waters hair, the social media movement that occurred as a result and shares her own experiences and frustrations of being disrespected and disregarded in the workplace by her male counterparts.

Duration: 00:33:55

Lip Service: Podcast 3 |"Religious Rhetoric, Spiritual Swag & Cult Culture"|

Rowdy pulls out all the punches as she shares her unconventional views on what it means to be religious versus spiritual and not drinking the kool aid.

Duration: 00:26:09

Lip Service: Podcast 2 |"Missteps, Missing Girls & Misinformation"|

Rowdy gets right to the point as she discusses the uproar over the missing teen girls in DC and how we're failing to address the real issue.

Duration: 00:07:31

Lip Service Episode 1

A look at the incident in Charlotte, NC involving an Asian store owner attacking a black woman accused of theft and the opposing views surrounding it.

Duration: 00:32:53