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Listen Now is an ongoing documentary about people, philosophy, and life in the form of recorded audio presented every week for you the listener as the Listen Now Podcast. Listeners can tune in weekly to hear the ongoing documentary of peoples lives spoken and shared as only each person can.. in their own words.




Journey Inward Andrew Takes a Vow of Silence for a Year – episode 003

Chances are most people have not seriously thought about taking a Vow of Silence.. let alone not speaking for a year! Today we talk with Andrew about his interesting life experiences, inspiration behind a 40 day vow of silence, and how that relates to his next journey inward of not speaking with a Vow of Silence for a year. As he came to the door you wouldn’t think that this very unassuming guy with a decent size beard sporting a simple Superman shirt would have such interesting life...

Duration: 00:43:30

Dr. Nick – Insight into Union with the Divine & Spirituality – 002

What comes to mind when you think of the Divine or if someone asks you about God? Today the Listen Now Podcast talks with Dr. Nick and his insight into union with the Divine. No matter what you believe in or what kind of spiritual path you follow in your life hopefully you will find a grain of knowledge in today’s episode. Nick speaks on the many aspects and human struggles we all experience traveling a spiritual path to know the Divine. Emotions like love, faith, hope, generosity, anger,...

Duration: 00:24:09

Just what is the Listen Now Podcast about anyway?

What is the Listen Now Podcast and exactly what is the show about? It is an ongoing documentary style podcast about interesting people, unique perspectives, philosophy, personal struggles, great accomplishments, valuable lessons learned, and our life here on this planet. The Listen Now Podcast is presented in the form of recorded audio for you the listener and shared as only a truly great story or absolute point blank advise could be toldas only each person can.. in their own words....

Duration: 00:09:39