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Orai Language Speech App Founder Danish Dhamani Show 052

Welcome Today we are interviewing Danish Dhamani on this show 052. Danish is the founder of Orai a language coaching app. The app has been featured in Fast Company, Wired Magazine, and Venture Beat, now on the Listenup show startup entrepreneur podcast and will also be featured on the front page of our website. Orai is an early-stage startup based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Their mission is to give people across the world the confidence and skills to speak more...

Duration: 00:30:07

Emergency Information Systems Product Designer Developer Jared Therrien Show 051

The post Emergency Information Systems Product Designer Developer Jared Therrien Show 051 was re-published on We are interviewing Jared Therrien on today's Show 051 Jared is the founder of Emergency Information Systems, LLC The company offers decal and hardware products which increase the situational awareness of emergency responders throughout incidents in high-occupancy buildings. What are we going to learn: 1) How Emergency Information Systems designs, develops...

Duration: 00:40:22

Hamilton Perkins Collection Startup Manufactured Travel Bags Using Recycled Plastic Bottles Vinyl Billboard Show 050

LISTENUPSHOW Today on Show 050 we are interviewing Hamilton Perkins Hamilton Perkins Collection uses recycled plastic bottles to manufacture travel bag canvas and recycled vinyl billboard material for the duffle bag lining. Hamilton Perkins is the founder and President of Hamilton Perkins Collection, an e-commerce retailer, offering designer travel bags at an affordable price while holding the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and...

Duration: 00:41:15

Caffeine Guru Javazen Health Entrepreneur Eric Golman Show 049

Caffeine Guru Javazen Health Entrepreneur Eric Golman Show 049 Eric is the co-founder of Javazen, a brand of tea-infused coffee blends that combines the power of coffee with the health benefits of tea. We talk coffee, caffeine, green tea, zen, caffeinated mindfulness. Eric talks how he met Arianna Huffington CEO of the Huffington Post. 2016 Cupid’s Cup Entrepreneurship Competition delivering a five-minute pitch for $75,000.announced by Kevin Plank, the Founder, and CEO of Under...

Duration: 00:33:02

DIY Fund Investing Fintech Tools Wendy Garfinkel Nissan Eric Nissan Cofounders Show 048

LISTENUPSHOW Startup Round: Wendy and Eric are not only husband and wife have two children but after careers on Wall Street, Eric as a technologist working for a $10 billion dollar hedge fund and Wendy working as a Bond trader. Their co-founded company is called DIY.Fund providing professional investment management software fintech tool and resources for individual investors. Wendy Garfinkle Nissan and Eric Nissan were both Wall Street Veterans now with DIY.Fund they are ready to show...

Duration: 00:36:56

Retireholi(k)s Plan Design Four01k Retirement Guru JD Carlson Show 047

Startup Round JD Carlson CEO of Plan Design Consultants their motto and service model: Rockin, Smart, Easy, and Awesome. JD is the host of Retireholi(k)s, Father, Husband, Surfer. Located in San Diego Carlsbad, California. A former professional surfer and now focused entrepreneur. Proud and motivated to take this his family's company to new levels, he lives, breathes and sleeps retirement plans. He is leading PDC's charge of becoming a new kind of TPA that is disrupting the status quo and...

Duration: 00:46:56

Supply Solutions Distributor Leader Meredith Reuben Show 046

LISTENUPSHOW Supply Solutions Enterprise Six Sigma Business Success Planning Meredith Reuben Show 046 We discussed supply solutions, Six Sigma and Business Success Planning with Meredith Reuben, CEO of EBP Supply. A quick glimpse into the legacy of her family business helps reveal why Meredith’s pull to lead it was so strong. In 1918, her grandparents, Samuel and Sadye Baum, started EBP Supply Solutions as Easter Bag & Paper in Bridgeport, CT. BP Supply Solutions is a leading...

Duration: 00:40:13

Digitized Asset Businesses Value Creator Fried Thiel Show 045

FRED THIEL - Advisor, Board Member, and Value Creator has offered the listeners of the Listenup Show Startup Entrepreneur Podcast a free 30-minute consultation so book your free resource today! or connect directly with him - website - Thiel Advisors twitter - linkedin - medium - Or click on one of my social links below.. Why take Fred up on his offer that is simple: Fred has spent his career creating and helping others create and grow their businesses. Along the way he has generated...

Duration: 00:38:36

Corporate governance women directors Board Bench Entrepreneur Nancy May Show 044

LISTENUPSHOW Nancy May is President and CEO, The BoardBench Companies, LLC (, Greater New York City Area a woman-owned board governance consulting group focusing on the advanced development and execution of public, private and not-for-profit board organization, company board quality, continuity, board succession and director placement. She is a member of the Economic Club of New York, the World Affairs Council and served on the Board of Directors of the Girl Scout Council...

Duration: 00:52:11

Vegan Food Business Strategist Plant Based Solutions Agency Founder David Benzaquen Show 043

In this show 043, I interview David Benzaquen Founder of PlantBased Solutions, a Vegan Food Business Strategist, brand management, and marketing agency for plant-based consumer product companies, headquartered in New York. David started out in the business working for an animal protection non-profit and as a natural products broker but in 2012 founded the plant based business. The company offers a range of services for pre-market startups through to huge global brands, including...

Duration: 00:43:46

Divorce Expert, Small Business Incubator Startup Entrepreneur Karen Chellew Show 042

The post Divorce Expert, Small Business Incubator Startup Entrepreneur Karen Chellew show 042 first appeared on Links & Resources Divorce U Solutions Per Diem Space LLC Sisters U email Karen Book recommendation: The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz Sisters U uses Blue Host for hosting their website.

Duration: 00:55:15

Video Resume Platform Startup Rezzio Camera Ready Show 041

LISTENUPSHOW Video Resume Platform Rezzio was founded at the heart of Drexel University's college of entrepreneurship, Close School of Entrepreneurship. The school provides students with the tools and knowledge to help bring their concepts to fruition. Rezzio started in a Drexel University classroom and today has helped Rezzio showcase their personality. Jessica Sarkisian, founder graduated from Drexel University in June of 2015. Jessica knew there was more to getting a job than...

Duration: 00:32:01

NFL Sports Entertainment Talent Advisor and Commercial Real Estate Agent James A McCormick IV Show 040

LISTENUPSHOW The post NFL Sports Entertainment Talent Advisor and Commercial Real Estate Agent James A McCormick IV Show 040 republished on What do we discuss with James in this show 040: Commercial Real Estate; deep ties to the sports & entertainment; time as league executive in the NFL national football league; experience as a director of all player & talent marketing initiatives for the league; time at NFL films; days at Valley Forge military college James tells...

Duration: 00:39:20

Governance, Strategy Meets Growth, Sage Advice From Thomas L. Dooley, III Sage Partners, CoFounder, CEO, Chairman Show 039

LISTENUPSHOW Tom helped Matthew Marolda who is now Chief Analytics Officer at Legendary Entertainment. He formed and runs Legendary’s Applied Analytics division, which uses data and analytics to drive strategic decisions across all aspects of the company. Prior to Legendary, Matt Marolda founded StratBridge LLC in 1999. StratBridge had two software solutions businesses: “moneyball” player analysis software used by many organizations in the NFL, NBA, European Football and Major League...

Duration: 00:44:07

Girls Technology Leader Techgirlz Founder Tracey Welson Rossman Listenup Show 038 Startup Entrepreneur Podcast

LISTENUPSHOW The post Girls Technology Leader Techgirlz Founder Tracey Welson Rossman Listenup Show 038 Startup Entrepreneur Podcast was first published on Techgirlz Philly Startup Leaders Chariot Solutions Women in Tech Summit

Duration: 00:51:25

CandiDate Philly Find a Tech Job and Date Founder Amber Wanner Show 037

CandiDate Founder Amber Wanner Show 037 Find a Tech Job Find a Date Find Both

Duration: 00:55:04

Startup Angel Robin Hood Ventures Temple University Ellen Weber Executive Director Listenup Show 036 Startup Entrepreneur

The post Startup Angel Robin Hood Ventures Temple University Ellen Weber Executive Director Show 036 Startup Entrepreneur Podcast Listenup Show first appeared on ****************** You're listening to the listen up show startup entrepreneur podcast show 036 ******* Today we're talking with Robinhood Ventures Executive Director Ellen Weber She is also Executive Director: Temple University's Fox School of Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship...

Duration: 00:41:18

Internet of Things Startups Brinc Founder Bay McLaughlin

Bay McLaughlin has supported technology startups for the last decade. Over half of this time was spent at Apple as a founding team member of their global SMB channel and as the founder of their first Entrepreneurship Evangelism channel. To support startups at Apple, Bay partnered with the world’s best founders, venture capitalists, incubators and accelerators to identify and solve their most pressing strategic issues. The other half of his career has been spent inside of or founding...

Duration: 01:08:33

Fintech Entrepreneur Aaron Schumm Show 034

Aaron is an accomplished fintech entrepreneur with a proven record. He is the founder and CEO of Vestwell. Prior to founding Vestwell, he created FolioDynamix. FolioDynamix was sold for $199 million to Actua who at that time in 2014 had a market value of $600 million ( ACTA). We covered many important topics: Entrepreneurship, Product Marketing, Software Technology, Marketing, Brand Management, Operational Efficiencies, Strategic Consulting, Financial Services, International...

Duration: 00:49:00

Entrepreneurial Leadership Stan Silverman Show 033

Entrepreneurial Leadership PQ Corporation, Stan Silverman On today's show 033 What will we discuss on today's show: - Startup sponsored by Greengeeks Stan Silverman is the former president and chief executive officer of PQ Corporation, a family owned global company operating in North America, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific in two core businesses – chemicals and engineered glass materials. Stan rose through the ranks at PQ over nearly 35 years He is vice chairman of the...

Duration: 00:49:19

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