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Listen to inspiring conversations about cutting edge mental and physical techniques to help you live beyond the status quo. This podcast will motivate you to grow your business, get in better shape, perform at your peak, and most importantly have more fun. Matt Wilson is the co-founder of the popular blog Under30CEO and the travel company Under30Experiences.

Listen to inspiring conversations about cutting edge mental and physical techniques to help you live beyond the status quo. This podcast will motivate you to grow your business, get in better shape, perform at your peak, and most importantly have more fun. Matt Wilson is the co-founder of the popular blog Under30CEO and the travel company Under30Experiences.
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Listen to inspiring conversations about cutting edge mental and physical techniques to help you live beyond the status quo. This podcast will motivate you to grow your business, get in better shape, perform at your peak, and most importantly have more fun. Matt Wilson is the co-founder of the popular blog Under30CEO and the travel company Under30Experiences.






#88 Advocate for Your Health, Take Risks, and See Your Life as an Experiment w. Jennifer DeSimone

Jen DeSimone is Under30Experiences’ Chief of Community and a certified life coach. Jen’s passion is to support people living their most radiant lives. As the Chief of Community for U30X and a lifestyle coach, Jen is able to support her passions and live a fulfilled lifestyle. She is also a strong advocate for the importance of taking risks in your life. We kick off the conversation speaking about our relationship with food and how to feel empowered eating foods catered to your body. Jen...

Duration: 00:54:09

#87 Create A Thriving Identity Through The Power of Travel

This week we’re bringing you something a little different. Instead of hosting, Matt will be interviewed by Dave Nelson from Milestone Mind. We’ll get plenty of insight into some of Matt’s favorite topics including self-improvement, travel, identity, health, sustaining success, and much more. Dave, the interviewer this week, is the CEO and founder of Milestone Mind. Milestone Mind is a professional coaching organization that helps highly motivated people think through how to get to the...

Duration: 00:48:36

#86 Develop a Limitless Mindset Through Keystone Habits w. Cody McLain

Cody McClain is the founder of Support Ninja. He started his first business at 15 years old and has since built and sold four companies that have grossed millions in revenue. Cody has been featured in several notable publications including Forbes, Mashable, and Entrepreneur. Today, he blogs regularly on his website He’s also the Executive Chairman at Support Ninja, a service dedicated to helping entrepreneurs become more efficient and scale their businesses. We sit down...

Duration: 00:53:07

#85 Live Longer, Happier and Healthier Through The Power of Community w. David Spinks

David Spinks is the Founder and CEO of CMX Media. CMX is an association for community managers that provides events, membership, and training for teams and companies on how to launch and scale communities. He started CMX Summit and CMX Hub after he noticed that the thousands of community builders in the world weren’t talking to one another. Ultimately, David seeks to help and empower communities through his work with CMX Media. Our episode this week is all about how community can help...

Duration: 00:54:42

#84 Form Your Perfect Day by Failing Frequently and Persevering with Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes is an internet entrepreneur, world traveler, surfer, author, and CPA (Cost per acquisition) expert. Chris has been able to make a living as an internet entrepreneur while traveling the world, but it did not come easy. He’s become a successful business owner by using “brute perseverance and force” to get to where he wanted to be. It took Chris 6 years of experimenting and failing before he was able to make a sustainable living online. Today he lives life as a digital nomad,...

Duration: 01:09:15

#83 Educate Yourself and Become Self Sufficient w. Multi-Millionaire Tim Sykes

Tim Sykes is a penny stock trader, entrepreneur, and full time teacher who has generated millions of dollars through his investment strategies. Dozens of Tim’s students are now earning six figures/year and he’s also created several millionaire students. Tim is in a field that is oversaturated with people who misinform and lie. Therefore, he seeks to be a truthful expert in his field and his results speak for themselves. Today Tim is using his wealth to build 1000 schools around the...

Duration: 01:01:52

#82 Become the Architect of Your Enviornment w. Leo Babauta of Zen Habits

Leo Babauta is a writer from Guam, who was once deeply in debt, overweight, and a smoker. Within a few short years, he completely eliminated his debt, lost 65 pounds, quit smoking and started Zen Habits which was named Top 25 Blogs by Time Magazine (twice!). Leo has a wide range of accomplishments from writing a best selling productivity e-book, to creating a habit membership program that helps thousands of people change their habits. Today, more than 200K subscribers read Leo’s work on...

Duration: 01:10:49

#81 Go With The Flow: 4 Goals to Get You There

Tamarindo, Costa Rica July 2012 I was officially homeless. My apartment in New York was packed up, my stuff was thrown out, donated, or put in various friend’s attics. I was free. I had nothing but my Marmot climbing pack on my back. Minimalism had been achieved. Now it was time to see some shit. My plane landed in the eco-capital of the world-- Costa Rica, where 5% of all the world’s biodiversity lives. Did I break out my bucket hat and birdwatching pants and head into the...

Duration: 00:22:45

#80 Think Globally & Act Locally w. Joe Knoernschild Co-Founder of Hurley & Billabong

Joe Knoernschild is the co-founder of multi-national apparel giants Hurley and Billabong. He started the companies when he was just 26 years old and on the episode we chat about his love for surfing and adventure. We quickly learn that both surfing and adventure run deep in his DNA. Joe walks us through his story about how he went from making and selling surfboards, to making millions in sales, and eventually teaming up with Nike. An important lesson Joe leaves us with is the importance...

Duration: 01:22:05

#79 Finding Balance in Nature: How to Design the Life You Want

Hvolsvollur, Iceland March 2012 “Matt, you want energy before Mountain Hut?” Siggi said to me in his thick Icelandic accent. “Sure Siggi,” I said. “I’m pretty hungry.” Siggi dug into his mom’s refrigerator and pulled out a heaping plate of leftovers. Mashed potatoes, gravy, and a tender red meat I’d never had before… “Siggi, this is delicious, what is this?” I asked. He glanced down at my plate to make sure I was done… “It’s horse, of course!” he said with a chuckle… Welcome to...

Duration: 00:29:24

#78 Discover Your Transformative Superpower w. Luz Garcia

Have you ever combined adventure and yoga? In this episode, Matt and Luz speak about their journey with the transformative powers of yoga and travel. Luz Garcia is a 1,500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher with 14 years of yoga studies that have consisted of Yoga Works Method, Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Shala Method, Restorative, and Prenatal. Luz is driven by the philosophy that we are students forever and we need to continue learning every day. This philosophy has fueled her to perfect her...

Duration: 01:02:23

#77 Becoming a Digital Nomad

Iceland March 2012: Becoming a Digital Nomad “Velkomin á Íslandi” I heard as I pried my eyes open getting off the red eye flight. Beautiful blonde Icelandic women with farm working physiques bullied their way gracefully to the overhead compartment. My mountain guide met me at the terminal. “Hello I am Siggurdur Bjarni Svienson.” (spelling) he said with a long pause. “But you can call me Siggi he said, with a slight sense of dry Icelandic humor.” The sun was barely up. A thick mist of...

Duration: 00:44:41

#76 Get Naked Fast! Eliminate Toxic Foods and Heal Your Body w. Diana Stobo

The Guest Diana Stobo is the award-winning author of the healthy lifestyle book Get Naked Fast! A Guide to Stripping Away the Foods that Weigh You Down to Lose Weight Fast. The book serves as a guide that Diana wrote from her own personal experience healing herself from illness, losing 100+ pounds, and changing her life. Diana is an expert on Naked Nourishment and juicing. She is also living proof that a healthy diet can help you lose weight, gain energy, heal your body, and help you to...

Duration: 01:06:39

#75 Minimalism - How to Travel the World Four Hour Work Week Style

Wish you could make money and travel the world? It starts with focusing on the things that are really important to you. In today's experimental Live Different Podcast, my focus is minimalism. This is a beginning of a series I will be releasing on Mondays to give you guys a look into what I've learned traveling the world over the past five years. You can find the article to accompany this podcast on or view the podcast recording on...

Duration: 00:31:43

#74 Make Side Money and Travel the World with Chris Guillebeau

Do you know anyone who’s traveled to every country in the world? Get prepared to meet New York Times’ Bestselling Author Chris Guillebeau and learn strategies to start your Side Hustle to learn how you can make money on the side and travel. Chris is the author of the new book Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days. Five years ago, I remember staying in a hostel on the beach in Nicaragua for $7/night reading Chris’ original book The Art of Non-Conformity. This is a book that...

Duration: 00:44:18

#73 You Are Not Alone: Mindfulness, Therapy, and Crossfit w. Joy Parrish LPC of Girls Gone WOD

Do you have compassion fatigue? Are you looking to get past what’s holding you back and become the best version of yourself? Are you a mindful scroller? Joy Parish is co-host of Girls Gone WOD Podcast and a Licensed Professional Counselor. Joy and I talk about her journey creating a massively successful podcast. We also talk therapy, Crossfit, issues facing modern day society, and everything in between. I ask her questions about what it’s like to be a therapist and in this very casual...

Duration: 01:01:19

#72 Screw Being Safe and Happy: Break The Mold w. Rajiv Nathan

Do you want to live an incredibly passionate life? Pursue your passions, regardless of age… you know… kick off your rap career at age 60, complete with strippers in your video? This is exactly what today’s guest Rajiv Nathan and I talk about. How to be multi-passionate; allowing yourself to have many interested and skills, while not spreading yourself too thin. Today, my guest is Rajiv Nathan, a Indian-American rapper, yoga teacher, pitch consultant, and storyteller… not necessarily in...

Duration: 01:29:45

#71 Do Something with Your Voice featuring Daniel DiPiazza from Rich20Something

Today, best selling author and #11 on the New York Times’ Bestseller List Daniel DiPiazza comes on the show for a fun chat about topics ranging from brain health, to becoming a best-selling author. We talk about my latest exploration in optimal brain wave states, meditation, and neurofeedback. Matt goes on a rant about eating enough fats, veganism, and Daniel talks about the high price of living in Los Angeles, why he decided to drive a Mercedes Benz, and why he wants to move to...

Duration: 01:14:54

#70 Fitting in is Bullsh*t: Recognize Who You Are and Break the Mold w. Dave Nelson of Milestone Mind

Today on the Live Different Podcast, Founder and Coach of Milestone Mind Dave Nelson. Do you want to live life authentic to who you are? Do you think that fitting in is bullshit? Do you wish you could feed your rebel soul? Listen in to how Dave has overcome so many challenges in his life to become confident in the person he is today. Dave is a certified Warrior Mind, Mental Strength Coach and has a lot to offer on how to recognize when change speaks to you. Dave has a “process minded...

Duration: 01:10:35

#69 Do The Thing: Lose Weight, Unleash Mental Capabilities, and Have More Fun w. Zen Dude Fitness

Hey Live Different Nation, the Zen Dudes, Brandon Epstein and Dan Witmer are fresh off their retreat to Costa Rica and are here to raise this planet’s collective consciousness. These guys want you to have more fun and live the life you want. Lucky for you, they explain how to do it in this week’s episode of the Live Different Podcast. Their tag line “do the thing” means that you have permission to ask yourself “what’s my vision for myself” and go out there and make it happen. Brandon...

Duration: 00:56:15

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