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Two hours of funky music from around the world pulled out of the crates of DJ Prestige and Flea Market Funk.




FleaMarket Funk: Live From Greenville Studios Episode #12

After a two month hiatus, we are back in business. This is our first episode of 2016, and we have chosen this recording session to give our audience a sneak peek in video form as well of what we do here at Greenville Studios. The video itself can be seen over at the FleaMarket Funk YouTube channel, and the audio for the session is pretty funky. DJ Prestige goes through some deep African funk cuts, psychedelic soul from Detroit, new tracks from the Pacific Northwest’s Liquid Beat Record, a...

Flea Market Funk: Live From Greenville Studios Episode #11

It’s been a few months of being busy, traveling, etc., but the latest Live From Greenville Studios Podcast is finally out. On this episode we catch up with a grip of funky records in a variety of genres. We’re going to keep the shows down to about an hour or so, perhaps a bit longer for some guests as we move forward, so this is a nice way to get closer the music. On this episode, we get a few tracks from newcomers F Spot Records out of Los Angeles,a great cover by The Gene Dudley Group,...

Duration: 01:03:42

Live From Greenville Studios: Flea Market Funk Podcast Episode 1

The inaugural Flea Market Funk podcast hosted by DJ Prestige. Broadcast out of the FMF lab, Greenville Studios, we run through a variety of funk, soul, jazz, reggae, and hip hop vinyl treats. Here’s the track list: 1. Klaus Layer - For The People Like Us2. Bobby Hutcherson - Aquarian Moon3. Sure Fire Soul Ensemble - Layin’ Low4. Hi Society Brothers - Don’t Spill The Wine5. Sammy dread - Dreadlock Queen6. The Relatives - Leave Something Worthwhile7. The Slingshots - Coffee Cold8. Tony...