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Episode 60 "She's Gotta Have it...Fuck it"

This week the shop crew

Duration: 01:35:23

Episode 59 "Hella Shade going round"

This week special guest Chef Daryl Mac joins the shop crew to talk smack. Topics include Cam'ron vs. Mase, Fabolous and Jadakiss new album. Food Diggers vs. Drink Diggers, the need for rec centers in our communities. Deal breakers in relationships and much more. Available on, soundcloud, itunes, google play, and stitcher. #Sharelikesubscribe

Duration: 01:23:31

Episode 58 "Shop Talk"

This week in the shop, the crew covers the Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga saga. Baltimore pitfalls and how to make it better. A review of Justice League, picking their superhero team. Online shopping vs In person shopping, Thanksgiving plans and much more. Available on, soundcloud, itunes, google play, stitcher. Make sure you Share, like, and subscribe.

Duration: 01:32:05

Yo Fell Off

This week the shop crew covers Meek Mills, Tyrese and his never ending foolishness. The Hollywood scandal, artist who fall off. What makes a album complete "trash" and much more., soundcloud, itunes, google play, stitcher. Share, like, subscribe.

Duration: 01:43:10

Episode 55 "Tyresha needs a hug"

This week the shop crew officially welcomes Roman B. to the shop family. They discuss Tyrese and his foolishness, Eminems freestyle, Bob McNair and the Texans. Is society addicted to "likes"? The quality of life in Baltimore and plenty more. Available on, soundclound, apple podcast, google play, and stitcher.

Duration: 01:48:04

Episode 53 "1500 Lit"

The shop crew hooks up with follow 1500 radio members Roman B and the crew from Take it Personal. Just know we had a ball and it was LIT!! Check it out Soundcloud, Itunes, Google Play, and Stitcher. Check out Dating Roman B. and Take it Personal.

Duration: 02:11:43

Episode 52 "Acting Light Skin"

Episode 52 the fellas welcome a special guest in the shop. Topics include the Cam Newton situation, Jerry Jones being a hypocrite. What is acting light skin? Is the sunken place real? and much more. Available, soundcloud, apple podcast, google play, and stitcher. Click the play button get some laughs and don't forget to share, like, and subscribe.

Duration: 01:45:19

Episode 51 "Respect the fupa"

Episode 51 another day in the shop. The fellas kick back and talk about the recent Vegas tragedy. Should you judge a woman by the type of liquor she drinks? Should a man help a woman out financially, if he's been sleeping with her for a few months? Embarrassing stories of getting to drunk and more. Available, soundcloud, itunes, google play, and stitcher. Share, Like, Subscribe

Duration: 01:41:45

Episode 50 "5 Dimes"

It's Episode 50 and the fellas have a lot to cover. Trump and his foolishness, how big of a hypocrite is Ray Lewis? Floyd Mayweather and his movie theater post. When is the right time to be petty or take the high road? Is there anything wrong with Woman approaching guys? Why does everyone want to be a cameraman and more? Available on, soundcloud, itunes, google play, and stitcher. Share,Like,Subscribe.

Duration: 01:42:45

Episode 49 "Talked Yourself Out"

Episode 49 the fellas cover Kevin Harts situation, a special designation is created for Bow Wow and Tyrese. Dash offers his personal advice on joining the military, The fellas pick which TV shows they would have on their network. They reveal if they have ever talked themselves out of some action and much more. Available, soundcloud, itunes, google play, and stitcher. Share Like Subscribe

Duration: 01:52:54

Episode 48 Doc Woe's

This week the fellas sit down and discuss Back To School woes, can anyone take the shoe game crown from Nike. Why are Black Men so scared of the Doctors? We celebrate the anniversary of Graduation, Blueprint, and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Give our end of season power recap and more. Available on, soundcloud, itunes, google play, and stitcher. Share, Like, Subscribe

Duration: 01:35:07

Episode 47 "Idols"

This week the fellas discuss the legacies of Floyd Mayweather and Aaliyah, Do we expect to much from celebrities? Musicians who deserve a statue in their hometown. We celebrate 25 years of the classic sitcom Martin and much more. Available, soundcloud, itunes, google play, and stitcher. Share Like Subscribe!!!

Duration: 01:02:50

Episode 46 The Prep Episode

This week the fellas have two guest in the building Mouse of "Relevant Regulars" podcast and world famous battle rapper Prep. We interview Prep and his journey through the battle rap scene. Other topics include the usual Power recap, WWE Summerslam recap, Jesse Williams wife outrageous request, Kevin Hart ex-wife and current wife saga and more. Available on 1500radionet, itunes, google play, and stitcher..Share, Like, Subscribe

Duration: 02:31:09

Live From The Shop 45 "Ain't My Type"

The fellas bring to the table this week the Baltimore ceasefire movement and how to improve the message. At what age do you allow your children to branch out? Usher and his new accuser, can you get in your feelings if your not someones type? Which celebrities are you only messing with if they initiate it? and much more..Available on, soundcloud, itunes, google play, and stitcher.

Duration: 01:49:37

Episode 44...With Friends Like These

This week the fellas sit down and discuss Steph Curry mocking LeBron in front of Kyrie Irving and if it was a big deal or not, Bobby V getting caught (again) with a transgender, chef daryl mac calls in and poses a great question, and of course a power recap! If you want to support black businesses head over to and help Chef Daryl Mac reach his goal!

Duration: 01:59:12

Live From The Shop: Episode 43 "The Juice is Loose"

This week at the shop we have a caller takeover, and the fellas discuss O.J. being released, R. Kelly and Usher. A what would you do on the first date scenario? How hot does it get before you turn the AC on in the car? Michael Vick & Colin Kapernick and more. Give it a Listen Soundcloud, itunes, google play and stitcher. Share, Like, Subscribe

Duration: 01:42:34

Episode 42...Know your role

In this episode the fellas break down Gender Roles in the modern era, necessities and bills that you hate paying for. Why more black parents don't get their kids swimming lessons, if you're a dickhead can you be a likable dickhead? Carmelo staying with the Knicks and much more. Check it out and give it a listen Share, like, subscribe.

Duration: 01:44:38

Episode 41 Woke up at 4:44

The Fella's are back this week as they discuss 4:44, If you not woke are you Sleep? Was Robin Givens really that fine? Has panhandling become an epidemic? Who was more petty between Blac Chyna and Rob and more.

Duration: 02:10:47

Episode 40...Sit Down Heathcliff

Cutz & Scoe were joined by Chef Daryl Mac in the shop this week. The fellas discuss women who lie about being raped and what should the punishment for that offense, bill cosby holding seminars on how not to rape women, Philando Castile, friendships and more! remember to subscribe like rate share and comment on Itunes SoundCloud Googleplay & follow @theshoppod on twitter & IG follow @ChefDarylMac on IG for cooking recipes and more

Duration: 01:27:26

Live From The Shop 39.5

In this weeks episode the fellas give their thoughts on if drugs should be legal. Why Single Mothers don't allow fathers to have fathers day to themselves. Give their thoughts on All eyez on me, break down the XXL freshman class of the past 10 years, which tv dads they would like as their father and more.

Duration: 01:31:47

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