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Episode 20 - Week 17, the Final Episode of 2015

The NFL season will conclude Sunday Night in Green Bay. The Live It or Pivot Pod presents the final episode of 2015 with a special Week 17 edition. With so little on the line in terms of playoff implications the SquareCapper and the Commissioner collaborate to build a GPP lineup for Week 17 on DraftKings. Uncle Dan the Cowboy Fan closes the book on his season as he phones in on the road home from Lexington. Dan hits every topic imaginable in his final call, but leaves one burning question:...

Duration: 00:46:16

Episode 19 - Week 16, Happy Holidays

The Week 16 Happy Holidays edition of the Live It or Pivot Pod. The Square and the Commish continue rising high as another winning week for both is in the books. Both are confident in the Week 16 selections and the full slate of games will be needed to replicate recent results. Uncle Dan the Cowboy Fan presents "The Return of Roy" as he phones in hot from the HoJo in Lexington. Dan celebrates his push in the Cowboy game and advises you can't leave the points at home anymore. As always, the...

Duration: 00:54:07

Episode 18 - Week 15, or Santa Clausen

Week 15 marks the beginning of the Mini Roller Contest. In the all important Week 15 episode, the Square and Commish look to build on a wildly successful Week 14. The SquareCapper.com power rankings are polished and operating at an optimal rate after another winning week. It's time to take the points! Uncle Dan the Cowboy Fan calls in for the last time this season -- or so he thinks -- as he's under the impression this is the final week. Dan makes time to talk Cowboys while at Home Depot...

Duration: 00:54:40

Episode 17 - Week 14, or the Exotic Episode

Week 14 showcases the Square and Commish focusing on how to stretch their DFS budgets following a high scoring, but not quite successful Week 13. The Square is growing quite confident in the SquareCapper.com power rankings after another winning week and as expected will rely heavily on them once again. The Commish is a must listen as we enter a week with comparable totals and unlimited possibilities. The delusional Uncle Dan takes time out from pumping gas to tout the Dallas victory and...

Duration: 01:02:47

Episode 16 - Week 13, or the Kicker Picker Impersonation

With only 23 shopping days until Christmas, the SquareCapper and Commissioner begin December with a compelling Week 13 episode. Fresh off the Turkey Day Thumping, the duo look to rebound armed with fresh information and strong takes. The SquareCapper.com power rankings are updated and in great form, now the final hurdle is the Square trusting in the numbers. Uncle Dan the Cowboy Fan calls the boys following what he describes as his JJ Watt wood chopping session as he prepares to build a...

Duration: 01:06:49

Episode 15 - Week 12, or the Turkey Day Special

Happy Thanksgiving! Week 12 kicks off as the SquareCapper and Commissioner provide an extensive breakdown of all three Thursday games. The Turkey Day contests are discussed and the lineups are scrutinized position-by-position. Uncle Dismal the Cowboy Fan rings in from the Howard Johnson in Lexington, KY. Dan goes rogue as he boasts the home field advantage with an unprecedented Thanksgiving Day Trifecta. Dan goes live on Twitter with a holiday tweet that will have you in stitches. The...

Duration: 01:22:11

Episode 14 - Week 11, or the Inexplicable Episode

The Week 11 episode is inexplicable in nature, but filled with explanations on this week’s top ATS picks and DFS plays. Uncle Dan the Cowboy Fan phones in from his favorite local watering hole celebrating his winning Week 10. Dan perpetuates his Papal conspiracy theory but believes his holiness Jerry Jones has healed Tony Romo, who will propel the Cowboys to a big win. The wild card game of the week heads to the desert and Dan makes a bold prediction. Voice Over Guy returns for the fan...

Duration: 01:22:23

Episode 13 - Week 10, or the Imaginary Friend

Week 10 heads to Primetime! The Square chooses a side in all three marquee night games much to the dismay of some. The Commissioner discusses his affinity for the “SNF-MNF Only” contest where he has managed to double up in back-to-back weeks. Uncle Dan the Cowboy Fan rings in riding dirty. Dan, along with imaginary friend and personal driver Roy are departing the campus of Ohio University while enjoying a few beverages. Dan discusses his impending return to Raymond James Stadium where he...

Duration: 01:25:49

Episode 12 - Week 9, or the Funeral

The Week 9 episode of the Live It or Pivot Podcast: a funeral procession for the Westgate SuperContest. The tumultuous Week 8 is recapped and the unquestionable bad luck is detailed. The injuries, penalties, and losses have clearly taken a toll on the SquareCapper. The Commissioner advises Square to consider going Costanza on some selections to see if he can garner the same results as George. Advice that appears to have been taken. The commissioner recounts his dreadful luck in terms of...

Duration: 01:14:34

Episode 11 - Breeders' Cup Special

The Breeders' Cup preview is the first SquareCapper.com horse racing breakdown show. This episode showcases handicapper extraordinaire, Evangeline Tommy. ET delivers his undying support for Lexington, BBN, and Keeneland before prepping us for the principal Breeders Cup Events. The SquareCapper and Live It or Pivot Voice Over Guy add their unique spin. The race-by-race breakdown and top plays of the colossal event are debated and discussed. All three share racing insight, previous stories,...

Duration: 00:30:44

Episode 10 - Week 8, or The Sieve

The Week 8 show features a renewed swagger from the Commissioner as he laments over watching the games with the SquareCapper, a grievance shared by the SquareWife. The Commissioner rebounded nicely in Week 7, but the SquareCapper continues to flounder with a 17-16-2 record. Following the revelation of Week 8 selections, the commissioner emphasizes his proclamation that he will avoid SquareCapper headquarters this Sunday. Uncle Dan the Cowboy Fan rings in from his garage where he claims to...

Duration: 01:12:35

Episode 09 - Week 7, or Set It and Forget It

The Week 7 show begins with shared commiseration between the Commissioner and the Square as they recap an unfavorable Week 6. The Thursday night game and publicity stunt in London are briefly touched on prior to getting into the Sunday slate. Uncle Dan the Cowboy Fan surfaces in a pub where he is thought to be drowning his pitiful 3-8 record. In a moment of clarity he vows to have a winning week, and he may be on to something as he shares a pick with the SquareCapper. Circle The Square...

Duration: 01:02:36

Episode 08 - Week 6, or the Failed Gus Bradley Doppelganger

The Week 6 show kicks off with a life-changing announcement from the Commissioner! The subdued Uncle Dan the Cowboy Fan weighs in from a Home Depot. Dan recapitulates the Dallas season and provides a halfhearted endorsement for recently appointed starter Matt Cassel. Dan informs us he has thrown in the towel on handicapping MAC games and looks to improve on his paltry 3-7 record with his wild card pick of the week. The Live It or Pivot Podcast has reached the Rockies as show fan Evan in...

Duration: 01:10:32

Episode 07 - Week 5, or the Lacy Gurley Product Line

An action-packed Week 5 show features Uncle Dan the Cowboy Fan weighing in from his living room. Dan provides his outlandish prediction on the Patriots/Cowboys game and breaks down the Browns/Ravens game as his wild card pick of the week. Exuding confidence from last week’s parlay play, Dan goes so far as to give a bonus pick on some MACtion. #DKleak has created quite the controversy and the guys break down the current “scandal”, along with the potential impact on and future state of DFS....

Duration: 01:06:34

Episode 06 - Week 4, or The Raymond James Stadium Incident

The quarter pole is visible as we embark on Week 4 of the NFL season. A few downtrodden contenders were able to show signs of life in Week 3 and look to build upon that success. The Week 4 episode features Uncle Dan the Cowboy Fan joining us from the boardwalk in Siesta Key, Florida. Dan reflects on his 2003 ejection from Raymond James Stadium and provides his weekly Cowboy breakdown and wild card pick of the week. Voice Over Guy manages to strong arm his way into the studio for a live...

Duration: 01:10:07

Episode 05 - Week 3, or Bortles and Cans

Week 3 in the NFL features a handful of preseason contenders at 0-2, now faced with early season must-win match-ups. The SquareCapper and the Commissioner collaborate to provide an all-encompassing game-by-game breakdown of the Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest lines and delve into the most advantageous player match-ups and possible fantasy sleepers of Week 3. This show features the unveiling of the SquareCapper power ratings and spot bias. As always, show-regular Uncle Dan the Cowboy Fan...

Duration: 01:17:26

Episode 04 - Week 2

The NFL season resumes for "Overreaction Weekend" and the Live It or Pivot Podcast features a detailed Week 2 analysis. The SquareCapper and the Commissioner collaborate to provide an all-encompassing game-by-game breakdown of the Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest lines and delve into the most advantageous player match-ups and possible fantasy sleepers of Week 2. This episode features the Daily Fantasy Nerd @DFSnerd, who discusses bankroll management, ideal lineup strategies, and provides...

Duration: 01:10:54

Episode 03 - Week 1

The NFL season kicks off this weekend and the Live It or Pivot Podcast features a detailed Week 1 analysis. The SquareCapper and the Commissioner collaborate to provide an all-encompassing game-by-game breakdown of the Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest lines and delve into the most advantageous player match-ups and possible fantasy sleepers of Week 1. This episode features show regular Uncle Dan the Cowboy Fan sharing his opinions along with avid listener Rob Secaur attempting to be the first...

Duration: 00:57:14

Episode 02 - NFC Preview Show

The @SquareCapper (Brad Niehaus) and @DFScommish (Dane Blackburn) return to complete their evaluation of the 2015 NFL season. Futures odds and fantasy standouts of the NFL's NFC are broken down. As always, we appreciate you subscribing and leaving reviews on iTunes.

Duration: 00:40:00

Episode 01 - AFC Preview Show

Brad Niehaus and Dane Blackburn, affectionately known as @SquareCapper and @DFScommish, debate and discuss the odds and fantasy implications of the NFL's AFC Conference. We really appreciate you subscribing and sharing your ratings and reviews of our show on iTunes.

Duration: 00:37:48