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With Live Love Eat, nutrition coach, eating disorder counselor, and writer Stefani Ruper brings the reality, beauty, and inspiration of real people's stories of their journeys with food and with their bodies to the air. Guests are volunteers she has counseled as well as popular writers and bloggers, often but not necessarily with a paleo perspective on health. Stefani's work emphasizes nourishment, empowerment, love, pride in natural bodies, and laughter in making progress with food and with life.




Episode ten with self-love guru Karly Randolph Pitman

In this episode I have the enormous honor of speaking with Karly Randolph Pitman, a woman who's compassion, love, power, and wisdom is nearly palpable in just a skype conversation. Possibly the podcast that resonates the most with my own story, as well as with what I believe are the most powerful methods and insights for overcoming disordered eating. In this episode, Karly and I discuss her history with bingeing and restricting, why everyone overeats at night, how marriage can't fix your...

Duration: 01:09:36

Episode Nine: Civilized Caveman George Bryant

Episode eight of Live. Love. Eat. has now been posted! In it I had the enormous honor of speaking with George Bryant, an enormously kick ass soul and dear friend of mine, who also happens to be super famous and to run the websiteCivilized Caveman CookingCreations, as well as the new e-Cookbook,Caveman Feast. In this episode, George and I discuss his history with eating disorders, the damaging effects of weight regulation in the military, what it means to be a man with body image issues,...

Duration: 00:50:24

Episode Five: Jimmy Moore

Jimmy Moore is a popular blogger, writer, and health advocate who publishes several podcast episodes each week and who writes a blog at his website,livinlavidalowcarb.com. He came to a career of health advocacy from a life of obesity, weighing in at about 400 pounds. In 2004, however, after finally making peace with some emotional demons, and finding a diet (Atkins!) that worked for him, he was able to lose 150 pounds in just one year. A year later he began blogging and writing books about...

Duration: 01:04:56