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Episode 34: Home Building

Patrick Raye from Hillan Homes is here with Paul and Sal to talk about what’s expected when building a house and where the next hot areas are. The three men also discuss how new home sales defy holiday low, the new Dow Jones, mortgage rates holding strong, and last night’s meteor. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [HF NMLS #1467435]

Duration: 00:25:12

Episode 33: Marketing Your House

Paul and Sal are joined by Max Broock Realtors of Birmingham’s Ryan Lane in our studio today. The three discuss how to market your house, if it’s still a good time to buy or sell, credit card debt at a new record, the importance of reading your purchase agreement, and what to look for when shopping for a mortgage. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [HF NMLS #1467435]

Duration: 00:27:14

Episode 32: Expectations for Housing & Bitcoin

Paul and Sal are joined by REALTEAM’s Tommy Lower and Danny Schick on this week’s podcast. The four experts discuss Blockchain and bitcoin (a favored topic for Paul and Tommy), how 2017 performed, and what they’re expecting in 2018, including the tax reform plan and potential homebuyers. Oh, and Sal became a homeowner (commence applause). [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [HF NMLS #1467435]

Duration: 00:25:57

Episode 31: Real Estate Mindset and 2018

Tony Raffin joins Paul, Sal, and Rob Knotts on this week’s podcast. Tony brings a long and interesting history in housing to the industry. The four men discuss rehab and distressed properties, mindset, bitcoin in real estate, and looking ahead at housing in 2018. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [Rob NMLS #1296138] [HF NMLS #1467435]

Duration: 00:25:15

Episode 30: Market Conditions

REALTEAM’s Elena Filimon and David Simovski join Paul and Sal on Live on Real Estate this week. The four industry experts discuss getting started in the business, market conditions, overcoming first-time homebuyer fears, fed talk (before the rate hike was officially announced this afternoon), the winter market and busyness, and much more. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [HF NMLS #1467435]

Duration: 00:26:03

Episode 29: Headaches of Renting & OfferPad

The famous realtor Monica Iskra from Keller Williams Plymouth joins Paul and Sal on Live on Real Estate this week. Monica tells us why she loves helping buyers this time of year and the three discuss renting vs. buying, a couple headlines—the tax plan and loanDepot partnering with OfferPad—and play a little game of fact or fiction. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [HF NMLS #1467435]

Duration: 00:27:24

Episode 28: What to Buy

Matt Barker from Max Broock Realtors is in the studio with Paul and Sal, where the three gentlemen are talking about buying a home that might need some work vs. is ready to go, hiring the correct listing agent, what it takes to stage a home, CFPB turmoil, conforming loan limits, and the economy vs. real estate. It’s 26 minutes of the best home tips and industry news. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [HF NMLS #1467435]

Duration: 00:26:06

Episode 27: Industry IQ

Dan Beazley, Director of IQ Realty and one of the most experienced and best agents, is in the house today with Paul and Sal to talk about what to do if your house isn’t selling, how to price your home correctly, existing home sales up 2%, net neutrality is ending and how that effects the market and online companies, and bitcoin creeping into the real estate market. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [HF NMLS #1467435]

Duration: 00:27:04

Episode 26: Staging the home & 0% down

Stephanie Janiga of Keller Williams Novi the Janiga Group and widely known as one of the best listing agents around, joins Paul and Sal in our new studio! She brings over eleven years of experience in the industry to the show and she’s talking about staging the home, how to “beef up” an offer, and seasonality. Other topics up for discussion: Flagstar’s 0% down program, selling to millennials, and what might slow down the market. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [H FNMLS #1467435]

Duration: 00:26:14

Episode 25: Tax Reform Proposal

Joe and Jon Angell from Angell & Company join Paul & Sal on this week’s podcast. The two accountants bring supreme insight to discuss the proposed tax reform that’s all over the media. There’s a lot of negative media attention surrounding Trump’s plan, how much of that is a real concern? Other topics on the agenda: more millennials buying over renting & jobs market. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [HF NMLS #1467435]

Duration: 00:26:32

Episode 24: Sal is Buying a Home

Turn that volume up because Kevin DeVergilio from Realteam Real Estate joins our Paul and Sal on the show this week to discuss how to price the home appropriately, how it’s no better time than now to buy or sell, new home sales at a 10-year high, rising rent effecting the market, benefits of owning a home, and the importance of an inspection when buying a home. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [HF NMLS #1467435]

Duration: 00:27:24

Episode 23: Paperwork Matters

Realtor Damon Johnson is in the house with our Paul and Sal, to talk about getting your paperwork RIGHT and the importance of a proper pre-approval. Also on the agenda: consumer thoughts on online mortgage information, what remodelers are reporting, and the top 7 ways real estate agents annoy clients. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [HF NMLS #1467435]

Duration: 00:27:07

Episode 22: Pricing the Home Right

Darren Peterfi, the Director of Operations for the Janiga Group Keller Williams of Novi, joins Paul in the studio this week to talk about getting a home ready for sale: how to price it, the various seasons, technology, etc. [Paul NMLS #27543] [NMLS #1467435]

Duration: 00:25:56

Episode 21: Get Your Home Ready for Sale

This week’s guest is the talented Brandon Curry from Sotheby’s International Realty Birmingham. Brandon, Paul, & Sal discuss how to get your home ready for sale, Amazon coming to Detroit, how boomers are more likely to carry mortgage into retirement, & more. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [HF NMLS #1467435]

Duration: 00:24:20

Episode 20: Different Light on Housing

Ben Cross from University Moving & Storage of Farmington Hills, MI joins our Paul, Sal, and Jon in the studio to bring a different light on housing news and the market, talking about trends and how technology has impacted the moving industry. Three other topics on the agenda for discussion: [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [Jon NMLS #303757] [HF NMLS #1467435]

Duration: 00:24:44

Episode 19: Market Conditions

Realteam Real Estate’s David Simovski joins our Paul and Sal on this week’s episode to discuss market conditions and look ahead at the local market, along with credit history, down payments, and more. You should hear what David has to say for those who are thinking about holding off on selling—there’s a reason he’s an expert in the industry. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [HF NMLS #1467435]

Duration: 00:25:42

Episode 18: Birthrates Impacting Housing

Zachary Taymore of Taymore & Associates Keller Williams Lakeside joins Paul, Sal, & Jon on this week’s show to discuss For Sale By Owner homes, seller’s market, wants vs. needs, today’s low birthrates impacting housing, student loan debt, & more. [Paul NMLS #1467435] [Sal NMLS #813562] [Jon NMLS #303757] [HF NMLS #1467435]

Duration: 00:27:13

Episode 17: 80% First-Time Homebuyer Rule

Alan Jay Robinson from Century 21 Town & Country joins our Paul, Sal, & Max Nathan to tell us about his tip for first-time homebuyers, the power of a realtor who cares and won’t waste your time, and the inspection period before getting into the headlines. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [Max NMLS #1552459] [HF NMLS #1467435]

Duration: 00:28:04

Episode 16: Getting Into Housing

Real Estate Agent Extraordinaire Brandon Mulrenin is back to join the pocket watch boys aka our Paul & Sal on this week’s podcast. They’re talking about expectations when entering the industry as a real estate agent or loan officer, the importance of having a great team on your side when purchasing a home, July’s job growth, & turmoil in the country affecting the housing market. [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [HF NMLS #1467435]

Duration: 00:25:02

Episode 15: Hot Woodward Market

Kyle Desmond of Hall and Hunter helps us break down how competitive the Woodward Corridor has gotten. Paul, Sal, John, and Kyle also talk about Zillow winning their court battle over Zestimates! [Paul NMLS #27543] [Sal NMLS #813562] [John NMLS#303757] [HF NMLS #1467435]

Duration: 00:26:34

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