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Just two dudes who pretend to know a little about a lot and are here to amuse. We'll talk live, you'll like it later.

Just two dudes who pretend to know a little about a lot and are here to amuse. We'll talk live, you'll like it later.
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Just two dudes who pretend to know a little about a lot and are here to amuse. We'll talk live, you'll like it later.






Episode 140 - The Not Naughty List

If you're still struggling to get your holiday shopping done, let Chris, Rob and John give you some last minute holiday gift ideas that you may not have thought of. None of the products mentioned are sponsors, they're just really cool. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:02:38

Episode 139 - The Banger Zone

Let John and Rob each take you through their Top 10 albums of 2017 while Chris sits back and plays countdown boy. Head over to our Facebook page for some playlists sampling of the albums covered. If you're looking for some new tunage, this is the place to start. Enjoy!!

Duration: 01:11:31

Episode 138 - Thanksgiving Miracle

The holiday table is full as Ben and Jim join Chris, Rob and John this week. Dinner conversation includes: Thanksgiving traditions, Decibel Magazine's Top 40 Albums of 2017, kids today and their listening habits, Metallica's Reload turns 20, and the touring mentality. All this, and Chris actually gets excited for a new album. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:01:26

Episode 137 - Obscure 80's TV

After John recounts his Texas Renaissance Festival experience and Rob gives his own pros and cons of the iPhone X, the posse dive into some obscure 80's TV shows that you may or may not have been aware of. Make sure to head over to our Facebook page for some links to the shows discussed. Enjoy!!

Duration: 00:47:45

Episode 136 - Ride The Train

Chris and Rob (from the future) discuss their latest YouTube rabbit holes, as John gives a pro tip, and just the tip, for navigating Houston to attend sporting events. All this culminates in a discussion about modern medicine in what is now fondly referred to as the "Uppity Section" Enjoy!

Duration: 01:00:47

Episode 135 - Nothin' On The Docket

Considering there was no real plan this week, Chris, Rob and John manage to fill the hour with some insightful talk about tech, health, sports and music. There are even a few bold future predictions, some of which have already come true..... Enjoy!!

Duration: 01:01:14

Episode 134 - We Are All Goldfish

Before they get all uppity, Chris learns a lesson in intellectual property, Rob gets into Turkish Pop, and John continues his 31 Days of Horror. Plus, a little discussion on Time Magazine's 15 Most Influential Websites. And of course, a bunch of other crap..... Enjoy!!

Duration: 01:01:26

Episode 133 - 2017 Candy Draft

It's a full house this week as Chris, Rob and John are joined by Chris Brown and Jim Wirges for the Halloween Candy Draft. Rules and regulations can be found within the episode as well as all the other nonsense you've come to expect from us. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:23:07

Episode 132 - It's Satire

Chris, Rob and John are all over the map this week. Rob finds some new punk bands with an old school message, Chris looks into lucid dreaming (which John has attempted), and Rob and John fire off an epic (but surprisingly educational) soccer rant. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:56:27

Episode 131 - Fan The Hammer

Sit in with Chris, Rob and John as they start out with some lighthearted conversations about recent concerts, TV, hockey and the MLB playoffs.....oh yeah, and Sexbots; all the things you've come to expect from this group. That's where it takes a weird turn toward the serious (but not too) leading into racist sports team names, gun control and general political discontent. Don't let this dissuade you, it's still chock full of the idiocy you know and love. Enjoy!!

Duration: 01:00:26

Episode 130 - Analysis Paralysis

Chris, Rob and John discuss their media viewing habits. This includes cable, streaming services, and the pros and cons of certain streaming devices. 4 out of 5 dentists will like this episode. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:00:47

Episode 129 - Van Halen / Was (Not Was) / Rush

Chris, Rob and John had given each other some homework. Each gave the other an album to digest, dissect and report on, for various reasons. This episode is the result of said experiment. Rob gave Chris: Van Halen "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge" Chris gave John: Was (Not Was) "What Up, Dog?" John gave Rob: Rush "Hemispheres" Enjoy!

Duration: 01:09:43

Episode 128 - Two Perspectives of WNY

The official documentation of Rob and John's trip to Western NY. The first half - Chris, Rob and John soberly (or thereabouts) recount the events. The Second Half - Recorded while everyone was in town, and not so sober, Chris, Rob, Ben and John give you the REAL experience. Skip to appx the 56 min mark for the second half, and the real fun. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:39:31

Episode 127 - Travel Plans

Listen in as Rob and John discuss their travel plans to visit Western NY. There is also some music and football talk, and Chris thinks he can be a radio DJ. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:44:26

Episode 126 - Firsthand Harvey

Sit in with Chris, Rob and John as the Texas boys give some first hand accounts of what it was like to experience Hurricane Harvey. Everything from preparation, hunkering down, relief efforts, and the road to restoration. Enjoy!!

Duration: 01:10:04

Episode 125 - Song Dissection

Chris is dog sitting, Rob and John are trying not to get washed away by Harvey, and apparently Mennonites is Wu-Tang. All of this leads to the discussion of songs about incest, and the break down of Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know" and Toto's "Africa". Enjoy!!

Duration: 00:57:14

Episode 124 - The Solar Eclipse

The end is nigh! Except probably not. Join Chris, Rob and John as they discuss facts, conspiracies and prophecies related to the the total solar eclipse sweeping across the US. Enjoy!!

Duration: 00:53:23

Episode 123 - Artificial Intelligence

In this week's installment, they boys talk artificial intelligence; the principles, the theories and the fears. This somehow (as usually happens) leads into mind control and other possibilities of dimensions. Enjoy!!

Duration: 00:50:52

Episode 122 - Episode About Nothing

John does Christmas in July, Rob sees a concert for free, and Chris goes topless. All this and a lot of other nothingness. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:00:16

Episode 121 - The Mafia

Before the train derails completely (as usually happens) Chris, Rob, Ben and John discuss the mafia. From the origins and history to present day, complete with bad accents, it's all in there. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:09:50

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