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Live Your Life will both empower and inspire you to live life to the fullest. Through personalized life coaching techniques, host Melissa Brown’s style is sure to move you beyond excuses, past regrets, and present day challenges to make the most of every opportunity. Tune in weekly to hear from guests who not only talk about empowerment but live it. Live Your Life will help you to see that where you are right now is the right time and place for something powerful to happen in your life.






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Special Encore Presentation: Healthy Relationships

How healthy are your relationships? Are you due for a relationship check-up? Join Melissa Brown for this “hot topic” show that is sure to give you some of the most essential tools needed for giving and receiving the love you want and need.

Duration: 00:56:08

Live Your Life


Duration: 00:54:41

Break the Cycle

What are the patterns and cycles within your family system that carry on from one generation to the next? What are the habits and behaviors that show up between mothers and daughters; and fathers and sons. Somehow no matter how much we may say we are going to live our lives different from our parents, all too often the same things continue to show up. This show will help listeners to identify those negative behaviors that have been passed down and become a part of our norm. Join Melissa...

Duration: 00:58:38

Be the Miracle

What if YOU are the miracle that you and the world have been waiting for? Within all of us is the inner calling to do something great and significant. And as we look at the world around us, it is clear that there is plenty to do. The question that so many of us are struggling with is what are WE supposed to do. Whatever your questions are in life, I am convinced that within you, there is an answer. So join Melissa Brown for this inspiring show that is focused on directing you to be the...

Duration: 00:56:43

Forgive and Let it Go with Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis

How long is too long to hold on to a painful memory? When does the wound we won’t forget become the glue that keeps us stuck in a sad story? If we are going to be people of change and transformation, we must be willing to let go of the past and see a brighter future. But in the course of life, who hasn’t been hurt, let down, betrayed, and disappointed. But with every hurt, forgiveness is the necessary first aid. Join Melissa Brown with her special guest, psychologist, and celebrity...

Duration: 00:56:47

Make Room for the New You

Your physical space is a reflection of your mind and your spirit. And as we prepare for this new season, we must be intentional about getting rid of the old. We can’t go through life accumulating more and more and never being mindful to take out the trash; both literally and metaphorically. So join Melissa Brown for another show that is sure to inspire you to clear the clutter, organize your space, and throw some things away. If you are ready for a new life, then take the next step and...

Duration: 00:57:05

Live Your Life


Duration: 00:57:48

The Body Mind Connection with Naila Chauncey Hughes

As Spring is upon us, we can see everything around us beginning to change. It is our cue as human beings that we must also see that it’s time for a change. Join Melissa Brown and her special guest, Lifestyle Coach, Naila Chauncey Hughes as they begin to look at the connection between the mind and the body. With everything we experience in our emotional and spiritual lives, there is often a physical reaction that tends to show up in the form of extra weight on our bodies. This show is sure...

Duration: 00:54:58

The Courage to Love

While love is our greatest need; it is also very often our biggest fear. For those who have loved and feel like they have lost, we can very easily and even unconsciously close ourselves off from opening ourselves to love ever again. This show is designed to help individuals realize that there is no fear in real love. Join Melissa Brown once again as she tackles this very hot topic of love and relationships. Grab a pen and your journal as Melissa talks about life experiences that tend to...

Duration: 00:57:18

The Courage to Be You

Do you have the courage to be who you were created to be, or are you living to please and accommodate others? If you are going to live the life of your dreams, then you must fully embrace the principle of, “to thine own self be true”. You have been uniquely created and purposely designed; but too often we are living to the expectations of society, and even those we love. We struggle with accepting ourselves and being accepted by others. Listen in to this show as Melissa Brown once again...

Duration: 00:56:07

Take a Leap of Faith

Courage is not the absence of fear, but is the ability to feel the fear and pursue a dream anyway. So what is the dream that you need to pursue? Do you have the courage to take a leap of faith? Join Melissa Brown and special guest as they talk about what is required in taking a risk. Melissa and her guest will give some practical wisdom about understanding timing, having a clear plan, and moving forward even when the circumstances are not ideal. This show is designed to inspire you to walk...

Duration: 00:59:15

Powerful Choices

There is nothing more powerful than a person’s ability to make a choice. Choices become the trail that will either lead us toward destiny or to self-destruction. Some people even say that we are all the sum of our choices. So as we enter into a new month, Live Your Life will begin a courage series. Each show during the month will highlight ways to maximize your courage and move toward the things your heart has been calling you to do; and one of the primary things needed in a courageous...

Duration: 00:57:09

The Love Academy

How do we learn the lessons of love? Are they taught or are they lived? Where do the rules of relationship come from; and how come so many people seem to have their own rule book? This show serves as a follow up to the Healthy Relationships show that generated great discussion among both the married and the single. Join Melissa Brown with special guest, Debrena Jackson Gandy, a national speaker, relationship coach and best-selling author who will talk about the numerous myths we have about...

Duration: 00:56:06

Healthy Relationships

How healthy are your relationships? Are you due for a relationship check-up? Join Melissa Brown for this “hot topic” show that is sure to give you some of the most essential tools needed for giving and receiving the love you want and need. Sometimes when we are so desperate to have Mister or Misses Right in our lives, things end up going totally wrong. Celebrity Therapist, Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis will be Melissa’s special guest and share with listeners some of the mistakes people make in...

Duration: 00:56:08