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16. Best Of with John Robins, Dane Baptiste, Kiri Pritchard Mc-Lean, Rhys James, Kae Kurd, Rose Matafeo, Pippa Evans and Ivo Graham

It’s the final episode of Live at the Pleasance for 2017. What a month it’s been! It’s all gone so fast! Can you believe it?! Etc. etc. This year we celebrated 70 years of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and 33 years of the Pleasance in real style. We’ve talked to everyone from the freshest newly-hatched comedy chicks and the most seasoned Fringe leg(hen)ds (…ok we’re all tired right?) This episode features some of the best bits of Live at the Pleasance - are you ready for an onslaught of...


Ed Gamble, Sophie Willan, Josh Pugh, Gary Delaney, Mark Watson and Angela Barnes

In this penultimate episode of Live at the Pleasance for 2017, we’re going to treat you to the stars of the Fringe, the telly, the radio and the future! Maddie chats to Ed Gamble about his new tattoo addiction, Al and debutant Josh Pugh say terribly rude things about Coventry and award-nominated Sophie Willan refuses to be a working class hero. We get a one-off listen to Thom Tuck singing the Mountain Goats at Mark Watson’s festival of bad ideas, Angela Barnes performs at the gala for...


14. Chris Turner, Pippa Evans, Brennan Reece, Phil Wang, Joe Sutherland, Rachel Jackson

If you’re revving up for making the most of the final weekend at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, there’s loads of top-tips for comedy in this podcast! In this episode we’ve got interviews with comedian and free-style rapper Chris Turner, the best-newcomer nominated Brennan Reece and the Olivier Award winning Pippa Evans. Live comedy courtesy of Joe Sutherland, Phil Wang and Rachel Jackson. Live at the Pleasance is brought to you in association with


Adam Riches, John Hastings, AMUSICAL, Richard Gadd, Phoebe Walsh, Simon Day, Ken Cheng and Tessa Coates

In this episode we’ve got clips from three brilliant live shows courtesy of Phoebe Walsh, Simon Day and John Hastings as well as interviews with one third of Massive Dad, Tessa Coates, the comedian and poker player Ken Cheng, who has just won the Dave award for best joke and the 2011 Edinburgh Comedy award winner Adam Riches. This episode also includes a special sneak preview of Amusical, the one-off musical and comedy extravaganza happening at the Pleasance Grand on the 23rd of August....


12. Lucy Porter, Ivo Graham, Rhys James, Jenny Bede, Kae Kurd and Alisdair Beckett-King

Day three, week three of the Edinburgh Fringe festival and we’ve still got even more bloomin’ brilliant new comedy from the Pleasance! In this podcast Lucy Porter has a run-in with the local council, Ivo Graham defrosts his freezer and Alisdair Beckett-King generates tweets with a steam-powered accordion. Live stand-up comes courtesy of Rhys James, Jenny Bede and Kae Kurd. Live at the Pleasance is brought to you in association with


Arthur Smith, Catriona Knox, Lloyd Griffith, Twayna Mayne, Joseph Morpurgo and Jordan Brookes

Another smashing collage of comedy from the Edinburgh Fringe festival in this episode of Live at the Pleasance. Al catches up with character comedian Catriona Knox and with the voice of a trucker, body of an angel and new face of Soccer AM Lloyd Griffith whilst Maddie meets the newest Pleasance recruit, Jordan Brookes. Live comedy comes from Twanya Mayne, Joseph Morpurgo and Arthur Smith. Live at the Pleasance is brought to you in association with You can start a free 30...


10. Comedy Reserve special with Darren Harriot, Catherine Bohart, Sophie Duker, Nigel Ung and Danny Clives

It’s time to meet the stars of tomorrow! The Pleasance Comedy Reserve is back for its 13th year at the Edinburgh Fringe with another four brilliant new acts, handpicked by the Pleasance and supported by the Charlie Hartill Special Reserve Fund. Previous Comedy Reserve members include Jack Whitehall, Roisin Conaty, Joe Lycett, Simon Brodkin, Holly Walsh and Daniel Rigby. This years comedy reserve stars Catherine Bohart, Sophie Duker, Danny Clives and Nigel Ung. You’re going to meet them all...


9. Angela Barnes, Rose Matafeo, Andy Field, the Red Bastard Eric Davies, Tez Ilyas and Chris Turner

In this episode, Tez Ilyas takes issue with artisan cheeseboards, Andy Field laughs at his own jokes, Angela Barnes is having a disgracefully healthy and happy Fringe, Rose Matafeo gives us real-talk about the pill, Chris Turner tells us how he jumped out of the Brexit frying-pan and into the Trump fire and Eric Davis AKA The Red Bastard promises to expose your lies… Live at the Pleasance is brought to you in association with You can start a free 30 day trial where you can...


7. Dane Baptiste, Kiri Pritchard-Mclean, Sophie Willan, Ross and Josh and the T-Rex from Jurassic Park

Live at the Pleasance is brought to you in association with Try a free 30 day trial and pick from the world's largest selection of audiobooks, on us. Go to Big names and fresh faces for you today. BBC Three's Dane Baptiste is a man with a lot to say about the world, whilst BBC Two's Rachel Parris lays down the rules for feminism. There's some challenging stand up from Sophie Willan and we get a chat and a sketch from Leed "Vic and...


6. Rhys James, Jayde Adams, Max & Ivan, Tessa Coates, Nigel Ng and Michael Stranney

Oh hello there! It’s week two of the Fringe and Maddie and Al are back with another joy-packed podcast. In this episode Al talks to Rhys James about his worst Kate Nash based experience (we’ve all got one!) and asks Jayde Adams about turning down Britain’s Got Talent (we’ve all done it!) whilst Maddie gets Max & Ivan to expose the illegal Segway trade in Melbourne. We’ve also got brilliant sneak-peaks of comedy from Tessa Coates, Nigel Ng and Michael Stranney. What a start to the...


5. John Robins, Tom Allen, Annie Sertich, Lauren Pattinson, Darren Harriott and Luke Kempner

In this episode Al comes face to face with the darkness when he meets John Robins in an interview that’s interrupted by an impromptu catwalk and he also welcomes Annie Sertich into the Pleasance family. Meanwhile, Maddie fulfils a life long dream of talking to Tom Allen about brunch. You'll also be treated to fresh new stand-up from Luke Kemper, Lauren Pattinson and Darren Harriott. We're back next week with more interviews and comedy from the likes of Mark Watson, Lucy Porter, Ed Gamble...


3. Tez Ilyas, Pippa Evans, Brennan Reece, Sophie Willan, Twanya Mayne and Ben Fogg

How ambitious is too ambitious? Al chats to Ben Fogg who has brought his debut show How I Won Best Newcomer 2017 to the Pleasance this year, he puts Pleasance debutant Twanya Mayne on a desert island to test her survivor skills and Tez Ilyas defends Donald Trump. Pretty ambitious. We’ve also got fresh stand up from Sophie Willan, Brennan Reece and Pippa Evans (and Rupert Murdoch). Enjoy! And - just as importantly - SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss anything. Live at the Pleasance is brought...


1. Ed Gamble, Jayde Adams and Dane Baptiste at the Pleasance Launch Gala

The Pleasance Comedy Podcast is brought to you in association with In this episode we’re sneaking you in to the Pleasance launch Gala! Al got behind the scenes and Maddie got herself in the audience in order to bring you all the highlights. We’ve got comedy from the likes of Ed Gamble, Jayde Adams and Dane Baptiste, as well as magic with Colin Cloud, dance with SKIN, and a darkly comic pop opera from Irvine Welsh and Don De Grazia. The wonderful Anthony Alderton also...


LatP Preview with Mark Watson, Katherine Ryan, John Robins, Tim Vine, Holly Walsh, Josh Widdecombe, Deborah Francis White, Paul Merton and MORE

PREVIEW! With Tim Vine, Mark Watson, Susan Calman, Tim Key, Angela Barnes, Josh Widdicombe, Suzi Ruffell, John Robins, David O’Doherty, Tom Allen, Phil Wang, Kiri Pritchard Mclean, Katherine Ryan, Paul Merton, Isy Suttie, Deborah Francis White and Phil Jupitus. Welcome to the Live at the Pleasance Comedy Podcast! Formerly known as the Pleasance Comedy Podcast, we’re back for 2017 to bring you loads of fresh new live stand up and exclusive interviews with comedians. Expect to be shocked,...