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Live from the Dining Room is a NJ based local and underground live broadcast/podcast. Listen live monday nights, 8pm at




Live from the Dining Room 8-28-17 Spowder

This week in the Dining Room, we’ve got SPOWDER in studio. Chek them out September 9 @ Volume IV Stdio in New Brunswick as part of the ROCK New Brunswick Warmup Party. Be Sure to check out Spowder on Facebook, Spotify, Bandcamp, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube -The Cryptkeeper Five - Frankie -Spowder - Miricle Grow (LFTDR In-Studio) -Spowder - Pastry Changer (LFTDR In-Studio) -Spowder - My House Smells Like Kim Deal (LFTDR In-Studio) -Spowder - The Man With Two Mouths (LFTDR...

Duration: 01:57:28

Live from the Dining Room 8-21-17 Solar Eclipse was lame

Solar Eclipses are always lame, and we, with Nicole Golden, Discuss that garbage -Please Exist - Martyrdom -Comb The Desert - Flightless Birds -Permanent Tension - Pockmarked -Cranes Are Flying - Polyglot -Dead Rejects - Gimme Coffee -Banquets - Backwash -Boy vs. Ghost - Splinters II -Cold Heart Revival - Lonely People -Dogpound - Do What I Do -Bad Whoremoans - Camp Crystal Lake -Jeff Linden and the Black Spot Society - Burn The Witch -Noordzo - Holy Laughter Download...

Duration: 01:31:06

Live from the Dining Room 8-14-17 The Golden Age

Joe talks to fictional charachters, while practicing his chops on the wood flute -COMRADES - FREEDOM -Charlie Sztyk - Holy War -Crack Filler - Fuck Nazis -Not The Bees! - The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be -Alpha Rabbit - Tonight -Pet Jail - Funk if I Know -Toy Cars - Red Hands -Warsmen - WARSMEN 4 PEACE -Chemtrail - Like All Earthlings -Hidden Cabins - News At 11 -T.Gunn & The Semantics - Ovaltine Jenkins -Trophy Scars - Archangel -The Turnbucklers - All The Time -Jeremy...

Duration: 02:06:52

Live from the Dining Room 8-7-17 Moose Detective

This week we spin the hits, then speak to Papa Reese about his new podcast, Maple Maurez Shrouzberry (subscribe on iTunes, Follow on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) -Meeko Brando - PTSD -Eyeswan - Steve Caballero -Rocky & The Chapter - Overthinking -Dan Shields - Farty Party (LFTDR In-Studio) -The Vaughns - Santa Cruz -Weakened Friends - Crshd -Brother Octopus - Dreamer -The Smoking Robins - Surfing on my Devil Board -Maple Maurez S [...]

Duration: 02:00:17

Live from the Dining Room 7-31-17 in the K-Cafe™

This week in the Dining Room, is a reunion of sorts, when Joe and Jason have an old friend/former guitar player in our old band, John Magnanti in studio as well as food truck connoisseur Hank Reed of Oink & Moo BBQ truck -Trü - Kirsti -XtraFlatt - Stale Popcorn in the K-Cafe™ -Bent Knee - Sunshine -SAD LIPS - Breath -Masi & Baxter - Shake It Off -Sammy Kay and the East Los Three - Second Avenue -Screaming Females - Sour Grapes -Erotica - Apollo -HypeVercab - The Three...

Duration: 02:23:19

Live from the Dining Room 7-24-17 Heavy Flow II

This week in the Dining Room, We’ve got heavy flow back in studio, playing in the 2.0 room. the connection between math and god is totally connected. Check out Heavy Flow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes -Hub City Stompers - Fuck Hamilton Street -Heavy Flow - Mirrors (LFTDR In-Studio) -Heavy Flow - Can’t Shake Yah (LFTDR In-Studio) -Heavy Flow - All I Think About (LFTDR In-Studio) -Heavy Flow - Can’t Complain (LFTDR In-Studio) -Heavy Flow - Bad Penny...

Duration: 01:56:47

Live from the Dining Room 7-17-17 Damian Rucci

This Week In The Dining Room, We have Performance Poet Damian Rucci, founder of Poetry in the Port -Coach N’ Commando - Satan Rides A Cockroach -Cold Heart Revival - Your Island -Red Giant - Open -ManDancing - (the) Words -Books. - GMO4NOW v3 -Phelan Tupik - Vul Pine -Subitiles - Saint Download Standard Podcasts

Duration: 02:06:59

Live from the Dining Room 7-10-17 Honah Lee // 3 Year Anniversary

Tonight, we celebrate 3 years of LFTDR with one of our absolute favorites, Honah Lee! Full Band in the Dining Room South, 2.0! we go over all the active projects the band is involved in, preview their upcoming tour and smash cake or whatever. Check out Honah Lee on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and GTG. Also be sure to check out Groovy Movies, Brat Cat,

Duration: 02:16:24

Live from the Dining Room 6-26-17 Joe Galuppo & The Derailment

This week, LFTDR Host, Joe Galuppo, adds drummer Thomas De Vinko and combine as the Derailment, continueing the trend of LFTDR 2.0 then swing focus onto astrological cars or whatever -Spherehead - Pig Sty -Joe Galuppo & The Derailment - Soft Water (LFTDR In-Studio) -Joe Galuppo & The Derailment - Grow (LFTDR In-Studio) -Joe Galuppo & The Derailment - Rotary (LFTDR In-Studio) -Joe Galuppo & The Derailment - Change (LFTDR In-Studio) -Joe Galuppo & The Derailment - Sponge (LFTDR...

Duration: 02:07:53

Live from the Dining Room 6-19-17 When Particles Collide

This week, in the Dining Room, we launch Dining Room South. An extra room that we can house full bands. And our inaugural guests of LFTDR 2.0 is When Particles Collide, from Bangor, ME. One of our absolute favorite bands that often come through the New Jersey area, are able to swing through LFTDR en route to their many dates throughout the country. We fill their time with WWE trivia, invent new types of male organs, and get to hear some new songs! be sure to check out...

Duration: 01:29:03

Live from the Dining Room 6-12-17 Boy vs Ghost

This week, we’re back in the dining room, with Justin Boy vs Ghost Ortiz. we check out the amazing Bobby Conn in concert, throw on our sunglasses and get some BVG performances. Check out Boy vs. Ghost on Facebook and Bandcamp, and be sure to check out Boy vs Ghost Friday, 6/16, at the Clash Bar in Clifton, NJ -The Wait - Just Laugh (w/ T.GUNN) -Boy Vs. Ghost - Shut up, I’m watching TV…. -Boy vs. Ghost - Puke 69 -Fox Reactions - Are There Even Bears in Italy? -Boy vs. Ghost - Black...

Duration: 01:59:34

Live from the Dining Room 5-22-17 Bombshell Winter

This week in the Dining Room, we’ve got returning fellon, Jack Linden from Bombshell Winter in studio, discussing real life events, Chris Cornell, Suicide and of course muppets. be sure to check out Bombshell Winter on Facebook Check Out Bombshell Winter on 6/10 at The Brighton Bar in Longbranch, NJ with Scooter Bros. and Modern Crowds -The Hat Madder - Sodomy Parade -Sunflower - Tree Song -Spherehead - Sheepish Boogie -Bombshell Winter - Lost in this Labyrinth (LFTDR...

Duration: 02:11:45

Live from the Dining Room 5-15-17 Rebecca Emont // Tyler Masterson

This week in the Dining Room, we’ve got Rebecca back in studio as well as Tyler Masterson, playing some of Rebecca’s songs before they departs to Denver where their blood will never be thinner. -NGHTCRWLRS - Homies -Wild Rice - Come Around -YJY - Couch Surfin USA -The Wait - Route 7 -Rebecca Emont - Animal (LFTDR In-Studio) -Rebecca Emont - Listen (LFTDR In-Studio) -Honah Lee - Girls -T.GUNN - Take 5 In Three -Hail Taxi - Northbound -Little Fox - Dish Soap -Rebecca Emont -...

Duration: 02:41:57

Live from the Dining Room 5-8-17

-Sun Body - Joy, Easily and Effortlessly -Alpha Rabbit - Damage -Elephant Fire - Two Papas -Bettysally - Ego -When Particles Collide - Ego -LKFFCT - Peaches -The Scandals - Lucky 7’s -Melissa & Paul - Goin’ Home -Kate Dressed Up - Spirit Bird -Foxanne - Chainsmoking -Books - Blackout Radio -The Box Tiger - The Need -Charlie Sztyk - Holy War Download Standard Podcasts

Duration: 01:49:35

Live from the Dining Room 3-13-17 Candystripers

This week on Live from the Dining Room, we have Nikki and Evan of new brunswick’s Candystripes. We run the ropes with vulgarity in between them playing some tunes. Be sure to check out Candystripers on Facebook. -Kodakrome - Fuck Up -Matt Pless - White Picket Fence -Penfold - Sea on Crisis -Wild Rice - Origami Girs -Candystripers - Meltdown (LFTDR In-Studio) -Candystripers - You Can Eat Hushpuppies (LFTDR In-Studio) -Candystripers - Fuck You By C-Lo Green By Candystripers (LFTDR...

Duration: 02:26:02

Live from the Dining Room 3-6-17 Caroline Romanelli // Matt Welty

This week in the Dining Room, we are joined by New Brunwick’s Scarlet Pub promotor, Caroline Romanelli and Matt Welty who works with the Rahway Culture Crawl, too look at the other end of the local music spectrum. Be sure to check out Caroline Romanelli Presents on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube and the Rahway Culture Crawl -Tula Vera - Sunspot -Hermano Stereo - Dogs Eat Grass -Sunflower - Little Town -The Vaughns - Wiloughby -ManDancing - Shows -Cook Thugless - Visions

Duration: 02:28:51

Live from the Dining Room 2-27-17 George Lykogiannis

This week in the Dining Room, we begin talking with Raymond Strife, whose first song off of the upcoming Go for the Gusto was released this week, via and continue with George Lykogiannis, Classically train Pianist, World Renowned Basement Accordionist and total Greek Speaking faker. listen along as we ask all the pertinent accordion questions, while George graciously answers them, plays some improv songs, covers and international tunes -Raymond Strife - Scumbag Night...

Duration: 02:20:02

Live from the Dining Room 2-22-17 Emma Loo & Sam

In this special edition LFTDR we are joined by Grand Rapids, Michigan Jammy Award Winning Artists, Emma Loo and Sam Kenny. We get weird, play with voice machines and an adorable pup. Be sure to check out Emma Loo and Sam on Facebook and CDbaby -When Particles Collide - You’re My Home -Emma Loo and Sam - Quantum Entangled (LFTDR In-Studio) -Emma Loo and Sam - Poison (LFTDR In-Studio) -Emma Loo and Sam - Insane and In Love (LFTDR In-Studio) -Bent Knee - Dead Horse -Jefferson - In The...

Duration: 02:38:34

Live from the Dining Room 2-20-17 A Day Without Love

Tonight in the Dining Room, we are joined by Brian Walker who performs under the name A Day Without Love, joining us from Philadelphia, PA. He Plays us some songs, fills us in on his journey this far, and drops some logic oin the DR. Be sure to check out A Day Without Love on Facebook and Bandcamp. -Risk Relay - Sea on Light -Bent Knee - In God We Trust -El Americano - 34 After Yesterday -Part Time Chef - Movement’s 1 & 1/2 -Ourselves, Alone - Trangulls -A Day Without Love - Joseph...

Duration: 02:08:11

Live from the Dining Room 2-13-17 WWX

Tonight in the dining room we are joined by Guy and Brian from World War 10(WWX) expressing our undying love for eachother this valentine’s day. Be sure to check out WWX on Facebook, CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp -Melissa & Paul - Fire Burn -Hidden Cabins - Bet It All On You -Renee Maskin - White Freight Liner (Townes Van Zandt/LFTDR In-Studio) -WWX - Waking Day (LFTDR In-Studio) -WWX - Quicksand pt.1 (LFTDR In-Studio) -WWX -Be [...]

Duration: 02:55:17

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