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LIVE on THURSDAYS @ 10pm ET Discussing life and the industry with comedians, musicians, and anyone who does anything. For booking or general inquiries:

LIVE on THURSDAYS @ 10pm ET Discussing life and the industry with comedians, musicians, and anyone who does anything. For booking or general inquiries:
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LIVE on THURSDAYS @ 10pm ET Discussing life and the industry with comedians, musicians, and anyone who does anything. For booking or general inquiries:






Episode 79 - Higher in Alcohol

Jim and Eric kick it on a bonus cast for the week to reflect on dreams, Trump, and Vegas. Originally recorded October 5, 2017.

Duration: 01:52:41

Episode 78 ft. Jordan Rock - For The P*ssy

Jordan Rock, stand-up comedian and actor as seen on Comedy Central and the Netflix series, "Love," stops in with Ivan Martin to give us the business: starting out, crazy show experiences, and killer bars 🔥🎶🔥 Follow Jordan on Twitter and IG! @ JordanRock843 Follow Ivan! @ comedianivanmartin Originally recorded September 27, 2017.

Duration: 01:00:51

Episode 77 ft. Thunder Club - The Plug

Dennis, Pete, Garrett, Connor, and John of Thunder Club make it in for a killer podcast and 6-song live session including four #EXCLUSIVE singles. Session starts at 00:54:25 Follow Thunder Club on IG @ thunder_club ... and check out their eponymous debut EP on BandCamp! Originally aired September 23, 2017.

Duration: 01:29:20

Episode 76 ft. Richard Bowen & Jordan Levine - Wisecrackin'

Richard Bowen stops through Baltimore on tour to drop some tales on us. Jordan Levine joins the party. Sidenote: Every time we said Archimedes, we meant Aristotle. Follow Richard Bowen on IG @ colorblindbowen Follow Jordan Levine @ minorsympathy INTRO Joe Rogan Experience #917 w/ Steven Crowder OUTRO "Friend With Benefits" - @jettbailey301 Originally aired September 21, 2017.

Duration: 02:20:44

Episode 75 ft. Don Neil - Humble Pie

Baltimore artist, Don Neil and crew roll through the stu to talk about the new project, "Hey Donnie" coming this fall. #EXCLUSIVE sneak preview of the title track at 01:14:46 Follow Don Neil on EVERYTHING @imdonneil Originally aired September 14, 2017.

Duration: 01:11:34

Episode 74 ft. Dark Mark - What the Health?

Dark Mark drops by to talk about his new-found vegan diet and white supremacy. We're almost sold. Follow Dark Mark on Twitter @ DarkMarkrules Originally aired September 7, 2017.

Duration: 01:23:35

Episode 73 - The Thought

Jim and Eric embrace a timely solo cast to catch up on the day-to-day and figure out what's next. The thought is simpler than you think... - Hurricane Harvey - Flat Tire - Smalltalk - McGregor/Mayweather Originally aired August 31, 2017.

Duration: 01:50:43

Episode 72 ft. The YeahTones - Fake News'd

Jake Pinto and Doug Berns of the New York City rock band, The YeahTones, swing back on the cast to get real. We're talking Fake News, defining reality, and the relevance of rock in 2017. Includes #EXCLUSIVE #RARE acoustic performance of "Believe" at 02:05:14 Follow The YeahTones! Originally aired August 23, 2017.

Duration: 01:59:35

Episode 71 ft. Monroe Martin III - Corn Nuts

Monroe Martin, comedian and writer as seen on MTV's "Guy Code" and "Adam Devine's House Party" on Comedy Central, kicks it in the studio during his time in Baltimore. Follow Monroe on Facebook and Twitter! @ MonroeMartinIII Originally aired August 17, 2017.

Duration: 01:38:44

Episode 70 ft. Ivan Martin - Sharks In The Water

Ivan Martin, comedian and friend of the show, drops by to discuss the different levels of success and compromise, how the culture of being offended has changed comedy, and the First Annual Baltimore Comedy Festival (Sept 1 - 4, 2017). All weekend, every venue: Originally aired August 10, 2017.

Duration: 01:31:26

Episode 68¾ ft. Umar Khan - The Waltz

Umar Khan, comedian and co-host of the Baltimore podcast, Digression Sessions, finally makes it in the studio to discuss stand-up, picky eaters, and slavery. Follow Umar on IG @ umarkhan821 Originally aired August 2, 2017

Duration: 01:19:40

Episode 68 ft. T.Cain - Live From The Shed

Tyler @tcainmusic Cain, hip-hop artist out of Baltimore, swings on for a riot of an episode. Follow Tyler on Twitter and IG @ tstain20 Originally aired July 27, 2017.

Duration: 02:27:36

Episode 67 ft. Joey Malinski (ATB Productions) - Chicken-Neckers

Joey Malinski, Eric's boss and founder of Across The Bridge Productions, drops in for a long-overdue discussion of his travels from Maryland's eastern shore to San Diego, New York, and back to Baltimore en route to establishing his highly successful film company. Check out ATB Productions on Facebook and IG! ... and Joey's personal catalogue on Vimeo OUTRO "Binging with Babish: Louis C.K. Potluck Fried Chicken" Originally aired July 24, 2017.

Duration: 02:29:01

Episode 66 ft. Them Animals - Lo-Fi (Studio Session Included)

Jamie Zeller and Chris Stoll of the Baltimore band @themanimals swing through to talk about the new self-titled EP, how they came together, and how to not get jaded by reality. The killer live session starts at 02:01:02 Follow Them Animals on Facebook! Originally aired July 13, 2017.

Duration: 02:17:52

Episode 65 ft. Gustavo Marinho - Three Non-BlondEs

Gustavo Marinho makes the hike from the DMV to talk photography. At just 18 years old, he has already worked with the likes of DJ Booth among other prestigious media and amassed a staggering portfolio and social media presence. We discuss the business, The Eye, and the future of human technology. Follow Gustavo on IG @ mr_gustavo Originally aired July 6, 2017.

Duration: 01:29:58

Episode 64 ft. Jabari Lyles - GLSEN

Jabari Lyles, director of GLSEN's Baltimore chapter, discusses gender pronoun laws, free speech, sex vs. gender, and the LGBT movement. Follow GLSEN on Twitter @ GLSEN Originally aired June 29, 2017.

Duration: 02:33:27

Episode 63 ft. Sam Kelly - Tarot

Comedienne Samantha Kelly drops by to talk about her journey to comedy, life as a phone sex operator, and tell us our future! Follow Sam on Twitter @ samandthekelly Originally aired June 22, 2017.

Duration: 01:51:55

Episode 62 \\XCAST// That's Not Funny - 99 Bananas

Another coveted cross-cast: this time with the hosts of the "That's Not Funny / Everything's Satire" pod, Leeland Clayton and Matt Brown. Two universes collide as we tackle online currency, gun violence, and drinking. Originally aired June 18, 2017.

Duration: 01:28:42

Episode 61 - Stumped.

Jimmy and Eric discuss dreams, weed, and the circle of life. OUTRO SONG "Round Here" - Florida Georgia Line Originally aired June 8, 2017.

Duration: 01:18:09

Episode 59 ft. John Burkhardt & Juice Bruns - Thunder Club

John Burkhardt of Thunder Club and Juice Bruns pack the couch to talk about their upcoming co-billing at The Ottobar and their trip with Jett Bailey to headline in Toronto this summer. Follow John on Twitter @ Johnnybriscuit Follow Juice @ juicebrunsmusic Originally aired May 26, 2017.

Duration: 01:22:16

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