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Bringing real men's perspectives; unfiltered, unapologetic. Recorded live in the Living Podcariously studio in World Famous Cocoa Beach, FL. Hosted by Ron and Adam! This podcast may contain vulgar, explicit content to include conversations about sex or sexual references, drug and alcohol references, and general things men are interested in. Boobs, games, sports, boobs, strippers, boobs, drinks, bars, bands, boobs, perverted news, etc. You get the idea.




LP - Episode 77 - Koko with oneKaway in Studio, Awkward Boners and Jay Has a Huge Announcement

Living Podcariously Episode 77 Show Notes This week, Matt Koko with oneKaway joins us in studio. Tach is looking for 14 year old looking boys and Andrea brings a stellar 'Guy-a-ry'. Jay Alvarez also lets us in on a big move he is working on. As always, thanks for listening! - Special guest from oneKaway podcast, Matt Koko joins us this week - Matt joins Adam's Fantasy Football league and smack talk is the name of the game - Jay and the hosts from 'Pops On' Podcast visited the oneKaway...

Duration: 01:20:10

LP - Episode 76 - DJ Yusuf in Studio, Jay Get Heckled and Tach Hosts Its Game Time

Living Podcariously Episode 76 Show Notes Guesting in studio with us this week is DJ Yusuf, Jay Unleashes about some hecklers and Tach brings an epic battle with 'Its Game Time'! Special thanks to Amber for also stopping by this week. Andrea Joy brings the best 'Guy-a-ry' ever! - Giving some love to Texas victims of Hurricane Harvey - T'aint Funny Reunion Show - Jay Alvarez guested on Burn It Down - Jay "Unleashes" about an interesting experience at Gregory's Comedy Club during his...

Duration: 02:01:32

LP - Episode 75 - Keith with Children's Hunger Project guests, Bacon from Burn It Down guests and Differences Between Men and Women

Living Podcariously Episode 75 Show Notes - Jacob (Bacon) from the Burn It Down Podcast joins us this week - Keith Gee, the Executive Director from the Children's Hunger Project guests for the first segment this week. - Living Podcariously presents Keith with TCHP a check from proceeds raised at our listener event back in July - Andrea Joy bring us the 'Guy-a-ry' segment with special guest Bacon - Jay 'Unleashes the Shenaniganry' - We talk about Tach making dating profiles on...

Duration: 01:43:02

LP - Episode 74 - Wobble Baby!, Solar Eclipse Myths and 24 Things A Dude Can Do To Be Hotter

Living Podcariously Episode 73 Show Notes - We talk about our sister show. We are hunting for Scientists to come on and guest on The Twisted Ten to counter the list the Flat Earth guys brought us. If you knw anyone, have them e-mail us at - Andrea and Adam, recap the 2017 Space Coast Hair and Fashion Show - Andrea tells how she pulled a hip muscle at the hair show doing the Wobble - Podcast awards conversations - Solar Eclipse is going to be here Aug 21st -...

Duration: 01:37:46

LP - Episode 73 - X Is Gonna Give It To You, Riddles and Interesting Facts About Men

Living Podcariously Episode 73 Show Notes This week, our good friend Derek joins us in studio to discuss the after mass of the Flat Earth Twisted Ten. Tach shares some of his latest music and Adam challenges the room with some fun riddles. - Adam and Andrea went with Ken from oneKaway to see Jay Alvarez at Gregory's Comedy Club - Friend of the show, Derek Klein, comes back in to guest with us in studio - We talk about this week's episode of The Twisted Ten - Andrea Joy has no...

Duration: 01:51:06

LP - Episode 72 - Rocky and Bill from What's The Fuss In Studio, Jay Goes On A Road Trip and Tach Tugs on our Heart Strings

Living Podcariously Episode 72 Show Notes Rocky and Bill with 'What's The Fuss' podcast join us in studio this week. We hear an interview and live performance from Mr. Will Porter. Jay experiences the ultimate test for relationships and Tach gets a little emotional on the show this week. As always, thanks for listening! - Rocky and Bill from 'What's The Fuss?' Podcast join us in studio this week - We have a performer from Oklahoma names Will Porter who submitted a few songs for us this...

Duration: 02:13:13

LP - Episode 70 - Listener Event Recap, Musical Performance from Mike Burns, Jason Crase and Ken from oneKaway Podcast also in studio

Living Podcariously Episode 70 Show Notes Coming off our first ever listener event, we are still bringing one hell of a show. We bring you another stellar performance in studio, this time from Mike Burns, aka LeBurnsy! We also are honored to have both Ken from oneKaway podcast and Jason Crase from the Cocoa Village Playhouse joining us on this episode. Thanks so much for listening!!! - Ken from oneKaway, Jason Crase from Cocoa Village Playhouse and Mike Burns all guest on this...

Duration: 01:56:20

LP - Episode 69 - Oak and Iron Photography In Studio, We Talk Event Prep and Special Guest Carie Tells Her Dating Stories

Living Podcariously Episode 69 Show Notes - Oak and Iron Photography Join Us In Studio - We talk about the 1st Living Podcariously listener event - Jay and Adam sound similar except Jay is the funny one - Bianca and Kyle from Oak and Iron Photography interview - We plug Jason Cook's fund raiser - Adam plugs the Flat Earth episode he and Tach were on for the Flat Earth debate and he has a surprise for Jay - Special guest Carie joins us...

Duration: 01:33:46

LP - Episode 68 - Hot Pink In Studio, A Tasteful Game Time and The Hottest Episode Yet

Living Podcariously Episode 68 Show Notes James, Cory and Bill from Hot Pink the Band join us in studio this week. They take part in a very tasty Game Time from Tach and give great advice on Andrea Joy's Guy-a-ry. Check them out at our July 7th listener event in Cocoa Village. Thanks for Listening! - Join us at the Village Idiot Pub July 7th at 7pm for the 'Get Lucky at the Idiot' listener event - We chat with Hot Pink about their amazing lives as musicians and their...

Duration: 02:00:12

LP - Episode 67 - CosPlay, E3, IGN, Gaming, Chris Crespo and How to Cuddle

Living Podcariously Episode 67 Show Notes This week was huge for us. We are joined in studio by Chris Crespo with Cinema Crespodiso podcast as well as Daniel Pierce and Jennifer Buddington to talk gaming and CosPlay! We talk with IGN Writer Casey Defreitas from San Francisco and talk a lot about E3. Thanks for listening! - Chris Crespo from Cinema Crespodiso podcast joins us today - Daniel Pierce and Jennifer Buddington join us as well to discuss gaming and COSPlay - Making a man a...

Duration: 02:32:59

LP - Episode 66 - Dan Cummins in Studio, Italy from Andrea and a Crafty Game Time from Tach

Living Podcariously Episode 66 Show Notes The man, the myth, the Bo Jangles himself, Dan Cummins guests in studio for this episode, Andrea brings some Italy travels stories, Tach brings a show-long "It's Game Time" and we get some brutal honesty from Dan Cummins during Andrea's "Guy-a-ry" segment. Thanks for listening! - What a great day of podcasting for our crew. Dan Cummins joins us in studio today! - We throw some love toward m personal inspiration for podcasting and the reason we...

Duration: 01:51:27

LP - Episode 65 - 4 Girls 1 Show! Veronica from Salty Fox, 2 Bartenders, Ray Brito and Marilyn Tonight!

Living Podcariously Episode 65 Show Notes - Andrea and Jay are out. Ray Brito joins us this episode - Marilyn Costa also sits in on this episode as well - Veronica from Salty Fox joins us on the show as well 2 of her Hot Bartenders, Jordain and Chi-Chi - The gang talks about Chivalry - Adam discovers that a beanie baby Andrea bought for Oliver was actually a rare $1500 toy - Salty Fox discussions. Adam and Tach pitch some ideas to Veronica - The ladies talk about the "O Shot" and...

Duration: 01:45:43

LP - Episode 64 - Bonus Episode - Alice in Wonderland from Surfside Players

This is a special bonus episode to promote some local flavor of Cocoa Beach. The fantastic team at Surfside Players Playhouse in Cocoa Beach is always entertaining the community. Adam sits down with several members of the cast to get some exclusive behind the scenes interviews and insights to this awesome performance. Please support the local community theater of Cocoa Beach. Surfside...

Duration: 00:32:29

LP - Episode 63 - Jay's Memorial Day Shenaniganry, Tach Talks Vaginas and Jimmy Klein Guests

Living Podcariously Episode 63 Show Notes Jimmy Klein joins us tonight! Jay Unleashes about Memorial Day, Tach gets sentimental about remembrance of those that have fallen, Andrea brings THE BEST GUY-A-RY ever and we learn about vaginas. Thanks for listening. - The whole cast is back together and guesting with us is Jimmy Klein - Congrats to Jimmy for the new addition to their family - The LP cast talks about all going as a Spaceballs Theme for Halloween - Rosanne reboot, Is it a...

Duration: 01:57:47

LP - Episode 62 - Burn It Down Crew In Studio, Josh Wilson In Studio, Sex Swings and Calls from Friends of the Show

Living Podcariously Episode 62 Show Notes - The crew from the Burn It Down Podcast guest on this episode in studio with us and shit got funny as hell! By far the funniest Guy-a-ry ever and Adam brings out a sex swing for Dabbz Kay. Josh Wilson aka "Mr. Wilson" also is with us in studio tonight. - Jay and Andrea give Adam shit for breaking the intro flow - Josh aka Mr. Wilson sits in on this episode as well - The Burn It Down cast is with us this week (J-Flow, Dabbz Kay and...

Duration: 01:40:22

LP - Episode 61 - Sex Positions for the Man With a Little Member, Unusual Jobs with Amazing Pay and We Reveal Dichotomy Media LLC

Living Podcariously Episode 61 Show Notes Please donate to our Patreon: - Happy Mother's Day - We promote our event again. Of course we are, its OUR EVENT! :P - Adam and Andrea has a scare with Oliver, the studio Mascot - We learned that when Andrea is stressed, she gets mean - We talk about Dichotomy Media, L.L.C. - Living Podcariously set up a Patreon and we talk about it a little - We talk bonus content for our Patreon pledges - Adam...

Duration: 01:31:01

LP - Episode 60 - Kissing Booths and Glory Holes, Science Behind PMS and Jay Unleashes on Cinco De Mayo

Living Podcariously Episode 60 Show Notes This week on LP, Jay "Unleashes the Shenaniganry" on Cinco de Mayo, Andrea brings us the Science behind PMS as well as informing the guys what women tell each other about sex. Its amazing! As always, Thanks for Listening! - Event Reminder - Adam and Jay guest on a bunch of Central FL podcasts - Kissing Booth and Glory Hole Booth being setup (Dont get those mixed up) - Andrea explains the science behind PMS - Is it normal or acceptable for a...

Duration: 01:41:39

LP - Episode 59 - Listener Event Announcement, Andrea's Advice for Men from Women and an Island Party

Living Podcariously Episode 59 Show Notes - Andrea brings a game to the show right off the start of the episode - We announce our July 7th event at Village Idiot Pub - Mr. Wilson is officially on the team now as our marketing, web and social media manager - Andrea's advice for men from women - Escape Cocoa Beach has come on board with sponsorship - Adam and Andrea went to an Island Birthday party for one of Andrea's coworkers - Jay 'Unleashes the Shenaniganry" - Jay realizes the...

Duration: 01:27:58

LP - Episode 58 - Lowlife Bikes Guest and What Do You Get When You Combine an Italian, a Pirate and a Grandma on 'It's Game Time'

Living Podcariously Episode 58 Show Notes - Jay brings his friend Raul over to LP studio. He and Raul are going to start another Podcast themed around being Dads, Movies and Entertainment - Netflix 13 Reasons Why spoiled but not on our show - Tach is excited about a Sex Theme Park in Brazil - Gary and Stefani from Lowlife Bikes joins us. We got to see some really cool bikes and ride them. - We talk with Gary about making a custom Living Podcariously bike - Tach bring a Playboy...

Duration: 01:50:11

LP - Episode 57 - Damion Suomi Guests, Easter Shenaniganry from Jay and Willy Wonka to Drums

Living Podcariously Episode 57 Show Notes - We announce The Salty Fox coming on board as a sponsor. We can't wait to go out there to record a show and hold some listener events. - Some people dont understand satire in a podcast. Our boy J-Flow felt the brunt of this. #JusticeForJFlow - Tach finds a Willy Wonka video set to drums - Jay breaks in with his Unleash the Shenaniganry - Twas Easter. The cast shares a little about what they did for the holiday - Tach recaps his old band...

Duration: 01:44:28

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