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Ep 22 - Liz and Alissa Make Cured Meats (This is Our Meat Cute)

We are back! Back from Las Vegas, back from Disney World and back to releasing episodes on schedule! What better way to celebrate than to buy a couple of brisket babies, soak them in some salt and spices and then turn them into corned beef and pastrami?! While we wait for our meats to cure, we are talking to Heather Grant, quilter, friend and project-cooking super fan. Heather and her friends created the ultimate Reuben sandwich and she is here to tell us all about her pastrami making...


Ep 21 - Liz and Alissa Make Friends (The One With QuiltCon)

It's true, we fought against our shy, introverted tendencies and made FRIENDS! That counts, right? We spent four days at the Modern Quilt Guild's annual convention, QuiltCon, and made friends with a few listeners, forced strangers to wear a button with Liz's face on it and also did a little bit of sewing. Also in this episode, learn which former guest has NEVER TRIED CHEX MIX (blasphemy!), whether or not Liz will meet her bananas goal of making 15 costumes before her trip to Disney World,...


Ep 20 - Liz and Alissa Make Valentines

With Every Beet of My Heart Happy Valentine's Day...I mean Galentine's Day...I mean, HAPPY DAY AFTER LIZ'S BIRTHDAY. It's the season for love and we are showing it with homemade truffles, fried Cheeto hearts and MORE. You'll also hear about what costumes Liz has made recently, how many she is going to make in the next two weeks, what TV show makes Alissa's heart go pit-a-pat and who takes the prize for coolest listener for joining the Instant Pot FaceBook group on our recommendation! AND...


Ep 19 - Liz and Alissa Under Pressure

IT'S THE INSTANT POT EPISODE Yes, at long last, we're getting high on the ability to cook dried beans without soaking them overnight! It's the Instant Pot episode people. We are joined by guest and and IP enthusiast Sandi Hazelwood and we are throwing everything we can into that dang pot. Cheesecake, bone broth, crack's all here. We also share our top three things to make in the IP and dish on the often bananas and always entertaining Instant Pot Facebook group. The...


Ep 18 - Liz and Alissa Make Mid-January Resolutions

Same great taste, half the booze! Happy New Year middle of January! You may have given up on your New Years resolutions already but we're gaming the system by only starting them now! Find out why only one of us has vodka in her drink, why Blue Apron will never sponsor us and why Liz is still coming down off the high of last year's resolution. Topics include: the reception of our handmade Christmas gifts, the Whole30, self-care, and turning Liz's house into less of a...


Ep 17 - Liz and Alissa Make a Quilt(?)

The January of Our Discontent Alissa attempts to make one of Liz's most difficult patterns. Will she succeed? YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO FIND OUT! COCKTAIL The Salty Friend In a shaker full of ice, combine two parts grapefruit juice to one part vodka or tequila. Shake vigorously and pour into a martini glass rimmed with salt. Top with a little prosecco. PICS Liz's perfect, tiny January Quilt blocks. Beautiful tiny stitches! LINKS January Quilt pattern Look at many, many...


Ep 16 - Liz and Alissa Make Homemade Gifts

It's the most wonderful time of the year! No, it's not back-to-school, (nice try Staples) it's time to give gifts! You know the gifts we're giving are 100% certified fresh, AND homemade. Or not, but some percentage of our gifts are definitely made by us, including the ones we are giving each other! We are exchanging the most well suited, super dorky, Christmas gifts, talking about gifts we've made for others this year and in the past, and sharing some of our listeners' most memorable...


Ep 15 - Liz and Alissa Bake Off

Liz and Alissa and the Not So Nice Bake At last, the moment has arrived! You voted and we are making raised Game Pie and Charlotte Royale, two complicated, crazy challenges from one of our fave shows, The Great British Bake Off. How would we fare on GBBO? Did we collect roadkill to fill our game pie? Does any of this taste good enough to be worth the effort?! Listen to find out! The Princess Meghan Mark-tail 1 shot vodka 1/2 shot amaretto Luxardo Cherries and their...


Ep 14 - Liz and Alissa Make Face Masks

We spent this past weekend on our annual Quilt Guild retreat and between that and Thanksgiving (in two days!) we have SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT! Learn all about the bs that is homemade face masks as well as our thanksgiving status, what's made Liz's bujo oh so glamorous and join us for our new segment, Chex Mix Corner! Mask recipes: MORE SHOW NOTES COMING SOON!


Ep 13 - Liz and Alissa’s Make Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Ho! (Stick) It's the most wonderful time of the year! We are in full turkey mode over here and this episode probably could have been 3 hours long if we thought you'd listen that long. We discuss how Alissa is flipping the t-giving script this year, how Liz is keeping it classic and what the f*** a "ho stick" is! Join us as we wax rhapsodic about the holiday to end all holidays. The Cocktail! Cranberry Gobbler In a shaker combine: 1 Tablespoon of cranberry sauce The...


Ep 12 - Liz and Alissa Make Halloween Costumes

Lions and Trash Bags and Packer Cats, Oh My! Halloween approaches and we have trick or treaters to clothe! We are talking about homemade Halloween costumes, past, present and future! (Because we're not done yet, of course.) We also made a festive fall drink that one might describe as spooky because it definitely resembles...well, I'm not going to say, you just have to listen to find out. We also get into some new holiday traditions that you may not have heard of like the Purim Mouse and...


Ep 11 - Liz and Alissa Make Halloween Candy

Enrobing Wishes and Candy Corn Dreams You are definitely going to want to come trick or treating at our houses this year when you hear about all of the sweet, sweet (literally, so sweet) homemade candy that we will have on offer. OR WILL YOU?! Does making candy leave us with sweet dreams or a mouthful of cavities? You'll have to listen to find out!!! Keywords/Potential Drinking Game: enrobe, Garfield, dental crown The Jack-O-Lantern Behold, our candy spread! The...


Ep 10 - Liz and Alissa Make Make-Up

Meet the Clumps Keywords/possible drinking game: Eye Holes, Infected, Burning Makeup Milk Punch NOTE: We straight up copied this from America's Test Kitchen. Here is their awesome recipe: Black Tea Port Milk Punch Pics The disgusting makeup we made Liz's beautiful self-makeover with our makeup. We promise she is not actually dying/dead. Here is our esteemed guest, professional makeup artist Tifanie White, completely cracking up while attempting to apply our makeup on...


Ep 9 - Liz and Alissa Make Nerdy Stuff

Liz and Alissa have made a lot of very nerdy stuff. Let's GET INTO IT. Keywords/possible drinking game: Nerd, Fandom, Juicer The Nerdy Verde NOTE: We made all of these juices ourselves. You will not be able to find them at the store. So this is a cocktail for when you have a juicer and some time. IT IS SO WORTH IT! In a shaker combine: 2 oz yellow tomato juice 2 oz tomatillo juice 2 oz cucumber juice 2 oz celery juice A splash of lime juice A splash of cilantro juice A few...


Ep 8 Liz and Alissa Make Bullet Journals

Subtitle: Dear Diary, Why is Liz Making Me Do This? Straight to number 8, with a bullet! We've made bullet journals people, or at least one of us has. Find out which one, what a bullet journal actually is (maybe?), what Liz regularly eats for breakfast and what our very special guest did on March 16, 2017. Plus we talk a lot about Chex mix juice. Keywords/possible drinking game: Chex mix juice, my monthly, dear diary The Bull-jit-jo In a shaker combine: Juice of one lime 15...


Ep 7 - Liz and Alissa Make Family Recipes

Cream of Chicken Soup for the Podcaster's Soul This episode, we're talking family recipes with some real live family, Liz's mom Claud! We do our best to celebrate the food traditions of our families while avoiding (sometimes unsuccessfully) all canned soup products. You'll also hear about the thrilling saga of who eats which pierogi, learn about delicacies such as "Noodoos" and Texas Trash and find out where Alissa will be spending next Christmas! Possible drinking game: Nanny, Claud,...


Ep 6 - Liz and Alissa Make Something to Sit On

2 Legit 2 Sit Liz and Alissa make stuff to sit on and listeners will be GLUED TO THEIR SEATS! Keywords/Drinking Game Fodder: Swap, Sit, Staples Something to Sip On 1 stalk celery, chopped 1 small cucumber, peeled and chopped 1 lemon, zested in strips and squeezed Splash simple syrup 8 oz of gin Prosecco In a cocktail shaker, muddle chunks of celery and cucumber till juicy and mangled. Add in lemon juice, simple syrup, gin and a bunch of ice. Shake vigorously till the...


Ep 5 Liz and Alissa Make Dairy Products

Curdles and Whey Part Deux We're betting you didn't get enough of curdled milk last episode so we're bringing you more, more, MORE! This week we've made 6, count 'em 6 of baby's first dairy products. We talk about all of the cheesy details of making mozzarella, ricotta, yogurt, butter, cream cheese and cottage cheese. Plus, dairy gets our brains working because we come up with about 50 ideas while recording this episode. We need you to take notes. Keywords/Drinking Game Fodder:...


Ep 4 - Liz and Alissa Make Milk Punch

Liz and Alissa Make Milk Punch - Curdles & Whey, PART 1 Join us as we delve into the fantastical alchemy that is clarified milk punch! We talk about how we discovered this gross sounding but heavenly tasting cocktail, learn about it's sometimes disgusting origins and make enough silky smooth drinks to last us through 2019 at least. Keywords: milk, rum, simple syrup, curds, whey, Aretha Franklin, beef Steak in a Snuggie Thank you @houseonhillroad on Instagram for naming our...


Ep 3 Liz and Alissa Make Laundry Products

So Fresh, So Stained Keywords: laundry, stains, soap, hydrogen peroxide, bank robbery Themed Drink: Stainmaker Sangria What We Made: Laundry SoapStain RemoverWool Dryer Balls Laundry Soap Stain Remover Dryer Sheets Products we used in this episode: Zote Laundry Soap - In original citronella scent! Dr. Bronners Liquid - For washing clothes and washing hands. Washing Soda Borax Hanes Pantyhose - In case your mom doesn't buy you seconds for Christmas. Pics: Powdered soap...


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