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28. The Bucket List (Listener Choice!)

A Listener joins us to talk about his Choice! Friend Of The Show Wade Hymel makes his triumphant return to LBB to discuss 2007's The Bucket List, a movie about death and the meaning of life. And that's what this episode is—a mediation on mortality, self-actualization, and the strange arc of human life, from infancy to mature adult to immature elderly person. Wade is technically a listener, so this fits into the whole scheme of Load Bearing Beams. Not gonna lie: This episode goes to some...


27. Rocky / Welcome To the Dollhouse

In an episode Laci calls "Rocky House" but that Matt calls "Rockin' At the Dollhouse," Laci and Matt discuss the feel-good movie of all time, Rocky (1976) and the feel-bad movie of all time, Welcome To the Dollhouse (1996). What follows is weirdly intense discussion about mortality, bullying, and happiness. Also: Matt's senior class trip to Disney World sucked. Time stamps: Rocky: 06:08 Welcome To the Dollhouse: 22:37 Website: www.loadbearingbeams.com Twitter: @LoadBearingPod


26. The Goonies (Listener Choice!)

The Goonies (1985) is a movie beloved by many, but not by us. A listener suggested we watch it and reappraise it. We have many thoughts. For one, why do they even need a map when they just seem to fall down a coupla holes and land in a pirate ship? Anyway, just listen. ALSO: Uninformed Oscar predictions. Time stamps: Uninformed Oscar Predictions: 03:00 The Goonies: 08:52 Website: www.loadbearingbeams.com Twitter: @LoadBearingPod


25. Ever After / X-Men

In an episode Laci calls "Ever Men" but that Matt calls "X1: X-Men Ever After," the pair discuss Ever After (1998) and X-Men (2000), two movies that, to everyone's surprise, are both pure delights! Ever After, Drew Barrymore deploys a most unconvincing British accent to play the French commoner Danielle de Barbarac who pulls off a most sinister rouse and pretends to be the Comtesse de Lancret! Love ensues. Good movie. In X-Men, Hugh Jackman/Jack Hughman finds himself caught up in a war...


24. Jumanji (Listener Choice!)

Jumanji Fever is sweeping America—nay, the world—and Load Bearing Beams catches the fever by viewing Welcome To the Jungle's predecessor, 1995's much more somber, pensive, and scaled-down film, Jumanji. A listener selected this movie for the show, as neither Laci nor Matt was a big fan of it growing up. But this movie is much beloved by millions of people, so the show sets out to figure out why. It's a movie in which Robin Williams doesn't get to Robin Williams, and the plot revolves...


23. Back To The Future, Part II / Empire Records

In an episode Laci calls "The Future Of the Empire" and Matt calls "Recording the Future," Load Bearing Beams examines Back To the Future, Part II (1989) and Empire Records (1995). One a huge hit, the other a giant flop with a long afterlife on home video, and both a large source of internet chatter and memes. Back To the Future, Part II was one of the first mainstream American movies to explore the implications and potential paradoxes of time travel. How does its depiction of time travel...


22. Austin Powers (Listener's Choice)

It's a super-sized Listener's Choice episode in which we cover THREE MOVIES! That's right, we watched all three Austin Powers films at the suggestion, and we dig deep into all three on this podcast. First up, it's Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997), a low-budget movie with an unlikely premise that was a moderate hit and somehow spawned an immensely popular and profitable franchise thanks to impressions that are easy to do and a litany of quotable memes. But how is it as a...


21. Blow / Watchmen

Back before Johnny Depp sucked, he starred in a movie called Blow (2001), the story of a mediocre, uninteresting drug dealer who can do no wrong... until he can do no right! Does this film pack the emotional punch for adult Laci that it did for teen Laci? Then, LBB examines Zack Snyder's Watchmen (2009), a bloated, confused, utterly fascinating adaptation of the classic graphic novel. Laci and Matt debate whether Rorshach is a flawed but admirable hero, or an overgrown male junior high...


20. The Lost Boys (Listener Choice!)

A listener suggested The Lost Boys (1987), and LBB watches and reviews it. This movie is kind of delightful and, according to Laci, is a thorough and unrelenting look at the destructiveness of heroin addiction. Matt dislikes Haim, likes Feldman. ALSO: We debut our new recurring feature, the Mickey's Clubhouse Clubhouse, in which Laci pokes holes in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, a TV program for toddlers. Time stamps: Mickey's Clubhouse Clubhouse: 04:25 The Lost Boys: 12:36 Website:...


19. The X-Files: Fight the Future / The Boondock Saints

LBB is back for a new year! First up: It's the first X-Files movie: The X-Files: Fight the Future (1998). Matt loved this television show as a teenager and, by proxy, loved this movie. What does Laci think, having never seen it and being only minimally familiar with the TV series? Also: Much discussion about TV shows turned into movies. Then, Laci reexamines The Boondock Saints (1999), a movie about which she says, "It's something that I loved a lot and very intensely for about four...


Star Wars: The Last Jedi (BONUS EPISODE)

SPOILERS for this bonus mini-episode! Matt and Laci, fresh from having seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi, share their thoughts with each other. Matt's a huge Star Wars fan, Laci until had recently had never seen the original movies but is a big fan of The Force Awakens... what did they think? Again, please do not listen if you haven't yet seen this movie. We SPOIL the porg out of this film. SPOIL SPOIL SPOIL Darth Vader is Luke's father!


18. How The Grinch Stole Christmas / The Empire Strikes Back

Matt is finding it very difficult to think of anything other than Star Wars two days before The Last Jedi comes out, so the gang revisits the Star Wars saga by looking at The Empire Strikes Back (1980), widely considered the best film in the series. BUT FIRST it's Ron Howard's Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000), a movie that takes the Grinchverse and expands it into directions you never knew you wanted... because you didn't want them. Yeah, this movie's actually very boring...


17. What About Bob? / Crimes & Misdemeanors

Let's talk What About Bob: In this Frank Oz picture from 1991, Bill Murray plays Bob, and he is just so silly but you can't help but love him, the scamp! And Richard Dreyfuss is his cranky therapist who can't get his family to see how annoying his patient is, because the patient has followed his family on their vacation, see, but even though this is highly inappropriate and predatory behavior, Dreyfuss's family is charmed out of their very seats by Bob and his antics. We are all Richard...


16. Jurassic Park III / My Girl

Laci and Matt return, if not better than ever then at least not diminished, to discuss the films Jurassic Park III (2001) and My Girl (1991). First up, it's Jurassic Park III, a movie selected by Matt because he loves the first Jurassic Park and this one also has dinosaurs on an island, so it'll do. The Roth-Stokeses assess this movie and its place in the larger Jurassic canon, especially when compared with Jurassic World. Then it's My Girl. What can you say about My Girl? This is a...


15. Buffy The Vampire Slayer / Citizen Kane

Buffy is a beloved TV show to many, but it doesn't mean s**t to Laci, who prefers the 1992 film [05:55] of the same name. It's the tale of a Chosen One cheerleader doing battle against the occult and being courted by 56-year-old Luke Perry. What about this movie so spoke to Laci as a young person, and how does she feel about it now? And how funky is your chicken? Then: Citizen Kane (1941) [20:30] is generally considered to be the greatest English-language film ever made. Matt has seen it...


14. Napoleon Dynamite / Blade Runner

As an October hurricane heads for their house, Laci and Matt turn their attention to Napoleon Dynamite (2004) and Blade Runner (1982), a set of movies about inscrutable men and the women who can't help but love them. First, Laci and Matt tackle Napoleon Dynamite [03:10], a movie about which Laci no longer knows how she feels, but which Matt calls "not unenjoyable." But does this collection of awkward quirks ultimately amount to something more than Mad Libs: The Movie? And is the secret to...


13. A Little Princess / Red Dawn

We welcome Sara and Steve Jones to discuss A Little Princess (1995) [02:00] and Red Dawn (1984) [29:00]. We ran the gamut of topics in this episode: guerilla warfare, survivalism, what makes us cry in movies, chimney sweeps, the Ramayana, the Cold War, Jeff Goldblum's daughter from The Lost World: Jurassic Park, amnesia, Harry Potter, and much more. And is that Ser Davos, the Onion Knight, as the titular little princess's father? It is! Enjoy!


12B. It

It (1990) is an annoyingly-titled movie* about the bond among a group of children in the 1950s and their whimsical adventures. In other words, it's computer engineered to aggravate Matt. In our discussion of this chronicle of the Losers Club and their battles against an evil alien clown-spider, we discuss, among other things, trypophobia, 90s Friday-night sitcoms, Laci's adolescent desire to be the girl who hangs out with the guys, and what it means for a topic to be Buzzfeed-y. Also, we...


12A. 2001: A Space Odyssey

Like the home video release of 1990's It, we're splitting this episode into two VHS tapes. In cassette 1 we discuss Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), one of Matt's favorite movies ever. Laci knew nothing about it, but was assured by her husband that its many puzzlebox mysteries would pay off in the end. Do they? We also discuss what predictions about the future got wrong and get to the bottom of whether or not we're all living in a computer simulation.


11. All The President's Men / True Romance

Your married co-hosts debate Laci's grand unifying theory of movies. Must the movie have stakes? How big must these stakes be? (Big.) And can the stakes get bigger than they are in All the President's Men (1976) [05:52], in which the president's top aids are tied to a burglary operation via reporters' digging? Together, we dig in. Then we fall in love with Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette in True Romance (1993) [29:30]. Awwwwww! Also: What's up with Quentin Tarantino?


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