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The Monthy Mixer: Relationship Marketing

Tired of teaching classes and putting together boring power points? Maybe you’ve never taught a class because its just not your thing. Here’s an awesome alternative! In the next episode of the #1 rated podcast for LOs, in the world. Thanks to you! We chat with Suzanne Downs, a loan officer in Beautiful West Palm Beach, and she tells us how she shows appreciation for the people that send her business, which results in even more business, all while also creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere...


Managing The Stress

In this episode, Brady Webb chats with us about how he unwinds before his day even begins, which has helped him see impressive growth in his business while keeping his stress down. Brady’s 3 Steps to less stress:


An Actual Plan For Your Epic 2018

In this much anticipated episode, Eddie Fooshang will walk you through how to put together an epic plan. Most loan officers do the ol’ “I’m going to double my business” kind of thing with no actual plan, so of course it doesn’t work out year after year. This episode will put an end to the madness and put you on your journey of awesomeness!


How To Build A Team For Ultimate Growth

If I could only tell you one thing to help you grow your biz, it’s this: Don’t buy into the myth that YOU have to be the one who does everything from lead gen to locking the deal to chasing docs to be able to successfully close the deal, ensure top notch customer service, and keep your referral partners happy. Carl White and Brian Heckman dive into part 2 of Brian’s business model to give you a 360 degree view of how Brian set up his A-team! As a producing branch manager, Brian has...


A Daily Success Plan

On the next #1 rated podcast for LOs, Carl White is joined by longtime friend and wildly successful loan officer, Brian Heckman! Brian lived the snowball effect day in and day out until he discovered an easier and more profitable way to run his business and structure his day-to-day activities. You’ll get a full glimpse into the action plan that Brian has setup Monday-Thursday that created the structure his business was lacking, and in turn, enabled him to reach his ultimate goal of having...


5 Strategies For Maximizing Realtor Referrals

Real talk – If you’re generating solid realtor referrals, but not converting those referrals into closed loans, there’s a hole in your bucket that needs to be filled. Dave is the Founder of Mortgage Coach, and has over twenty-seven years of experience as a mortgage executive, business leader, and mobile technology pioneer. As a mortgage industry leader, Dave has been a speaker at many major industry events, and before Mortgage Coach, Dave was one of the nation’s top loan originators and...


How to Triple Your Business as a Brand New LO

New to the mortgage biz and having a hard time getting ramped up to the level of production you’d like to be at? On the next #1 rated podcast for LOs, Carl White is joined by Eddie Fooshang, an LO out of Houston, TX who went from closing 1-2 loans per month 2 years ago when he first started in the mortgage biz to currently closing 12-14 loans per month! Eddie is going to share exactly what he did to create the business of his dreams – including the pivotal moves he made that boosted his...


How to Create Time Freedom in Your Business

Nights and weekends (AKA “me” time) – That sacred time you get where you can choose to do whatever you want with whoever you want, unwind, and recharge your batteries so you’re on your A game for the work week ahead. But, as we all know when it comes to the mortgage biz, preapproval letters don’t take nights and weekends off and to keep our clients and agents happy, it’s imperative to make sure they have those letters when they need them. Carl White is joined by Jerry Williams, a...


The Secret Weapon

How would you like to know every time one of your past clients is looking to get a new mortgage… automatically? In this episode, you’ll see a super stealth tool that Carl is setting up in his own branch that is just way too cool for him not to share it with you. Carl White interviews James Borden, a Mortgage Client Retention Strategist from James details his solution for not letting any past clients slip through the cracks to help you become their lender for...


How to Jump-Start Your Career as a Brand New LO

As a brand new LO, breaking into the mortgage biz can be a daunting and sometimes downright frustrating endeavor – What do you do first? How do you get the “in” you’re looking for with a company? How do you set yourself apart from all the other newbies trying to break into the biz? On the flip side – Branch managers are constantly faced with the decision to hire seasoned LOs or newbies fresh out the gate. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but knowing what those are and how to...


Top Producing LO Shares His Success Secrets

Want to learn how LO Craig Bland’s team went from closing 15 loans a month to closing 79 loans last month? (BTW that’s 79 closed loans without taping into Zillow leads, radio advertising, or Facebook ads!) On the next #1 rated podcast for LOs, you’ll get an inside look at what Craig Bland’s team did to catapult their business forward and secure a steady stream of referrals rolling in. Craig dives into the ins and outs of his business model and shares helpful tidbits that you can...


"Fishing for Whales” - How to Approach Working with Top Agents

When it comes to working with tops agents, why is it that some loan officers successfully build solid referral partner relationships while others can’t seem to get a foot in the door? In this episode of the #1 rated podcast for loan officers, Carl White and Ralph Watkins show you a “behind the scenes” look at what they do to not only build relationships with top A but ensure they get consistent referrals from them time after time! Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode: -How to...


How to Use Systems and Automation to get a Massive Footprint Fast

Did you know that in the average loan process there are 115 steps? That’s 115 i’s to dot and t’s to cross, and that’s just for one file! With so many moving parts, systems and automation become a key factor for creating a seamless flow from file to file, and help… Your loans close on time, or even early! (#1 thing agents want from a lender) Ensure your clients and agents get amazing communication throughout the loan process. (#2 thing agents want from a lender) In this episode of the #1...


Closing Even More Loans in Even Less Time

Do you dread walking into the office every morning because you know as soon as you take a step inside, the floodgates will open, and you’ll spend the majority of your day just trying to stay afloat? It doesn’t have to be that way. In this episode of the #1 Podcast for LOs, you’ll learn an easy, yet powerful exercise that’ll help you de-clutter your workload to hone in on the activities that you actually LIKE to do (and have a knack for) all while closing even more loans! Here’s a...


Getting Loans From Closed Offices

In this episode of the #1 Podcast for LOs, Ralph Watkins and Carl White map out how to approach a real estate office – that already has an in-house lender – so that you get most of their referrals. Here’s a breakdown of what Carl and Ralph cover in this episode: • Solutions for bypassing the "gatekeeper" (AKA receptionist) • How to find the top agents in any real estate office • Carl’s script for the classic line: “I already have an in-house lender that I work with." • The 3 things...


How To Close Even MORE Loans With Rising Rates

How to set yourself apart from other loan officers during times of rising rates so that you still get even more loans coming in. Strategies for answering the classic question of “What’s your rate?” (04:21) The one question you must always ask agents when you have that 1st meeting with them that will help you get that first referral from them. (18:04) How to answer your client when they ask “Should I float or lock?” (20:39) (get this one right, you’re a hero, get it wrong and it could...


The 3 Freedoms

Loan Officer Freedom = closing a ton of loans, only working with agents you like, and working the hours you want to work. Gaining control of these three areas of your business isn’t just some mirage in the distance; it’s a completely attainable goal that’s essential to finding the freedom you deserve in your business. In this episode, we’re joined by my very good friend and Freedom Club coach, Ralph Watkins. Ralph and I break down the specifics to creating freedom within your business to...


You can close MORE loans while working LESS hours

In this episode, we’re joined by Darren Copeland, one of my personal clients out of Kansas City, Missouri. After joining The Freedom Club and putting in place the strategies and systems we teach, Darren saw a 400% increase in his business. Not only is Darren closing a steady stream of loans each month, but he’s doing it while working a 35 hour work week! Here's a sampling of some of what Carl and Darren discuss in this episode: The importance of letting go to move forwardThe Daily...


Getting Rid of the Craziness…

When it comes to hiring an assistant, these are the three most common excuses I hear from LO’s: 1. "I only close 10 (or less) a year now. I can’t afford to hire an assistant.” 2. “My company won’t hire an assistant for me until I close X amount of loans a month.” 3. “An assistant would be nice, but I can manage on my own.” Here’s the thing – No matter where you’re at in your business, you need help. Honestly, you can’t afford to NOT have help. On a consistent basis with the loan...


The Loan Officer Roller Coaster

Do you have a month where you’re on fire and closing an amazing amount of loans, and then the next month the number of loans you close drops drastically and you can’t figure out why? If that sounds like you, chances are you’re on what we like to call the “loan officer roller coaster.” In other words, you bring in new business, and then get stuck in the minutia of the loan process which takes you away from doing the activities that brought in the loans during the month you were on fire and...


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