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This is my radio show that has been running since March, over 600k listens on iTunes, Stitcher, Player.fm and Soundcloud

This is my radio show that has been running since March, over 600k listens on iTunes, Stitcher, Player.fm and Soundcloud
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This is my radio show that has been running since March, over 600k listens on iTunes, Stitcher, Player.fm and Soundcloud






Locked Down Episode 19 - Live from CloudSecurityExpo London 2016 - Eurotech - Andrea Ceiner

Joining me on the show today are Eurotech who are partnering with Red Hat in the IoT world. We talk with Andrea Ceiner who is Product Marketing Manager M2M/IoT at Eurotech. Recently Red Hat announced publically that we had chosen Eurotech as our partner for intelligent gateways and this podcast gives you a deep dive as to why we are working so closely together. More to follow at Red Hat Summit


Locked Down Episode 17 - Live from CloudSecurityExpo London 2016 - Martin Percival Red Hat EMEA

Joining me on the show this morning is Martin Percival Senior SI Solutions Architect here at Red Hat EMEA. Martin is one of our global team of solution architects who works daily with our customers to add strength in depth to their aspirations. We try to explain what Red Hat brings to the marketplace, what we actually do - compared to what you think we do. Listen in.


Locked Down Episode 16 - Live from CloudSecurityExpo London 2016 - JR Reagan, CiSO Deloitte talks to Richard

Dr JR Reagan is one of the most forward thinking CiSO in the security industry, a thought leader an inspirational security professional that is highly in demand for speaking opportunities. A coup to get him on the show and we talk with honesty and brevity about how to think about security management in cloud and to try and work out roles, responsibilities, security engineering, scalability etc. A must listen to for the savvy CIO or CiSO.


Locked Down Episode 15 - Live from CloudSecurityExpo London 2016 - Mikko Hypponen talks to Richard

Mikko Hypponen is one of the nicest security guys on the planet. Chief Research Scientist at F-Secure, 25 year veteran of the security industry. Probably the BEST security orator in the world and this podcast is long overdue. We talk about threat landscape, some predictions, fads, trends, pinball, container security, ransomware etc. Tune in - we keep it real.


Locked Down Episode 14 - Live from CloudSecurityExpo London 2016 - Exoscale talk to Richard

ExoScale are one of my favourite companies in Switzerland a country I adore since childhood. Come listen to them talk to me about their community built secure cloud. This is the second time they've been on my podcast - first time was a few years ago in Amsterdam. Listen in now.


Locked Down Episode 13 - Live from CloudSecurityExpo London 2016 - Neira Jones talks to Richard

Neira Jones is one of the most forthright exponents of doing security right in the financial and payments industry. Acclaimed by the press and fellow professionals as the top of her field it was great to have her come and sit in on the show and be on my panel here at CES2016.


Locked Down - Episode 11 - Easy Solutions - Fraud Prevention in a new world order

I am joined by Daniel Ingevaldson of Easy Solutions on this show at RSA. Daniel is ex ISS and a smart cookie, we talk about how Easy are making a major impact by being brighter.


Locked Down - Episode 10 - Bastille, those clever IoT security guys

Bastille-Networks are clever folk. They are in the top three IoT security companies on the planet and Marc Newlin is a smart engineer, listen in because there is a vulnerability he has discovered which should concern us all. I'm not going to spoil this - Go listen....


Locked Down - Episode 9 - Nuix make "Person of Interest" a reality

Ever seen the thriller series "Person of Interest" ? In the show an overarching computer called "The Machine" knows and sees everything, Nuix an Australian company staffed by former military intelligence staffers has produced just that. Keith and I discuss.


Locked Down - Episode 8 - ZoneFox the best startup you've never heard of

I mentioned ZoneFox in my column on TheStack yesterday. Well I think it's time you heard them talk. They are an ethical and hugely talented startup in Scotland. I really hope they are NOT acquired soon. I think being acquired could be the dumbest thing they could do unless it was on the promise of their product and futures being assured. This technology, and I am really hard to impress, is one of the diamonds of RSAConference this year. Sadly 99.8% of the people attending will come away...


Locked Down - Episode 7 - UK CyberEnvoy to DC Andy Williams

Joining me on the show is Andy Williams, the UK CyberEnvoy to Washington DC to talk about RSAConference 2016.


Locked Down - Episode 6 - Jim Reavis Cloud Security Alliance

Jim Reavis is one of my trusted long term friends in the world of security. He has built up with tenacity the global presence of the CSA and to work hard to ensure that tools that have come of CSA have slowly but surely affected the way governments understand threat.


Locked Down - Episode 5 -Todd Inskeep of the RSAC Committee

The RSA Conference organising committee do an amazing job every year to spend 365 days putting together the best conference they can and the continual planning for other geographic RSA events. I'm joined on the show by Todd Inskeep and he and I detail why attending RSA, being an exhibitor or an attendee is so vital to be taken credibly and to increase your chances of succeeding in security or dealing with emerging threat.


Locked Down - Episode 4 - Lance James of Flashpoint talks to Richard at The Moscone

Sat down with me today is Lance James, Chief Scientist at Flashpoint. Flashpoint are probably THE guys to go to when you think about emerging threat. If you've seen Mr Robot, Flashpoint is about as close to that as it gets, except real world. Threat identification, planning and looking at emerging threat globally, looking at terrorist threat, cyber terrorism, ransomware etc. Lance is a good friend and I always panic before recording as he and I will laugh like drains if allowed. Lance is...


Episode 3 - In conversation with Raj Samani VP, CTO for EMEA, Intel Security

There are forces of nature and there are forces for change. Seldom do you get both in one package. Raj Samani is one of those packages. Intel's authority on security, globally recognised and accepted as one of the most gifted speakers of his generation, Raj gives us the benefit of appearing on this show. We've recorded before a few years ago at another security show and I count him as a valued friend. This show more than any other deserves your attention. Theres a reason he has twice...


Locked Down - A security podcast from RSA Conference 2016, talking to Josh Bressers from Red Hat

Josh Bressers for 12 years now has been the quiet unassuming security hero at Red Hat working with the Security Response Team to build common sense practices and polished security processes into the operating system Red Hat Enhanced Linux (RHEL), and all derivative products in the virtualisation space (RHEV), and our products in middleware, storage and now containers and the cloud. He is presenting at RSAConference on Friday as well as talking at the Red Hat security breakfast on Wednesday...


Episode 1 - Richard talks to Richard Stiennon about CNAP and more...

Richard Morrell, Red Hat's Principal Security Strategist returns to the radio mic to talk to Richard Stiennon live from The Moscone Center San Francisco as part of RSA Conference 2016. Talking about CNAP, challenges of US Federal Government security and some realities.


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