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Locked on Thunder part of the Locked on Podcast Network gives you a daily podcast with unequaled insight into the Oklahoma City Thunder and the NBA. Hosted by Norman Transcript Thunder beat reporter Fred Katz. #thunder #nba

Locked on Thunder part of the Locked on Podcast Network gives you a daily podcast with unequaled insight into the Oklahoma City Thunder and the NBA. Hosted by Norman Transcript Thunder beat reporter Fred Katz. #thunder #nba
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Locked on Thunder part of the Locked on Podcast Network gives you a daily podcast with unequaled insight into the Oklahoma City Thunder and the NBA. Hosted by Norman Transcript Thunder beat reporter Fred Katz. #thunder #nba




What About Melo? (Part Two)

Segment 1. Keeping Carmelo Anthony for 28 million dollars. Why it's not a bad idea. Melo on school walkouts. Melo is the yen to Russ's Yang Segment 2. Adam Silver on a Soccer style tournament in the middle of the season. Why owners won't go for it despite the money. Hurting American fans. Segment 3. Russ on Trae Young. Is Collin Sexton a better pick. Two and none Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Gut Punched

Segment 1. Thunder choke one off to The Celtics. Billy Donovan on not paying attention to other teams in play off race. Responding to Tim Legler. Teams were 0-884 when trailing by five in the last 16.8 seconds. Segment 2. Adam Silver on not incentivizing tanking. NBA thriving off betting NBA wants you to bet. Let's define tanking. Segment 3. Silver on fans watching on demand. What NBA needs to learn from WWE give us NBA TV on demand without Learn more about your ad...


The Spark

Segment 1. Thunder stock rise can be contributed to to Corey Brewer. Do you consider resigning him? positives and negatives. Celtics report. who's out for tonight's game. LBJ 71st triple-double, third oldest in history with 40 points. Segment 2. Adam Silver on how to stay relevant with younger fans in an on demand world. Segment 3. My Kind of fans. I sat behind a die hard 60 year- old fan at WWE who made the night fun. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


Stock Up!

Segment 1. Thunder stock up, buy now Feeding off Corey Brewer Corey on why he fits so seamlessly. Melo on the late push for OKC Segment 2. The bench is still an issue, but Terrence Ferguson is showing signs of what he can become. Ferguson Audio: on his reverse alley-oop layup. Corey Brewer on Ferguson comparisons to him. Segment 3. Russ five straight triple-doubles, late MVP push. Can't take him for granted. Steven Adams taking shot to the jewels, Adams and Jerami...


Buckle Up

Segment 1. Update on Paul George and Steven Adams Russell Westbrook Audio: On leading NBA in assist. Russell Westbrook Audio: On Jerami Grant. Jerami Grant Audio: what's working for him. Segment 2. Thunder stretch run, how close are they are watching other teams. Carmelo Anthony Audio: Why we wanted to play on the same team. Billy Donovan Audio: We only focus on us Segment 3. A proper way to honor Nick Collison Russ Audio: On What Dre is going through What to dust...


March Smacknes

Segment 1. Update on Paul George and Steven Adams Billy Audio: On Paul and Steven Russell Westbrook, he is the star we deserve. Segment 2. Carmelo Shooting over 40 percent from three in the last five games. Carmelo Audio: What Changed Bad Moments in Thunder history Segment 3. NCAA Tournament Talk Melo Audio: On Giving Nick a hard time Melo Audio: On Giving Jimi Butler a hard time Billy Audio: On Fairness of judging coaches Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Thunder)

Segment 1. Russ is a legend that won't be appreciated till he retires Given us more than we could want as fans. Segment 2. Paul George says he is going to be back on Friday vs. Clippers Thunder not making the playoffs is a real thing. Segment 3. Most significant moments in Thunder history Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


History In The Making

Segment 1. Latest on Steven Adams Steven Adams Audio: Describes Injury Steven Adams Audio: His Status for Tonight What to do about Melo ? Scores 21 last night Paul George Audio: Don't Worry about shooting Segment 2. Russ is on the verge of 100 triple doubles If that's all we get are we ok with that? Last year wasn't enjoyable for some You don't always get to witness history. Segment 3. Kawhi is on is way back. Meeting with Pop Is Pop's Act wearing thin with his...


What About Melo?

Segment 1. Latest on Steven Adams What to do about Melo PG Audio: On Defense Segment 2. What is a fitting way to honor Nick Collison? Thunder Stock on the rise? Most Dangerous team in the west. Segment 3. Where the Thunder might be after the next two games, LBJ and PG heading to LAL? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices



Segment 1: Terrance Ferguson in concussion protocol Billy Donovan Audio on Corey Brewer Melo on Brewer on the offensive end Billy Donovan on OKC defense Nick Collison on OKC Defense Segment 2. Preparing for Spurs Billy Audio: On Spurs Adams Audio: On Spurs Aldridge 68 Minutes last two games. 3-7 Last 10 games and still dangerous Segment 3. Nick Collison Audio: On His Dunk Collison will be first to have Jersey retired. Melo Audio: Where scores like the ball Errors from the...


Finish Strong

Segment 1. What is the bare minimum OKC must accomplish to call this season successful? Can't-do any worse than conference semis. Patrick Paterson on what has to improve Andre Roberson on feeling vindicated Segment 2. Putting Corey Brewer in the starting lineup he's not the answer. Keep him coming off the bench. Billy Audio. Andre Roberson on mental part of being out. Segment 3. Quick turnaround with PHX Alex Abrines didn't play how to stay engaged in the game. Patrick...


The Road Back

Segment 1. Audio from Andre Roberson on his road back Audio from Billy Donovan on Dre and how the team keeps him involved. Getting hurt will make you more popular Segment 2. Audio From Billy on Thunder getting more looks from three, also an update on WC standings, most dejected the locker room has been all year. audio from PG as an example Segment 3. Audio from Melo on passing Jerry West on the all time scoring list. Becky Hammon a serious candidate at CSU Learn more...



Segment 1. Audio from Russ on the OKC Big 3 What the lasting impressions of that Big 3 are, what was their impact. The Presti magic touch. Could you have picked Harden over Westbrook. What would that have looked like. Segment 2. Audio From Paul George on How to deal with Houston defensively. The Numbers are staggering. So watch OKC win tonight. Rockets just 1-4 in last five trips to OKC Including a 112-107 loss to OKC on Christmas All Thunder need to do is win in...


Hot Seat?

Segment 1. What it would take for me to get on the fire Billy Donovan bandwagon. How realistic is it that OKC might not make playoffs Segment 2. Audio From Practice Today Should Corey Brewer take minutes from younger players? Segment 3. Looking ahead to the week that is for OKC 4 games at home no reason why it shouldn't be a 3-1 week by the time they hit the road next Tuesday vs. Atl Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Panic Button

Segment 1. Corey Brewer not yet signed but most likely will be With OKC before tipoff. Betting he won't play tonight but will in Portland. Why these next two game as close to a must-win as you can have in March Segment 2. Around the Association: Steph Curry Goes John Bonham Dirk reaches out to fan in need. And JR Smith is acting like a douche Segment 3. Why OKC Would be better off in the 7th or 8th spot as opposed to moving up. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


Winning Ugly

Segment 1. Audio from Billy Donovan: on why Mavericks won't play to lose. Why this is on the players not coach. Thunder win ugly. Same problems night after night. only fix can come from within, Steven Adams continues to make Sam Presti look good Segment 2. Corey Brewer expected to sign Friday. Door is open for Thunder to get a better playoff seed, but they don't take advantage 0r do they? 4-1 in last five, despite issues Paul George needs to keep talking Segment 3. Dirk got...


To Tank Or Not To Tank

1. To tank or not to tank? OKC plays Dallas tonight, Mavs making known they are better off losing. Audio from Billy Donovan: Do players try to lose, does the NBA have an issue, OKC Can't afford to take teams lightly 2. Audio From Carmelo Anthony: Would he tell his son to go to college or play overseas, should the NBA care if they are killing college hoops? Isn't the point of sports to make money? 3. Audio from Carmelo Anthony: On Why his shooting percentage is down. Does he...


Melo On The Mic

1. Melo on NCAA and how to fix A corrupt system. Why Melo is right and what LBJ had to say 2. Audio from Billy Donovan on Thunder Bench and Alex Abrines's big night. Audio from Jerami Grant on Raymond Felton 3. Audio from Carmelo Anthony on Russ and his place in history. Where the Thunder are in the playoff chase, and will they wake up tomorrow night. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Steven Speaks

1. Why I was wrong about GSW taking OKC seriously How OKC can beat GSW in a seven-game series Why this is the series the NBA needs in the playoffs Steven Adams on retaliation against Zaza Pachulia 2. Audio from shot around Steven Adams Bio Could the Thunder not make the playoffs Jimmy Butler out will help 3. How to Fix CBB Preview of tonight's game Steven Adams on how to beat Orlando Opening Sponsor: “if your company is interested in men between the ages of 18 and 44...


Clutch Time

1. We'll Talk about Russ vs. Carmelo in the Clutch Also, we'll look at where Russell Westbrook Stands In the Triple Double race and what that says about his place In NBA history. 2. There's trouble in S.A. and how that will help OKC in the Playoff chase. Mark Cuban Speaks the truth and why Clay Bennett needs to take note. 3. OKC Vs. GSW on Saturday Night Can the Thunder make it three straight vs. The Warriors? combine scores of the first two games, and what has changed between...


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