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12: Fallow fields, Amtrak, otters

Look It Up is a podcast for the curious. On today's episode: are farmers given enough incentive to leave fields fallow? How does Amtrak stay in business? And otters. Sources: Farming subsidies (Grist): bit.ly/farmingsubsidie. USDA Conservation Reserve Program (AgWeb): bit.ly/crpsubsidies. Average expected crop yields: bit.ly/potatopounds. History of Amtrak subsidies: bit.ly/amtraksubsidies. Amtrak budget starting 2015: bit.ly/amtrakbudget15. Supplementary amtrak data (Federal Railroad...

Duration: 00:13:03

11: Voronoi school districts, rhubarb pie, blankets

On this week's episode: do school district boundaries follow the lines suggested by a Voronoi diagram? What are the origins of the Prairie Home Companion song about rhubarb pie? Are some types of blankets warmer than others? 0:42 - Voronoi school districts 3:09 - Rhubarb pie 7:06 - Shorts 7:40 - Blankets 9:33 - Sources 10:05 - Lev Theremin playing the theremin Sources: supplementary images for "Voronoi school districts," bit.ly/liuschools1. School district boundaries,...

Duration: 00:11:35

10: Hammock heat loss, dangerous transport, weekday etymologies

Look It Up is a podcast for the indiscriminately curious. On this week's episode: why do I get so cold in a hammock? Which type of transport is safest per mile traveled? Where did the names for the days of the week come from? Sources: transportation statistics from the NTSB and IIHS, bit.ly/liutransport1, bit.ly/liutransport2, and bit.ly/liutransport3. Weekday etymologies on Wikipedia, bit.ly/liuweekdays.

Duration: 00:09:18

9: Lunar gymnastics, data scraping, forfeitures

Look It Up is a podcast for the indiscriminately curious. On this episode: 0:43 - What would gymnastics look like in low gravity? 4:19 - What is data scaping? 5:52 - Shorts: does the third-party doctrine apply to iMessage? What happens if you drive over a road flare? 6:48 - Forfeitures, a segment about the weird stuff the US Government seizes 9:09 - Sources. NASA video about movement in space suits, bit.ly/liugravity. Scientific American article on lunar Olympic gymnastics,...

Duration: 00:11:16

8: Closed cities, safest states, rebar

On this week's episode: what are closed cities? Is there anywhere in the US that's safe from natural disasters? What is rebar for and how is it made? Contact the podcast at thelookituppodcast@gmail.com or on twitter at @liupodcast.

Duration: 00:11:53

7: Perfect pitch, divisibility rules, forfeitures

This week: what tone languages have to do with perfect pitch, how to tell if a number is divisible by 13 (or 17, 19, etc.), and the return of Forfeitures.

Duration: 00:09:31

6: Fumigation tents, sternal fractures, patents.

This week: why fumigation tents look like circus tents, how easy it is to break your sternum, and how to apply for a patent in the United States.

Duration: 00:10:05

4: 1500s Marches, Foreign Keyboards, Historic Pronunciation

On this episode of Look It Up: were there marches in the 1500s? How do you type on a Japanese or Chinese keyboard? Is there a correlation between geographic location or political party and whether you say "an -" or "a historic?" This, and more. Check it out. Links: bit.ly/anhistoricspreadsheet: the data and results for an v. a historic bit.ly/liu1500march: the YouTube video of the march we listened to Look us up on twitter @lookituppod, or email thelookituppodcast@gmail.com.

Duration: 00:10:14

3: Post-Presidential jobs, heroin highway, unfinished house tax laws

On this week's episode of Look It Up: what kinds of jobs do former Presidents of the United States have? What and where is the heroin highway? Can I leave a house unfinished and not pay property taxes on it? This, and more. Check it out. Links: bit.ly/liuhistoric: "an historic" v. "a historic" survey bit.ly/liupresjobsabc: ABC news article about post-presidential life bit.ly/liupresjobschart: chart of former US Presidents' occupations bit.ly/liuillsurvey: Illinois Youth...

Duration: 00:11:57

2: Refrigerated Guns, Pronunciation Surveys, Equity Politicians

This week's episode of Look It Up deals with whether or not it's safe to refrigerate guns, a survey looking to see whether Republicans say "an historic" disproportionately more than Democrats, and what would happen if Equity name rules applied to politicians. Links: bit.ly/liusenturia: gun study bit.ly/liukennedy: Huffington Post article about Kennedy bit.ly/liuhistoric: "an historic" v. "a historic" survey Look us up on twitter @lookituppod, or email thelookituppodcast@gmail.com.

Duration: 00:11:09

1: World's Fairs, Generational Furniture, Ambidextrous Animals

This week on Look It Up: World's Fairs and how they're surprisingly still a thing, how different generations make furniture-purchasing decisions, and whether or not animals can be ambidextrous. Look us up on twitter @lookituppod, or email thelookituppodcast@gmail.com.

Duration: 00:12:59