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Episode 13: Sexual Shame with Ryan Johnstone

Listen in as Ryan Johnstone opens up about their struggles with Christian fundamentalism and being afraid to look at their own body naked in a mirror. Now they are a sex educator and a founder of the sex app KinkedIn. Later on in the episode Rev Sex unravels one of the toughest queer shaming texts in the New Testament.

Duration: 00:58:07

Episode 12: Yaz Nunez Remembers PULSE

We all get mad at what's going on in the US today but here's someone who can't stand still and watch. Yaz is a queer faith activist and works for Soulforce. In this episode they talk about the National Religious Broadcasters, the Marriott and what those two things have to do with remembering PULSE. Later Rev. Sex talks about what it's like to get arrested for a God and a people they believe in.

Duration: 00:50:44

Episode 11: Candice Czubernat On Parents

A sexy scandal was afoot when guest Candice met her wife. Candice Czubernat is a writer, speaker, therapist and the founder of The Christian Closet, a web-based counseling practice where she specializes in seeing those needing a safe place to reconcile their faith with their sexual and gender identities. We hear from Rev. Sex about choosing to defer gender pronouns for your kids.

Duration: 00:54:22

Episode 10: Peterson Toscano Is Saving Coffee

This episode is all about social change. Incase you missed him Peterson Toscano is back for round 2. He makes a surprising yet obvious connection between climate change and queer Christians. Rev Sex hands her mic to social justice activist Yaz Nunez who is planning to defend Pulse Night Club from the National Religious Broadcasters.

Duration: 00:54:13

Lord Have Mercy: Badass Preacher's Kid

Happy Halloween!! Isaac Archuleta is a our guest and the director of the I Am Clinic. You can read more of his work on the Huffington Post, learn about his history at his personal website, or find resources for healing and growth at the I Am Clinic.

Duration: 00:26:29