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Louise Omer is Holy Woman

Our Bible App launched! Check it out in your app store. Subscribe and don't forget to leave a comment so others can find it too! (APPLE) & (ANDROID) In 2017 Louise Omer left behind a marriage, community and possessions to meet women around the world. Asking, where is their place in religion? And can a woman be holy? She is inviting us to join her on this epic trip that began in Australia, and is taking her to Ireland, Sweden, Mexico, Bulgaria, Kenya...and more. Check her out at...

Duration: 00:48:37

That's Mr. Heathen To You

Matthew Blake, or as I like to call him Mr. Heathen, is the host of Heathen podcast. He’s on the other side of Christianity; the outskirts filled with mysticism, spirituality and well…. Questions. After a very religious upbringing he somehow found himself in this no-mans-land and instead of running scared he’s setting up camp and interviewing the natives. He calls each episode, "spiritual conversations for the godless," answering the call for each of us whether we are a believer or not....

Duration: 00:48:59

Vandalize Bad Theology #HolyBlackedOut

Antonia Terrazas and her project Holy Blacked Out is a manifesto against bad theology. Using it as an effort to reframe a history of run-ins with crooked-ish Christianity, Antonia is here to talk about her work and the Mountain Top Moments that brought her to it. You should see her work at @HolyBlackedOut on Instagram. I created one from an old purity book on courtship (yeah, I know right?!) one and it truly is therapeutic, allowing us to unbind the damaging messages from books we read...

Disrupt Worship Project

Church is a very Christmasy thing, is it not? There's always some choir to go hear or play of children to witness. But for some folks, church isn't a once a year kind of thing. It's an entire life kind of ritual. Teammates Ray Gentry and Elizabeth Rawlings are here to disrupt all that and they do a fantastic job of make the finer parts of church more appealing. They are definitely onto something. Find out how host Crystal Cheatham brings together liturgy, Wicca and Ray's glorious beard all...

Duration: 00:38:59

Episode 14: #ShutTheHellUp: An Advent Devotional

They call it "a visceral language for a visceral gospel." Tuhina Rasche and Jason Chestnut have decided to amplify the intensity of how the good book is read and we are all for it. Join host Crystal Cheatham as she discusses their annual project and what led these two faith leaders to embrace such apparent irreverence. Subscribe to the daily advent devotional at

Duration: 00:58:07

Episode 10: Peterson Toscano Is Saving Coffee

This episode is all about social change. Incase you missed him Peterson Toscano is back for round 2. He makes a surprising yet obvious connection between climate change and queer Christians. Rev Sex hands her mic to social justice activist Yaz Nunez who is planning to defend Pulse Night Club from the National Religious Broadcasters.

Duration: 00:54:13

Episode 7: Alison Brook On Purity Culture

Alison Brook is a singer songwriter and the guest of this episode. Crystal and Alison are long time friends and could not have had more opposite experiences around sex, virginity and body shaming. Alison is up close and personal about her journey and ends the episode with an offering of her music. Later Rev. Sex discusses another side of purity culture--shacking up. Find out more about Alison Brook at

Duration: 00:44:16