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Is Love a Choice? Capitalism? Socialism?: Blake Willis

Growing up in a conservative, Christian home, along side a profoundly mentally and physically disabled brother has given him a perspective on empathy, government, and capitalism that’s refreshing to hear. Blake has an intimate knowledge of my life. He knew me when I was a youth pastor, in a sense we grew up together. Hearing his perspective on my life and the extreme turns away from religion I've taken are helpful and insightful. This Episode's Show Notes SUPPORT THE SHOW RATE & REVIEW...

Duration: 01:49:05

SPECIAL: To Punch Or Not To Punch a Nazi?: Chad Mummert

Due to the tragic and violent events taking place in Charlottesville Virginia this past weekend. We are taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to address a conversation around hate, dealing with it, and growing past it. We all are expressing our anger, grief, pain, remorse, and disappointment differently. It's important to feel those emotions. Expression of our emotions is extremely healthy for us all. But how should we express our distaste for the beliefs of others and...

Duration: 01:23:06

EPISODE 105: Transitions, A Quest for Normality, and Deleting Facebook: Blake Willis

Blake knew me when I was a Pastor, in fact, I was his Pastor. We spend time talking about growing up together, how our lives have changed, leaving Facebook, and more. After listening to every episode of the podcast, Blake doesn't understand why so many Christians hate us, but life is hard, and we can't please everyone. The world is not the way we wish it were. Blake has gone through some things that many can not fathom. Growing up with a mentally challenged older brother, essentially he...

Duration: 01:11:36

EPISODE 104: The Cure for Pain is in the Pain: Seth Alan Taylor

Seth and are I are back after watching the Tony Robbins documentary "I am not You Guru." In a continuation of our conversation where Seth challenged us to not only to own our shit but heal our shit. He continues to explain his affinity and experience with Energy Intuitive Healing and Rapid Transformation Therapy also known as weird shit with spirits, psychics, and exorcisms. I'm not convinced that this is the path to my healing, but it and the pain I have inspired me to take the plunge...

Duration: 01:22:23

EPISODE 103: I’m Not Your Guru. Please Don’t Make Me Your Guru: Seth Taylor

“The trap of high experiences, however they occur, is that you become attached to their memory and so you try to recreate them. These memories compel you to try to reproduce the high." -Ram Dass I’ve many times been referred to watch I AM NOT YOUR GURU, a documentary about Tony Robbins and his experiential retreats. I watched it right before recording with Seth, and it leads us into a discussion about my own thoughts on "teachings" and gurudom. Because of my preacher past as well as my...

Duration: 01:10:04

EPISODE 102: Divine Access: Believe What You Want to Believe: Steve Prince and John Wunder

When I got an email from a high school friend, I was excited to reconnect. Little did I know that it would introduce me to a movie that I would really enjoy, connect with on multiple levels, laugh, cry, and want to share with all of you. Director Steven Prince and Traveling Picture Show Company have put together a film that will make us think, and re-evaluate how we hold or let go of our "religions." A cast with the likes of Billy Burke, Patrick Warburton, Sarah Shahi, Gary Cole, Joel...

Duration: 01:40:50

EPISODE 101: Loser Stories: Crack Head Hoagies and Belief in God: T.O. Knowles

T.O. fulfills his promise and shares with us the Crack Head Hoagie story that reminded him how things often just come together. We also dive into a conversation about music and why many musicians stay involved in church even though they don't get much out if it. T.O. is a steel working musician from Pittsburg Pennsylvania with roots in Philadelphia. We take the time to chat over drinks about his faith, Shane Claiborne, Guns N Roses, Drug Dealers, This American Life, David Bazan, being...

Duration: 01:10:27

Candid, Transparent, and Honest: Zac Gandara

These three things have been the values of the show since the beginning, and now I have to hold them when I don't feel like it. I'm pissed that these weeks episode isn't up yet, but shit happens, life happens. I'm committed to putting out the content of the show every week, and this week, circumstances that hindered that from happening. So fuck it! Let's have another drink, hug it out, and get back on track as soon as we can. Many of you have asked if you could help. Yes, you can. If...

Duration: 00:02:54

EPISODE 100: This Podcast is About People and Their Stories

There is no doubt from the start of Losing Our Religion that this entire podcast is about people and their stories. It seems that as the podcast grows and goes on, it has become less and less about religion and more and more about people. To this end, we take this 100th episode and devote it to people. In this episode, we share clips from a handful of popular and most downloaded episodes. Shows that you gave us the most feedback on. We also take the time to thank the Losers and producers...

Duration: 01:18:01

EPISODE 099: Loser Stories: Weird Relationships: T.O. Knowles

I’m sure we all have weird relationship stories, but when you're raised in religion, they seem weirder and ridiculously over complicated. T.O. Knowles shares with us about growing up in Teen Mania Ministries, the cultish, mega, TV, youth ministry, and his premature, basically fake engagement to his cheating ex-girlfriend. This Episode's Show Notes SUPPORT THE SHOW RATE & REVIEW THE SHOWBECOME A PRODUCERDONATEFREE AUDIO BOOKAmazon Portal JOIN US Join the CounterCulture Society - Get...

Duration: 00:58:21

EPISODE 098: There are Guides Along the Way: Josiah Ecker

As I have traversed down the road of Losing Religion, my former life as an American Christian Pastor has haunted me. How I used to consider myself a teacher for others, someone who knew the way. Someone who could be followed. I fear these things now. They have caused me to resist being a leader, a guru, a teacher for others. Even though many have called me these things, Josiah shows me another way. The way of a guide. It's a passive way; it's a path in which we all head down when we...

Duration: 01:11:49

EPISODE 097: Going From What I Don't Believe, To What I Do: Josiah Ecker

Josiah is a missionary kid with a psychology degree that's deconstructing his faith. His perspective is refreshing, educated, and compassionate. Change and transformation are hard, no matter how, or what is changing. But growth is a choice, and Josiah is inspiring. This Episode's Show Notes SUPPORT THE SHOW RATE & REVIEW THE SHOWBECOME A PRODUCERDONATEFREE AUDIO BOOKAmazon Portal JOIN US Join the CounterCulture Society - Get Emails & Deals!WebsiteFollow on Twitter & Instagram. Join...

Duration: 01:14:05

EPISODE 096: Jesus Wasn’t Very Christian: Kyle Reynolds

We leave the evangelical conversation for a few minutes as we roll through the gambit of the sickness of relationships, marriage, therapy, counseling, wonder, questioning, even ridiculous religious colloquialisms. This Episode's Show Notes SUPPORT THE SHOW RATE & REVIEW THE SHOWBECOME A PRODUCERDONATEFREE AUDIO BOOKAmazon Portal JOIN US Join the CounterCulture Society - Get Emails & Deals!WebsiteFollow on Twitter & Instagram. Join our Facebook Music featured on this episode: Upside...

Duration: 01:22:40

EPISODE 095: Leaving? Evangelicalism: Kyle Reynolds

If you’re wondering if I have any Christian friends left, yes I do. Kyle is one of them. You may remember Kyle from the REJECTED EPISODE. You know, the episode that was too far for the "Christian Organization" to put out. Kyle is on the show this time as my guest. As I continue the journey of deconstruction of faith, I no longer call myself a Christian. As Kyle has, he no longer calls himself an Evangelical. In this episode, we talk about this as well as engaging into the inadequacy of...

Duration: 01:15:25

EPISODE 094: The Contentment Rollercoaster Cycle: Victor Huckabee

Victor and I drank and talked like junior high girls into the wee hours of the Nashville night. Growing up in the glow of the Pentecostal gold dust revival scene, Victor could be a lot less level headed than he is. But his youthful optimism in the face of a fucked up world was refreshing, to say the least. Growing up in the south doesn't fit all the stereotypes, but you will notice some. But what you'll leave with is a feeling of solidarity and a glimpse of a future that may not be so...

Duration: 01:10:11

EPISODE 093: The Pope Will Travel: Art, Life, and Living: Victor Huckabee

Victor Huckabee is an artist, illustrator, and designer from Nashville, Tn. He's also a husband and a dad. He's lived in many places around the globe, and it's shown him some things. One thing being, that humanity is great, and the more you travel, the more you open up. We're often so closed off to each other and locked into our own cultural norms. The time has come to leave our comfort zones. “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it...

Duration: 00:55:41

EPISODE 092: Being Triggered!: Chad Weber

There’s no doubt that I was triggered in a lot of ways while recording this episode with Chad. Goal setting, ambition, competition, self-help, growth strategies, and gurus are all things that trigger me in a negative manner. Then he mentions the name of someone he appreciates from our shared past, that personifies everything I despise about Pentecostal, Charismatic Christianity. Needless to say, internal growth opportunities have presented themselves to me, and I get to begin that process...

Duration: 01:14:07

EPISODE 091: Power, Ego, and Conscience: Chad Weber

Here is an interesting episode for ya. Chad Weber knew me when I was a pastor; he was a parishioner at the particular brand of mega-monster we both attended. But until now, we're never really talked. He's a fellow Loser and a producer of the show, and we sit down over drinks to chat. As we begin his story into MMA, Jujitsu, and his debut cage match, we quickly move into, what was, a therapeutic conversation around being goal driven as a Type A personality. This is a frank and transparent...

Duration: 01:04:00

EPISODE 090: Love: A Journey Away From Absolutes and Expectations: Christian Grindstaff

In this continuation of our conversation with Christian about, Where Love Comes From. We begin where we left off, and quickly move into conversing about our parents, raising kids, and the meat of letting go of absolutes and expectations. Christian is a natural critical thinker, learner, who candidly and clearly shares his journey of growing to understand love. Romance, religion, experience, science, and psychology all give us definitions of love, but is there a definition that makes sense...

Duration: 00:57:07

EPISODE 089: Where Does Love Come From?: Christian Grindstaff

Christian is a natural critical thinker, learner, who candidly and clearly shares his journey of growing to understand love. Romance, religion, experience, science, and psychology all give us definitions of love, but is there a definition that makes sense for all of us? Do our personal definitions of love cause us to put expectations on others? Why do we consistently see only our idea of love as the truth? This Episode's Show Notes SUPPORT THE SHOW RATE & REVIEW THE SHOWBECOME A...

Duration: 00:58:17

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