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25: On Turkey

This week, Logan and Mike discuss the upcoming food-based holiday: Thanksgiving. Listen to hear why you shouldn't do the same old Thanksgiving, how to put a little variety in the meal, and why Logan should open his own food truck.

Duration: 01:14:37

24: On IceCoin and Sous Vide

This week, Logan and Mike talk about cryptocurrencies like BitCoin, cooking meat sous vide, and why we're afraid of our meats. There's also a bit about the library's smartphone app, BookMyne.

Duration: 01:13:09

23: On Nanowrimo, etc.

This week, Logan and Mike talk National Novel Writing Month, cooking Thanksgiving turkeys, and Dungeons and Dragons.

Duration: 01:18:40

22: On Blade Runner

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't seen 'Blade Runner 2049,' better see that before listening to this podcast. In this epidsode, Logan and Mike discuss the recent sci-fi masterpiece, and some goings-on at the library.

Duration: 01:13:30

21: On Food

This week, Logan and Mike talk about smoking (food), skillets, and shrimp, among other food topics. Learn about some of the resources you can find at your library to help your culinary creativity! There's also some discussion about Jeff Goldblum.

Duration: 01:13:33

20: On Writing, part 5

Hear the beginnings of a new writing project to get in the Halloween spirit. Unfortunately, Mike is back for this episode. Listen to Logan and him discuss more writing, the new adaptation of Stephen King's IT, and how to solve the electric car issues.

Duration: 01:11:20

19: On the murdered librarian

Did you know a librarian was murdered on the current site of the Eaton Branch Library? This week, Logan talks with the library's resident Lida Griswold obsessor, Magrace to discuss the creepy happenings surrounding the murder.

Duration: 01:00:29

18: On Ghosts

Get ready to be terrified! Logan and Mike talk about ghosts, Bigfoots or Bigfeets, and some good ghostly movies and books to add to your to-watch/to-read list.

Duration: 01:03:38

17: On Writing, Episode 5

This week, Logan and Mike talk about defamiliarization in writing, writing a food blog, and a short span of sidewalk. Get ready to be enthralled!

Duration: 01:11:38

16: Dunkirk

Logan and Mike watched Christopher Nolan's newest film, Dunkirk. Hear what they think, what some of their favorite war movies are, and just what exactly makes a movie a 'war movie.'

Duration: 01:17:12

15: The Great American Eclipse

The Great American Eclipse is looming! Logan and Mike talk about what they're expecting from the eclipse and some of the conspiracy theories swirling around the event. Plus, make sure to attend the library's local author events in September.

Duration: 01:08:40

14: On Tech

Logan and Mike discuss technology, and how the library can help you dabble into something new without financial commitment. There's also some talk of video games and, of course, Logan's Jeep, which seems to come up a lot.

13: On Writing, Episode 4

This week, Logan and Mike get a little more in depth into the official podcast short story. They brainstorm ideas to round out the secondary character and set the major plot points. They also recap some of the events of the Eaton Branch Library's Comic Con last Saturday.

Duration: 00:59:43

11: Music

Logan and Mike talk a lot about movies, TV, and books. In this episode, hear about music they remember from youth, what has stuck with them, and why music you might think is terrible actually isn't.

Duration: 01:01:14

10: Obscure Films

There are a whole lot of movies that don't get big numbers at the box office. Being the avid filmgoers they are, Logan and Mike discuss some films that are great, but which never got the buzz of the big blockbusters. Search the library catalog and place them on hold...now!

Duration: 00:49:20

8: Summer Reading

In this episode, Logan and Mike talk about the most important time in keeping kids reading: the summer. Students can lose months of reading ability over the summer, ability that has to be re-learned at the beginning of the new school year before further progress is made. Listen for some info on how libraries prevent the 'summer slide,' which is a term that sounds way too fun to describe declining reading skills.

Duration: 00:58:54

7: Stories from the Stacks

We went topic-free this week. Hear us talk mostly about Logan's Jeep, which is best described as erratic. If you need some direction for fixing your vehicle this summer, check out the library's subscription to Chilton Online.

Duration: 01:09:52

6: On Writing, Pt. 2

This week, we start on our journey of writing a piece of fiction over the course of several podcasts. This session, we focus on creating a main (or side) character, and go into a bit of his background. We also toss around a few relationships with other characters and some potential plot ideas. Listen to us as we write a great (or terrible) piece of fiction. Learn what (not) to do.

Duration: 01:04:29

5: Film

In this episode, we talk about making films, how to shoot better video, and why you should shoot your own video, even if it ends up terrible. Inspired by Preble County District Library's popular 'Tween Filmmakers Club' for ages 8-12, we'll give you some hints, like why you should never, ever touch the zoom button while shooting or use fancy dissolve cuts. (Hint: it looks amateur).

Duration: 00:47:44

4: On Making

In this episode, we discuss the act of creating in our society, how we're gradually becoming luddites, and how libraries are pivotal in fostering creativity. There are also many references to the wisdom of those pushing creation in our modern idea of disposability.

Duration: 00:47:52

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