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LoudSports101 is a weekly podcast created by a teenager and for all fans of football, basketball, soccer.

LoudSports101 is a weekly podcast created by a teenager and for all fans of football, basketball, soccer.
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LoudSports101 is a weekly podcast created by a teenager and for all fans of football, basketball, soccer.




Episode 28 - NFL, the Patriots and instant replay in soccer

This week we dive into the NFL, with a focus on the Patriots. Also we discuss instant replay and should it be part of soccer Follow @LoudSports101 on twitter. Also be sure to listen in the coming weeks for the big announcement

Duration: 00:12:03

Episode 27 - Sports news and college bowls

This week LoudSports 101 covers more College football bowl games then you would think is possible. The Boca Raton bowl, the Cactus Bowl, the Credit Union Holiday bowl. Who has heard of these? LoudSports 101 has and we have all you need to know about these.

Duration: 00:10:46

Episode 26 - New Years 6, best soccer player in the world

After brining you up to date on the week in sports, this week LoudSports 101 discusses the New Year's 6 and who is the best college football player in the world. Be sure to follow us on twitter at @LoudSports101

Duration: 00:15:14

Episode 25 - College Football Playoff talk

LoudSports is focused on the College Football Playoffs this week. Sit down, grab your foam #1 finger and see if your football team will be in the discussion.

Duration: 00:10:06

Episode 24 - Clemson, Wisconsin, College Football Playoff

Football, football and just a little more football. Sit back and let enjoy 10 minutes of football talk. Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma, College Football Playoffs and of course NFL. Be sure to follow my twitter @LoudSports101

Duration: 00:10:56

Episode 23 - Heisman talk, first college basketball poll of 2017

Catch up on the latest sports news. Tune in for some Heisman talk. The first Colleg basketball poll of the 2017-18 season is out and there are some interesting picks, and of course some of the old guard. A brief talk on some of the basketball matches coming on tonight. @LoudSports101 is the twitter handle

Duration: 00:08:35

Episode 21 - College Football rankings, AFC South

Football, football and just a little more football. This week we talk about College Football rankings, NFL, AFC South, players in the NFL, the Jags, pretty much as much football as any sane person can handle. We also break down the AFC South, can the Titans do it? Be sure to follow us on twitter @LoudSports101

Duration: 00:09:18

Episode 20 - Curry, Harden, NBA, NFL, World Series

Lots to cover this week, Hayward, Curry, Leonard, Harden, Westbrook, World Series, College Football, NFL, and even the World Series. We dive deep into the top MVP candidates for the NBA this season. Be sure to follow us on twitter @LoudSports101

Duration: 00:09:33

Episode 19 - Aaron Rodgers, Navorro Bowman, World Series

Today LoudSports 101 talks about Bowman, Aaron Rodgers, Hayward, NFL and believe it or not the World Series, you are welcome you baseball fans out there. The hot topic is the NFL MVP, tune in to see who we predict to win that one. Hint it can't be Rodgers any more.

Duration: 00:13:22

Episode 18 - NFL, JJ Watt, Colin Kapernick, NBA

This week we talk about the NFL and it's ongoing controversy don't worry no boring politics. We also discuss JJ Watt and the remainder of thte NFL. Let's not forget the NBA Follow us on Twitter at @loudsports101

Duration: 00:13:55

Episode 17 - Dalvin Cook, Nikolic, Villa and MLS

Today LoudSports 101 talked about College Football, the NFL and the MLS Golden Boot. Tune in to get LoudSports 101 take on all of these. Also a wrap up of the week in sports and a heads up to this week's sports. Follow us on Twitter at @LoudSports101

Duration: 00:10:24

Episode 16 - Football - College and NFL

Football football and just a bit more football. This week college football and NFL dominates the podcast. The hot topic is NFC East, contenders and winner. Remember to follow us on Twitter at @LoudSports101

Duration: 00:11:20

Episode 15 - DeShawn Watson, Joey Bosa, NFL rookie of the year

Covered all the Kareem hunt and Dashwan Watson news from last week. Hot topics - We go back again into Francois and this wee we talk about NFL Rookie of the Year. Remember @LoudSports101 is our Twitter handle, be sure to follow

Duration: 00:13:04

Episode 14 - Football, Seahawks, Francois

Start with a recap of the football scene from last week, yes College Football and NFL. Hot Topic - Who wins the NFC? Ready for next week, more football to watch. YEAH! Follow us on Twitter @LoudSports101

Duration: 00:09:29

Episode 13 - NFL, Soccer transfers and College football

News from the last week covered Mayweather vs MacGregor and some soccer transfers. Hot topic dives into who will win the AFC for all you NFL fans. Upcoming week discussion involves college football. Remember follow us on Twitter @LoudSports101

Duration: 00:09:45

Episode10 - MLS All stars, Neymar, Jay Cutler

This week LoudSports 101 recaps the MLS All Star game, some Neymar talk and Jay Cutler, yep that Jay Cutler. Hot Topic, how about some La Liga Winners and the MLS Champion prediction. Preview for the coming week, Neymar triumphant debut

Duration: 00:09:57

Episode 9 - Countinho and some NBA

In the news we cover soccer scores and a Guinness World Record. Hot topic was Countinho and where he is going, or not....Overview for next week - Countdowns to football and basketball and the closing of this year's ICC. Follow us on twitter at @LoudSports101 for all your sports needs.

Duration: 00:09:27

Episode 8 - SEC football and Kyrie Irving's move

This week LoudSports 101 talks about last weeks events. The US open, Tour De' France, Neymar move. For the hot topic, Kyrie Irving and SEC football share the spotlight. Coming up this week ICC, Gold Cup and College and NFL countdown

Duration: 00:08:56

Episode 7 - Breaking Neymar news, ACC contenders

Breaking news as podcast was being created, big move for Neymar, other transfers also. Hot topics goes in depth about ACC football and the contenders. For the NBA fans, Millsap's move is covered also

Duration: 00:10:33

Episode 4

This week on LoudSports 101 we recapped the past week sporting news. Jimmy Butler trade, Fultz draft pick. For the hot topics the EPL champion was predicted and where Mbappe would land (don't know who he is, listen and find out). Finally what's happening this week covers the MLB. Follow on Twitter @LoudSports101

Duration: 00:20:43

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