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EP:20 Where Has All the Romance Gone

In honor of Valentine's Day, Michelle pays tribute to the part that romance plays in relationships and love. She and her husband, Michael, will tell their story, and will add insight on love, communication, respect and conflict resolution! They will give some tips on how to keep the romance alive and have a healthy, loving relationship that grows over time! Stay tuned to learn how they keep the romance alive after 16 years of marriage


EP:19 Dating & Connecting in Today's World

Kate interviews an expert in the Dating and Relationship field, Lisa Amador, owner of Santa Barbara Matchmaking, to find out more about why people have so much difficulty meeting, connecting and forming healthy relationships that last. They will discuss ways that work for making better, healthier and more satisfying connections and possibly finding the love of your life.


EP:18 The Powerful Impact of Mindset on Your Future

Kate & Michelle talk about the importance of mindset on the life you will live tomorrow. Your mindset quite literally sets the stage for your future. What you think, you create! Kate and Michelle talk with a special guest and mindset expert, Kristi Turznik, author, speaker and mindset coach and find out how we can maintain the mindset we need to envision and create our best life. They will discuss how to make awesome automatic! Tune in for an inspiring show as they sum up an impactful...


EP:17 Never Quit, Never Give Up Hope

Kate and Michelle interview a special guest who picked themselves up and turned their life around after going through circumstances that left them defeated and suffering from PTSD. Jo Standing is a coach, author, speaker, spiritual warrior and a survivor. Even with this traumatic condition recovery is not only possible, but you can move forward to live the life you deserve.


EP:16 Turning Weaknesses into Strengths

Michelle interviews Bonner Paddock, the first man with cerebral palsy to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and complete the brutal Ironman Kona competition. He shares the exhilarating adventure that led to his achievements. Bonner is an expert on how to lift yourself up and turn your weaknesses into strengths to live the life you deserve!


EP:15 Overcoming the Obstacles On Your Journey

Kate talks with a special guest, Rosemary Workman, who is the author of Blindsided to Blessed: A Road map to Success When Life Hits the Fan! which takes you through a roller coaster event in her life that nearly destroyed her and her family, and how she overcame it by telling her story of surviving and thriving!


EP:14 The Right Mindset to Manifest Your Best Year in 2018

Kate & Michelle discuss how to start your year off on a positive note and make it your best year yet! Yes, we are talking about setting goals and possibly doing so with resolve (as in resolutions), only on a bigger and more imaginative scale. We are talking about mindset and how to have the mindset that will allow you to manifest the life you dream or wish for ( or better) and make it the life you live. Our guest, will be Chris Salem


EP:13 Peace On Earth - We Are All Connected in Spirit

Kate & Michelle talk about the importance of traditions and cultural celebrations in making and maintaining connections with our spiritual side, as well as, the traditions of other cultures around the world related to spirituality and how that manifests in our celebration of the season. Kate & Michelle will discuss the ways that Jewish, Christian, Buddist, Islamic, Spiritualists & Native American cultures connect to spirit, their unique traditions and what they share in common. This does...


EP:12 We Are Connected Spirits

Kate & Michelle interview a guest expert on how to get in touch with your spiritual side and feel more connected and in touch with yourself and others in a collective sense of awareness. Our guest, Patricia Albere, is a fellow Contact Talk Radio host, speaker, spiritual teacher and coach, as well as, the author of Evolutionary Relationships, Unleashing the Power of Mutual Awakening!


EP:11 Spiritual Connections

Michelle interviews Cameron Steele from Contact Talk Radio about Aura's and how he knew he had this gift. he will also do readings for the callers.


EP:10 Many Ways to Connect with Spirit!

Kate talks with guest expert, Intuitive Psychic Medium & Spiritual Healer, Virginia "Ginny" Jones, from New Zealand. Ginny Jones is well-known for her energy work. She uses her gifts to connect with energy and raise the frequency of others, leading them to better, more enlightened lives. We will talk with her about her background and gifts and get unique insight into how she works. She will demonstrate a reading for us.


EP:9 Many Ways to Connect with Spirit!

Intuitive healer and psychic medium, Virginia "Ginny" Jones, all the way from New Zealand. Ginny Jones is a foremost In Spiritual Healer and Energy Worker who uses her gifts to connect with energy and raise the frequency of others, leading them better, more enlightened lives.


EP:8 Understanding and reversing Diabetes

Kate & Michelle interview a special guest expert in the health & wellness field. Dr. Aimee Harris-Newon will talk about diabetes. Find out information about what diabetes is and how it can be reversed or stopped. Learn how much of what you thought was true may not be and why you need to be proactive about your health!


EP:7 Loving You From the Inside Out!

Michelle talks about serious issues involving healthy eating , & weight loss through hypnosis She will be interviewing Erika Flint Author and hypnotherapist. And Katie Conover Expert Health coach and owner of OurStrength With in life Coaching.


EP:6 It's All About Balance

Kate talks with guest expert, Dr. Amira Ahdut, ND. of Eastside Integrated Primary Care, about Hormone Imbalance and Adrenal Fatigue. What are the common symptoms, causes and solutieandmichelle110617.mp3ons


EP:5 Brain Mindfulness!

Kate and Michelle interview the amazing Dr. Vie, World Peace Advocate -- achieving outer peace through inner peace and talk about mindful living and conscious awareness! Find out more about Dr. Vie's journey, where she is going and how she is leading and making an impact! You can sign up for her Livestream webinars and join her Super Conscious Humanity group. For more information on Dr. Vie and her amazing work,


EP:4 Debbie Hampton - "You Can Create Your Best Brain!"

Debbie Hampton recovered from decades of unhealthy thinking and depression, a suicide attempt, and resulting brain injury to become an inspirational and educational writer on brain, psychological, emotional, and mental health issues for Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, and more. On her website, The Best Brain Possible, Debbie shares how she rebuilt her brain and life to find joy and thrive. She wants you to know that you can do it too! You can quickly learn the steps to a better you in her...


EP:2 Fire Up Your Brain Connections with guests Shonte Jovan Taylor and Mari Miyoshi

Shonté Jovan Taylor is a Neuroscientist, Mindset Success Catalyst & Social Entrepreneur who is Igniting Minds around the world through Coaching, Training, & Speaking. The Mind and Brain are the keys to our ultimate fulfillment, creativity, and SUCCESS in life. Mari Miyoshi began her career as an occupational therapist in 2001, working with children with various learning and developmental challenges in schools and sensory integration clinics. She found craniosacral therapy which piqued...


EP:3 Don't believe everything you think! with Guest Shiny Burcu Unsal

Hear My Story: My Dad, 90210 and My American Dreams Coming True My story of transformation began when I lost my dad in 2006. • When I was a little girl, my dad would make me sit on his lap and tell me that I was going to become a very special, well-educated, confident and outgoing woman (my earliest mind programming that I remember) • Born and raised in a cute but small Mediterranean coastal town in Turkey with limited resources, my favorite TV Show was 90210. I would dream about a big,...


EP;1 "Great Beginnings Start With" Magic Mondays!"

Melissa Tiers is the founder of The Center For Integrative Hypnosis with a private hypnosis practice in New York City. She teaches classes in Integrative Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and mental health coaching. Melissa is an instructor for the NGH and The International Association of Councelors and Therapists and an adjunct faculty member of The New York Open Center and Tri-State College of Acupuncture.Melissa is a three time recipient of the International Medical and Dental...