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Hack Your Orgasm

Did you know you can hack your own nervous system? Build new sexual sensations wherever you want them? How do you do that? We’re also going to find out if … [Listen Now...]

Duration: 00:49:11

Sexploration with Monika – Kinky Salon Confessions

“Polly Sex Culture Revolutionary!” Now, Polly Whittaker has her very own podcast! It’s called ​​ “Kinky Salon Confessions” and I was on it talking about polyamory, relationship anarchy, being a … [Listen Now...]

Duration: 00:35:44

Love and Music – Sex Clock

In this episode we answer a question that women have pondered for century’s, “What time of day do men want sex more?”. Plus a guy who asks a question many … [Listen Now...]

Duration: 00:05:55

Take 5 to Empower Your Relationship – No More Butterflies

Do you feel like the warm and fuzzy feelings have gone out of your relationship? Have you lost that lovin’ feelin’? It can be very scary – until you listen … [Listen Now...]

Duration: 00:05:42

Take 5 to Empower Your Relationship – The Scary D Word

Has the threat of divorce come into your fights? Have you felt bowled over by it? Ten for sure, listen in to this week’s podcast to understand why this is … [Listen Now...]

Duration: 00:05:06

Take 5 to Empower Your Relationship – Too Close for Comfort

Do you feel that your partnership with your mate is getting squeezed out due to the relationship he or she has with their extended family? Not sure how to deal … [Listen Now...]

Duration: 00:06:20

Take 5 to Empower Your Relationship – A Healthy Squeeze

Hugs, as it turns out, not only feel good but also are important for your relationship. In today’s episode find out the history and how to build this into your … [Listen Now...]

Duration: 00:04:45

Take 5 to Empower Your Relationship – The Ultimate Deal Breaker: Q&A

Since an affair is so devastating, no doubt, there are going to be lots and lots of questions. But the real question is: how many questions is enough and how … [Listen Now...]

Duration: 00:07:07

Take 5 to Empower Your Relationship – The Ultimate Deal Breaker: Surprise!

Affairs are hard enough but when issues come “out of the blue”, it makes it much tougher. In this episode, tips are given for what kinds of unexpected surprises might … [Listen Now...]

Duration: 00:06:01

Take 5 to Empower Your Relationship – The Ultimate Deal Breaker: Trust Through Transparency

As hard as it might be on each partner, one of the key elements to healing from an affair is opening up the relationship in a very transparent way. Listen … [Listen Now...]

Duration: 00:06:16

Take 5 to Empower Your Relationship – The Ultimate Deal Breaker: Walk thru Coals With Me

Facing the reality that your mate has had an affair is hard enough. It’s much more difficult to deal with if he or she won’t hear your pain. Tune in … [Listen Now...]

Duration: 00:06:25

Love and Music – Episode 11

Two great questions from two great listeners…. Guy: Do girls with big booty’s have better sex? Lady: Can you explain to your male listeners what sex-ercise is?… [Listen Now...]

Duration: 00:06:35

Take 5 to Empower Your Relationship – The Ultimate Deal Breaker

Has your mate had an affair? Are you drowning in emotions? Join me as I start the first of a series of important episodes on this all too common situation. … [Listen Now...]

Duration: 00:07:10

Take 5 to Empower Your Relationship – Good Things Come in Small Packages

Do you feel like you and your mate have lost those loving feelings? Well, it’s easy to reignite them — and the best part is that the answer is in … [Listen Now...]

Duration: 00:04:43

Take 5 to Empower Your Relationship – Happy Talk

There really is a right way and a wrong way to say the same thing. Listen in to find out how to make a real difference in the way you … [Listen Now...]

Duration: 00:04:59

Take 5 to Empower Your Relationship – Internet Intervention

Does it feel like the internet is coming between you and your mate? Time to do an intervention!… [Listen Now...]

Duration: 00:06:28

Take 5 to Empower Your Relationship – The Calm in the Storm

It’s hard to keep emotions calm during a conflict … but it really will serve you better. Find out why in this episode!… [Listen Now...]

Duration: 00:05:24

Take 5 to Empower Your Relationship – Catch the Leak So it Doesn’t Flood

Are you getting flooded by emotions that you think you’ve let go? Is there a chance your relationship will drown because you do? If so, listen in for a “life … [Listen Now...]

Duration: 00:05:32

Take 5 to Empower Your Relationship – Ask and You Shall Receive

Has your mate helping you started to feel more like a penalty than an assist? There’s a way to make it better! Tune in to find out how.… [Listen Now...]

Duration: 00:05:13

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