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Episode 71 – Emily Utter on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Creating an Abundant Lifestyle. In this episode, Michele interviews Emily Utter, a “loving butt-kicker” business coach for coaches and healers who believes that making money and having the freedom to live the life of your dreams should go hand in hand. Emily is known as the Adventurous Entrepreneur because she works with clients to create an abundant lifestyle – one with plenty of money and the freedom to work from absolutely anywhere. Here, Emily goes into great detail about sales...


Episode 70 – Tonya Dawn Recla on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Discover Your Superpowers and Live the Life You Want. In this episode, Michele interviews Tonya Dawn Recla, founder and executive director of Super Power Experts, — a business dedicated to helping people find and use their Super Powers (aka evolved consciousness) to create a multi-dimensional existence and master the human experience. She guides her clients to stop operating from a place of fear in their lives and start moving into their own solid kind of power (i.e. mind-reading, psychic...


Episode 69 – Stepping into My Identity as a Fiction Writer

It Took Only 40 Years to Embrace Her Soul’s Calling. In this episode of Love-Based Money, Michele PW flies solo to share her journey around stepping into her fiction writer identity. You may be familiar with Michele’s story; she taught herself to read at three years old because she wanted to write stories so badly. Despite that passion and determination as a child, her writing dream was derailed as an adult, and she lost her way. The catalyst for reclaiming her identity as a fiction...


Episode 68 – The Messy Side of Success

Why Success Is Never a Straight Line. In this episode of Love-Based Money, Michele PW flies solo to share her recent experience in creating a successful marketing strategy. You can read more about the actual strategy here, but in a nutshell, she started a brand-new blog from scratch, and it took about a year to really start getting some traction. However, looking back, she has since realized she was at the cusp of a breakthrough five months previous, but had consciously pulled back when...


Episode 67 – Mary Allen on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Align Your Life with Inner Peace. In this episode, Michele interviews Mary Allen, life and business coach, and widely known as “America’s Inner Peace Coach.” Mary works with individuals to breathe easier and live happier, all while accelerating the process of achieving their most desired goals. Here, she shares her evolution from a “Type-A” personality to working 60 hours a week while constantly operating from a “1,000 miles per hour” mindset to a calm, centered entrepreneur who has...


Episode 66 – Katrina Sawa on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Jumpstart Your Business. In this episode, Michele interviews Katrina Sawa, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and widely-recognized “JumpStart Your Biz Coach.” Katrina works with entrepreneurs to help them become more efficient, make more money, and enjoy more time freedom. Here, Katrina shares the piece of advice she kept getting from experts in the industry about HOW to actually make more money that drove her nuts … and how she finally got “unstuck” in her business to move forward...


Episode 65 – Kavita Leela Arora on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Accessing Your Intuition to Align Your Life. In this episode, Michele interviews Kavita Leela Arora, founder of the Epic Dream Academy—a one-of-a-kind program with curriculum grounded in the best of ancient and modern spiritual and business wisdom. Kavita works with visionary female leaders to build a life and business from a place of inner guidance and intuition. Here, Kavita shares the story of how she spent more than 20 years in the corporate world as a lawyer before finally finding her...


Episode 64 – Tomasa Macapinlac on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Connect with Something Higher Than Yourself and Watch Your Business Soar. In this episode, Michele interviews Tomasa Macapinlac, successful speaker and holistic business owner. Tomasa guides holistic entrepreneurs through the process of clearing their blocks and stepping into their dreams with prosperity. Here, Tomasa shares her journey from working as an engineer in technologically-advanced companies in Silicon Valley (such as HP and Motorola), to becoming a holistic business mentor for...


Episode 63 – Bruce Langford on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Mindfulness: Grow Your Business AND Your Confidence. In this episode, Michele interviews Bruce Langford, life coach and host of Mindfulness Mode—a popular podcast that features interviews with entrepreneurs that attribute much of their success to mindfulness. He works with clients to empower them in their personal or professional lives. Here, Bruce talks about his “entrepreneurial spirit” and the role mindfulness plays in his success, as well as the money-related blocks he has faced and...


Episode 62 – Tanya Taylor Rubinstein on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

The Power of Storytelling. In this episode, Michele interviews Tanya Taylor Rubinstein, the “Global Story Coach” internationally recognized as an expert in the field of solo performance and story coaching. She is also the CEO of S-School, an online training program for professional story coaches. Tanya works with solo performers, female entrepreneurs, and story coaches to earn money utilizing stories to connect deeply with themselves and their clients. Here, Tanya talks about the...


Episode 61 – Karen McMillan on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Slow Down to Speed Up Your Success. In this episode, Michele interviews Karen McMillan, creator and founder of YINpreneur Village™ and Virtual RetreatU— programs that blend ancient wisdom with modern practice in order to turn negative thoughts and feelings into empowerment and infinite possibility. She is a transformational coach and mentor who guides her clients on journeys of personal and professional transformation. Here, Karen shares details of the three chapters of her life that led...


Episode 60 – Lorrie Morgan on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

You Don’t Have to Be a Professional Copywriter to Produce Good Copy (and YES, You DO Need Good Copy for Your Biz!). In this episode, Michele interviews Lorrie Morgan, founder of Red Hot Copy and renowned creator of the She Factor. She writes for women entrepreneurs who are trying to reach their female Tarket (target market –a term she dubbed and has been well-received in the copywriting world). Here, Lorrie shares her very personal story around her money values, and what she did to turn...


Episode 59 – Alissa Daire Nelson on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Let Go of Your Limiting Beliefs, and Use Your Strengths to Catapult Your Business. In this episode, Michele interviews Alissa Daire Nelson, certified Strengths Coach, author, podcaster, speaker, and founder of Daire Success Coaching. She works with business owners, CEOs, and leadership teams to identify their superpowers and leverage them in their businesses and lives. Here, Alissa shares how she went from a salaried position as a dietician to a business owner (and how scary, uncertain,...


Episode 58 – Michelle Van Otten on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Take Your Business (and Your Life) to the Next Level. In this episode, Michele interviews Michelle Van Otten, Chief Marketing Officer and CEO of Omnikal—the nation’s largest inclusive business organization that allows members to network and make high-level connections with other business owners and entrepreneurs. Michelle talks about the incredible power of the mind when it comes to the decisions we make in our lives, and how mindset can be a catalyst for transformation. Michelle...


Episode 57: Love-Based Goals on Love-Based Money

Love-Based Goals are whispers from your soul, gently nudging you to transform into the highest level of YOU. Michele PW flies solo to celebrate the newest book in the Love-Based Business series, “Love-Based Goals: Your Guide to Living Your Purpose and Passion.” You may be wondering how a copywriting expert came to write a book on goals. Well, on this episode, she shares the story. * What the love-based philosophy is, how she got the download, and how it relates to more than just...


Episode 56 – Milana Leshinsky on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Simplify Your Business with Simplicity-Driven Growth Strategies. In this episode, Michele interviews Milana Leshinsky, founder of Simplicity Circle™—a business that is creating a “simplicity revolution” for coaches, authors, speakers, and business owners. She works with her clients to grow their businesses to whatever size they want, making as much money as they want as they create whatever they want … all without sacrificing their independence, peace of mind, health, relationships,...


Episode 55 – Flavia Berys on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

How You Do One Thing Is How You Do Everything. In this episode, Michele interviews Flavia Berys—successful multi-niche entrepreneur, author, attorney, real-estate broker, and business consultant. She is a small business lawyer who works with entrepreneurs to grow their businesses while feeling less stressed and overwhelmed. Starting in childhood, Flavia experienced a “feast or famine” existence, and built her empire based on what she learned not to do. Now, she teaches others what to do,...


Episode 54 – Linda Joy on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Live a Deep, Authentic, Inspired Life, Personally and Professionally. In this episode, Michele interviews Linda Joy, visibility catalyst, authentic marketing mentor, and nine-time best-selling publisher. Her mission in all things is to inspire women to live deeper, more authentic and inspired lives personally and professionally. Here, Linda Joy shares her story of living in poverty and being on welfare, to working in jobs that killed her soul, to creating, losing, and eventually...


Episode 53 – 3 Keys to Growing a Successful Love-Based Business

In this solo episode, Michele unveils a juicy new revamp to the Love-Based Money podcast, which includes: • A Facebook group! Now, you have a place to join the Love-Based Business Movement and be a part of a community to help you grow your business and live your life on a foundation of love. This will be a place where we can come together to ask questions and share stories on how we can all shift our businesses and our lives to a foundation of love. • A chance to get your questions...


Episode 52 – Amanda Goldman-Petri on Love-Based Money with Michele PW

Ditch the Hustle and the Sacrifice (and Make MORE Money Doing LESS!) In this episode, Michele interviews Amanda Goldman-Petri, marketing coach for entrepreneurs and owner of Market Like a Nerd. Amanda is a successful businesswoman who scrapped one fruitful business (that worked her almost to death) and starting another (that required far less work and resulted in much more money and freedom). Her passion is helping people accomplish what she has accomplished with her current...


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