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Finding Peace with Your Family

This most recent holiday with my family was the most peaceful one in as long as I can remember. So, I've decided to share the strategies that I've been using to create more harmony in those relationships. I reference my previous episode, Don't Own Someone Else's Shortcomings for guidance about not taking it personally if your family members have not been able to meet your needs, Specifically, I worked to see and understand my family members as imperfect human beings like the rest of us. I...

Duration: 00:31:07

Change Your Life, But Don't Make New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!! The new year is a time when we typically reflect on our lives and identify the changes that we'd like to make. The problem is that we know that New Year's resolutions typically don't work. I discuss reasons why they don't work and offer an alternative approach. Please refer to Sustain Motivation through Compassionate Accountability for guidance about setting reasonable goals and persisting past challenges. Any change that we attempt will only last if we are being true to...

Duration: 00:30:36

Discover Your Mission

Many people search for the meaning and purpose of their life. Each of us chose a mission for this lifetime. This episode provides examples of what mission can look like. You do not have to change careers or quit your job to be on mission (unless you want to). I review how your passions and the challenges that you have experienced give you clues about your mission. I also share my story about how the focus of my mission has changed over time even though there have been some central...

Duration: 00:35:14

Are You a Starseed?

*To everyone who has made this podcast a part of the Monday morning routine, I apologize for the delaying in posting this week’s episode. I went to a workshop over the weekend and did some deep healing. It was important for me to take care of myself when I got home instead of finishing the editing process. I also feel the need to model what I teach in regard to self-care. I appreciate your patience and understanding. Starseeds are souls who have experienced incarnations in locations...

How Old Is Your Soul?

Learn about different ages of soul development including the lessons associated with each stage. Understanding ourselves and others as souls helps us to develop deeper compassion and unconditional love, which works toward one of my favorite things, world peace. Take Action Item: Reflect on the soul ages and identify the one that best applies to you and other people in your life. You can share your reflections in the Facebook group or email me with questions or feedback. After...

Duration: 00:29:55

So What's with Past Lives?

I discuss why I believe in reincarnation and how it affects my understanding of myself and others. I explore how it’s possible to improve our feelings of compassion for ourselves and others by healing past life issues and exploring our past life relationships and soul connections. Take Action Item: Explore your own beliefs about past lives. Journal about it, ask for guidance, or talk with others who you trust about their reflections on the topic. Be open to new ideas and...

Duration: 00:27:23

A Story of Surrender

Ever find yourself at the crossroads of fear and what your intuition tells you is right? I discuss my journey of learning how to identify and trust my guidance or intuition. Often different parts of us are in conflict with each other. It can help to explore what each part is saying and how to resolve that conflict so that we can move forward. When we are able to get out of our own way, we receive tremendous support for our goals. Sometimes that support takes a while to be delivered so...

Duration: 00:22:20

The Universe Is Always Blessing You

I'm always looking for tools to make it easier to be aligned with reality. The idea that the "universe is always blessing you" promotes acceptance of reality and decreased suffering. The goal is to embrace and process reality rather than trying to bypass it. It is not too difficult to find the lessons in our suffering when the situations are not too intense. It is much more difficult to accept reality when unimaginable tragedy occurs. I also discuss the idea that our souls choose...

Duration: 00:23:43

Overcoming Self-Sabotage

Do you get in the way of your ability to achieve your mind important goals? Unfortunately, you are not alone. I discuss my own personal experiences with self-sabotage. Learn how being honest with yourself can help you to get out of the pattern of procrastination so that you can start to eliminate the perceived barriers that have been in your way. Even after we build momentum, we can still sabotage further progress. I discuss when to take breaks for healing and how to make friends with...

Duration: 00:29:39