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EP97: A Thanksgiving Meditation and A Free Gift To Help With Nosy, Nudgy Relatives

I’ve got a special treat for you! In this special Thanksgiving episode, I’m taking you through a grounding and centering Thanksgiving meditation. We know that Thanksgiving is supposed to be all about gratitude, but that can sometimes be hard. This meditation will help you this, AND I’ve got a free gift for you: The Singles’ Holiday Survival Conversational Cheat Sheet. It’s totally free and you can get it at

Duration: 00:16:00

EP96: What you really need to focus on to get into a healthy, happy relationship with Suzanne Heyn

I know I probably say this about all of my episodes, but this one is so important. If you find yourself constantly anxious, angry, or feeling stuck, there’s a good chance you haven’t felt your feelings. If you aren’t sure how you feel sometimes or you rail against things, there’s a good chance you’re repressing your feelings. Over a lifetime of repressing your feelings, you disconnect from yourself, and minimize your ability to connect with others. So you can see how this making find...

Duration: 00:45:41

EP95: How to Feel Confident and Like Yourself With a Guy You Actually Like

A lot of you have told me you feel confident when you’re around someone you DON’T like, but when it’s someone you like, you fall apart. So let’s break this down. There’s something to this, and in fact, in many of the tips I share in the episode, they’ll each get their own episodes in the very near future. Because when you feel confident except when you’re with someone you like, that tells me there’s an issue of vulnerability and your dating energy. Enough on that now, you’ll hear a lot...

Duration: 00:26:18

EP94: Get Out of the People Pleaser/Narcissistic Relationship Trap

Would it surprise you if I said people pleasers and narcissists are a match made in heaven? It’s true. People pleasers are the largest subsection of my clients, and their biggest frustration is attracting narcissists. The bad news is this is a frustrating pattern to break, but the good news is it’s totally breakable. In fact, if you’re a people pleaser, I’ve got a meditation for you that’ll help you to say NO to others.

Duration: 00:20:34

EP93: Get Your (Financial) Sh*t Together with Catie Hogan

**Nerd train alert.** Ok, just kidding, but I do nerd out over all things personal finance. That’s why when I came across Catie, I knew I had to get her into your earbuds. Catie is a financial planner for millennial women who want to get their shit together. I love her no nonsense approach to finance, swirled with her ability to meet you where you’re at and her humor, I think you’re gonna love her too.

Duration: 00:56:40

EP92: How to make decisions (and trust yourself in the process)

Just this morning, I deleted about 1000 subscribers from my email list. If you don’t run a business, let me explain the magnitude of this: If I’m not working with my clients, I’m probably working on building my email list and community. Some business owners never make it to the 1000 subscriber mark, and I just deleted 1000. These 1000 subscribers hadn’t opened an email from me in months; in the marketing world, they’d be called “cold subscribers.” Other business owners might think I'm...

Duration: 00:27:14

EP91: How to Use Your Sexuality to Feel More Empowered and Confident with Men with Dagmar Khan

I’m so grateful for my friend Dagmar and the work she does in the world. The amount of trauma, shame, and embarrassment around our sexuality is startling. And it’s not something you can so easily just compartmentalize. It shows up in how YOU show up to men and in relationships. Creating sexual freedom in your life is creating more freedom for you as a whole in your life.

Duration: 00:39:09

EP90: Healing Childhood Wounds For Healthier, Happier Relationships with Jen Vertanen

In this episode, I interview my friend Jen on how childhood emotional trauma has affected her relationships today as an adult. Even if you’ve never been abused or didn’t experience trauma in the way Jen and I discuss on today’s episode, it doesn’t mean that your upbringing didn’t affect you in some way in how you relate to men and relationships. And if it happened 10 years ago, 20 or 30, and you haven’t dealt with it, there’s a chance it’s impacting your relationships...

Duration: 00:39:07

EP89: FOMO and How to Deal with Modern Dating Challenges

Dating in the modern world can be tricky, but I don’t think it’s inherently because of the apps, texting, snapping, or swiping. I think what makes it tricky is part of a larger problem that we all face from living an increasingly online life. I share what I think that problem is, and what you can do to stay out of the ‘games’ modern dating brings and how to know if you’re with the ‘best’ person for you.

Duration: 00:34:01

EP88: How do I know when I’m ready to date or when I should pull back?

This is one of the top questions I get asked by my clients. The truth is, the answer is complicated. Sometimes a dating break is useful and very necessary. Sometimes, a dating break is holding us back. Sometimes too much dating is holding you back, and everything in between! In this episode, I ask you 5 questions that you need to ask yourself to know if you need a dating break or if you’re good to date. I think you’re gonna love it, and after you listen, come tell me what you’re going...

Duration: 00:43:39

EP87: Is the Self-Help Industry Holding You Back From Love?

This may sound crazy, but I’ve recently cut out most of the self-help outlets in my life. Yep, I unfollowed dozens of accounts, unsubscribed from podcasts, and unsubscribed from emails. This seems kinda weird, since, well, I’m IN the self-help industry, but it dawned on me that I was completely addicted. Let’s back up a bit: We live in a world where we’re taught to be believe that we’re not good enough, and that something external can “fix” us. For years I thought I was too fat, and...

Duration: 00:20:45

Ep 86: How I Found Love, The Finale!

Previously in Part Five of How I Found Love… I had just moved to DC, had started online dating, and was so excited to meet my nice Jewish boy. Just when things were going so well, I took a couple steps back. I found myself crazy about a guy who wined and dined me, yet wasn’t really emotionally available to me. He broke up with me, and then I did a lot of online dating. Then, one of my friends invited me to a happy hour, and Stevie was there... If you missed the full Part Five of my love...

Duration: 00:25:36

Ep 85: How I Found Love, Pt. 5

If you missed the full Part Four of my love story, read it HERE. If you missed Part Three, read it HERE. If you missed Part Two, read it HERE. If you missed Part One, read it HERE. Here is Part Five, aka Three Steps Forward, and Two Steps Back... When I moved to DC, I was so excited to start dating. I felt like over the past few years since living abroad, I had reinvented myself. I was living in a city I'd wanted to live in for years, I had a new job, and I was just beginning to get...

Duration: 00:20:06

Ep 84: How I Found Love, Pt. 4

Previously in Part Three of How I Found Love… After hitting a low point, things in Charleston were beginning to look up. I loved my new city, I had a great job, and quickly developed a fantastic group of friends. I dated someone for the first time that was respectful and actually wanted to be with me, and my new found confidence allowed me to dodge a bullet from another guy. If you missed the full Part Three of my love story, read it HERE. If you missed Part Two, read it HERE. If you...

Duration: 00:19:38

Ep 83: How I Found Love, Pt. 3

Previously in Part Two of How I Found Love… After breaking up with my college sweetheart, I moved to Jerusalem for grad school. Almost immediately and back to back, I found myself in two different relationships with people who didn’t want to be with me. Even though I have a travel bug and loved living abroad, it was emotionally one of the darkest times of my life. I got to a point where I couldn’t handle my emotions anymore, so I reached out to a therapist. If you missed the full Part...

Duration: 00:21:35

Ep 82: How I Found Love, Pt. 2

If you missed the full Part One of my love story, read it HERE. Here is Part Two...aka, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice... I had just graduated college, I was getting ready to move to Jerusalem for grad school, and I had just broken up with my college sweetheart. Life exciting and scary at the same time. I’ve had the travel bug ever since I had 15, so I couldn’t wait to live abroad. Yet, I was nervous about making a big move, the language barriers, the cultural barriers, and...

Duration: 00:27:13

Ep 81: How I Found Love, Pt. 1

I’ve worked so hard on my spirituality, my personal growth, and my relationships to be where I am today. Recently, I realized I’ve told my story of how I found love in bits and pieces here and there, but never all together in one place....Until now! This is part one in a six-part mini series about how I found love, and created my dream life.

Duration: 00:20:27

How to Not Feel Like a Crazy Person Around Food (or in relationships) with Isabel Foxen Duke

If you feel like a crazy person around food, struggle with your body, and think that if you lost weight dating would be easier, this episode is for you. This episode hits home for me so hard, because for YEARS I struggled with my weight. I went on my first “diet” at age 10, dieted on and off until I was 26 years old. Dieting and trying to lose five more pounds was just a thing women did. It wasn’t until I discovered that my worth wasn’t wrapped up in size that not only did I get off the...

Duration: 01:11:05

EP79: A Peek Behind the Curtains

Maybe it’s nosy or slightly stalkerish, but I love seeing people’s behind the scenes. Knowing what you ate for breakfast gives me ideas to switch up my breakfasts. Hearing your morning meditation routine helps me to tweak mine if it’s not quite working for me. I love seeing the real story behind people’s curated Instagram lives. In fact, sometimes, it’s hard for me to post on Instagram, because I feel like my life is so not Instagram-worthy. We still had unpacked boxes in our apartment...

Duration: 00:55:19

EP78: The Truth About MANifesting with Bri Seeley

Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of stuff out floating around on the internet about manifesting your soulmate, more money, your dream house, losing 50lbs… you name it. I’m sad to say though, that as awesome as it sounds, most of it’s bullshit. Don’t get me wrong though. I’m all about manifesting. I’ve manifested this community, our move to Denver, lots of things. As much as manifesting as changed my life, I’ve see way too many women get the wrong idea. Like, believing all you have to do is...

Duration: 00:48:13

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