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Presented by Bloom (, Love Rice is the place where we honor our messy hair and messy hearts. It’s the place where we experiment with love, life and happiness to learn more about authenticity. None of us escape the hard stuff of life but all of us can Bloom. Weekly updates.




The Art of Belonging: Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife

You'll want to listen to this one twice. Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife walks us through the tension of belonging to ourselves and belong to those we love. We talk about how to create strength in ourselves and in our relationships.

Duration: 00:32:20

Hayley V6

This story is about compassion tied to action. It’s about a nation displaced. It’s about the power of language to build and heal. It’s about humanity and it’s about home. Listen, as we follow the evolution of Hayley Smith, founder and director of Lifting Hands International (LHI) (hyperlink Over the last year, Hayley decided she could no longer be a bystander in the worldwide refugee crisis. Early January 2016, on the small island of Lesvos,...

Duration: 00:32:28

Tell The Kids: Starr

I’ve been thinking a lot about kids and truth and hard messy family stuff. I’ve actually been thinking about it for years. And, like many of you, I’ve wondered how do you tell the kids, and what to tell them, and when do you tell them. In today’s podcast, we talk with Starr, a first-grade teacher and mother of three. She tells her childhood story of being told about some messy truths in her family. If you have the same questions I have about kids and messy truths, this episode is perfect...

Duration: 00:17:19

Season 2: Happy Birthday Bloom!

We are so excited to be back for Season 2! We have some exciting new interviews for you. Today we wanted to stop and celebrate our first birthday with the amazing stories of some of our members. That is really what BLOOM is all about, helping women know who they are and find their path to healing and improvement. We love their stories, and we love YOU. Thanks for making our first year of business so amazing.

Duration: 00:09:44

The Bathroom Theory, Part 1: Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife

Sex is so confusing in love, deception and marriage…throw in a little dash of porn or an affair and who the hell knows what’s gonna happen. Hear, sex therapist, Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife's take on all this.

Duration: 00:22:56

Accountable Families: Ron DeHaas

What’s the scoop on Internet accountability software and filters? Ron DeHass founder of Covenant Eyes shares a devastating personal loss that lead to his passion and new life’s work to find solutions for families that want to keep pornography out of their homes. He talks with Dr. Kevin Skinner about family accountability and how to open the conversation between our children and our spouses.

Duration: 00:36:53

Blind spot: The Audacious Life

Blind spot: The Audacious Life, is a story told by Stephani Roberts. Stephani is the author and podcaster of The Audacious Life, an organization that helps men and women recognize and heal from emotional/verbal abuse. This story is about her genesis and her evolution. It’s about how she began to see patterns in all her relationships. Stephani noticed the common denominator was her and with this awakening, she discovered her blind spot.

Duration: 00:32:10

New Brain Cells: Dr. John Ratey

We talk about how to get off the couch and stop eating oreos, Dance Dance Revolution, how to get better sleep and how the movement of our bodies expands and grows our brains! What Dr John Ratey and I have in common: we love brains!!

Duration: 00:41:47

Rub Some Dirt On It: Dr. Paul Parkin

Do we ‘see’ the people that walk in and out of our lives? How can we ‘see’ and be ‘seen.' Listen to Paul Parkin, empathy researcher, share his own life-changing empathy experiences and his thoughts on empathy, boundaries and betrayal.

Duration: 00:41:42

Nerd-out on Bonding: Dr. Sue Johnson and Dr. Kevin Skinner

Many of us know the nuts feelings of navigating the fallout of betrayal. Most of the time it might feel hopeless but the truth is, there’s incredible hope! This interview will validate you and you’ll find peace and understanding. Listen to Dr. Sue Johnson, author of Hold Me Tight and Dr. Kevin Skinner, therapist, researcher, and co-founder of Bloom nerd-out on the science of bonding.

Duration: 01:01:36